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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric/Electric Systems
  • 03.01.12  Utility Lights/Spotlights

Utility Lights/Spotlights

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric/Electric Systems
  • 03.01.13  Navigation Lights

Navigation Lights

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.10  Signalling Gear/Lights

Signalling Gear/Lights

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.11  Electronic and Other Signals

Electronic and Other Signals

Our products

Product category: Utility Lights/Spotlights, Navigation Lights, Signalling Gear/Lights, Electronic and Other Signals

Contactless Technology

The new BGB Submersible Inductive Lighting System (SILS) uses induction contactless technology to power the LEDs used within the exterior light.

Electromagnetic induction is the near field wireless transmission of electrical energy between two coils that are tuned to resonate at the same frequency. The two coils may exist as a single piece of equipment or comprise two separate pieces of a singular unit.

BGB SILS operates by having the primary unit (the housing for all the inverter electronics and communication control) on the inside of the marine vessel, lined up with the secondary unit (the luminaires and drive circuitry) on the exterior of the vessel. Both units are positioned in place by marine grade adhesives.

The operator can tune into the surrounding SILS wifi zone (approx 50m) with their tablet or mobile device and control the RGB-W coloured LEDs with a simple slide of a finger.

SILS does not require any drilling or penetration of the hull in any way (an obvious benefit of using induction systems in the marine industry). The lights can be easily retrofitted without fear of leaks or bad workmanship by an outside electrician and gives peace of mind that the vessel has not been weakened in any way with a hole.

BGBs manufacturing expertise and technological know-how has been the driving force behind patenting the inductive control technology. This allows BGB to be the only underwater lighting manufacturer to be able to offer control of inductive power transfer for lighting within the maritime industry.

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Making the Impossible Into Reality
Developed from a seemingly impossible idea, BGB SILS has proven the underwater lighting industry wrong by manufacturing and patenting a powerful contactless underwater lighting system without having to penetrate any surfaces such as the hull of a yacht.

Combining ‘know-how’ from the 3 group brands of parent company BGB Innovation (BGB Engineering, BGB Marine and BGB Telemetry), BGB SILS has developed into the stand alone luxury brand from BGB for the maritime industry. High-tech design from BGB Telemetry, Engineering skill from BGB Engineering and underwater lighting experience from BGB Marine all combined has helped create the innovative Submersible Inductive Lighting System you see today.

BGB SILS is a member of the British Marine Federation.

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