Ferretti S.p.A.

Via Irma Bandiera, 62, 47841 Cattolica (RN)
Telephone +39 0543 787511
Fax +39 0543 473069

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boot 2018 hall map (Hall 6, gallery): stand 16

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boot 2018 fairground map: Hall 6, gallery

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Ferretti Group is the world leader in the design, construction and sale of motor yachts and pleasure craft. The group owns prestigious, exclusive brands including Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line.

Led by President Tan Xuguang and CEO Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group vaunts an array of modern shipyards across Italy. These production centres combine industrial production efficiency with the unrivalled quality and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of fine Italian craftsmanship.

The sea is a passion that arouses many more: a passion for yachting, for design, for innovation and technology. Ferretti Group has been creating increasingly innovative, high-performance, technologically advanced vessels for over 50 years. This drive has made us a world leader in the design, construction and sale of luxury motor yachts. Our corporate values, firmly embraced by the Ferretti Group team, are a commitment to product quality and safety, supreme performance and cutting-edge technology, along with exclusive design, comfort and attention to detail. The result is a swell of ideas, people and resources surging ahead together like a powerful wave towards ever-higher levels of excellence.

Innovation is contagious. It spreads from person to person, from product to process, from design to technology. For Ferretti Group, it also means offering new models every year, producing unique, wonderful boats that are breathtaking to look at and exhilarating to experience on a sea trial.
Underpinning these achievements are major investments combined with elite facilities and effective organization. The spectrum of yachts available (flybridge, runabout, open, coupé, lobster boat, fisherman, maxi and mega-yachts) are the brainchildren of the Group’s Strategic Product Committee, the Marketing Department and the Engineering Department. Our aim is to create boats that enhance and add to the heritage of each brand, becoming objects of desire and best sellers.

For us, excellence brings responsibility. Managing and developing some of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in world yachting is a great source of pride that fuels our spirit of enterprise every day. Ferretti Group is one of the most admired flagship companies in Italian manufacturing, with a superlative combination of know-how, craftsmanship and trailblazing yachting expertise that no other company in the world can match. Sheer excellence is the standard underpinning what customers have always expected from Ferretti Group: innovative design, sophisticated luxury, superior materials and cutting-edge technology complemented by responsive, bespoke services. All this now has to be showcased and communicated appropriately, which is why our events and our presence at shows are always of the highest calibre.

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