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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Travel Organisers/Agents


After a long and accurate phase of tests, an innovative research project originating from a collaboration between DAN Europe, NEOS AIR, and LUXURY YACHT MALDIVES (Albatros Top Boat)  is ready for landing.

The objective: to monitor the presence of gas bubbles in divers during a return flight after diving. For this reason, DAN Europe researchers will be on board some of the vessels of the Neos fleet, conducting ultrasound exams for those interested.

"Flying Bubbles" is the name of the study, the first and only of its kind in the world, promoted by DAN (Divers Alert

Network) Europe, an international foundation for dive safety research with over 100,000 members in Europe.
DAN's research division, always active in the detection of post-dive bubbles, has asked Neos to collaborate in the exploration of this aspect of travelling and diving that until now has remained unknown. Divers nowadays are in fact the perfect epitomes of a globetrotter: always in movement, ready for anything in the

pursuit of their passion. It may happen that some ignore or overlook the recommendations regarding no-fly time, that is to say, the minimum interval of time recommended between a dive and flying, and they embark too soon, thus increasing the risk of DCS- Decompression Sickness.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Travel Organisers/Agents


During this  week there will be a specialist in Ayurveda medicine who, together with our masseur, will run a special program dedicated to Wellness.
Program of the week and of the Ayurveda Treatments.
Introduction to Yoga

  • Ayurveda Philosophy.
  • Food and wellness.
  • Body purification, internally and externally through Vedic processes.
  • Types and benefits of the different massages.
  • Yoga and breathing. Theory and practice.
  • Exercises designed for the treatment of the spine and for posture problems.
  • 3 massages:
Massage Neck, Shoulders and Back
Most of the muscle tension builds up at these important parts of the body. This massage, with oils and herbs helps release muscle tension while relieving from pain as well as giving a feeling of total relaxation and wellness.

Massage Special ‘Marma’ with 7 oils
The traditional Ayurveda full body massage however made with 7 different oils and herb extracts. It helps regulate body functions, both physically and mentally as well as to maintain a general good health. It is recommended to reduce tension and muscle pain, improves the elasticity of the body, and promotes deeper and more efficient breathing.

Ayurveda Massage “Abhyanga” 
The Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage done with herbalized oil specific to the receiver's constitution and current state of imbalance. It is a deeply nourishing and nurturing treatment. Ideal for those suffering from imbalances of the nervous system (insomnia, constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion).
During the whole week, our guests will have the opportunity to discover personalized treatments (on top of those already listed in our ‘massage menu’) and to practice Yoga according to their specific capacities and requests.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Travel Organisers/Agents


With the growing interest in free diving, Luxury Yacht Maldives is pleased to offer a special week where our guests will have the chance to dive in these splendid waters with a world record breaking free diver.
The program will include lessons on entering the water techniques, constant ballast and variable buoyancy, swimming with fins or simply enjoying the beauty of the free dive.

In addition to the water lessons, we organize short theory lessons on meditation, autogenic training, breathing, pranayama yoga techniques, equalization techniques, static apnea and aquatic relaxation techniques.
Each session in the water begins with a short briefing. One lesson of water relaxation techniques with trial of static apnea. Films on the subject of free diving will be shown.

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About us

Company details

is a market leader company whose core business is managing diving cruise yachts in the Maldives.
In 1990 Dodi Telli and Massimo Sandrini, two passionate scuba divers, made their dream come true: they started a unique product able to transmit strong and unforgettable emotions of an undiscovered sea world to other divers under safe circumstances along with comfort and ultimate Italian taste. That’s how Luxury Yacht Maldives came to light, and it still operates according to the same philosophy: to provide the ultimate holiday by creating the perfect dreamlike emotions in the most amazing corners of the world by looking at details as well as at a safe environment. Unique emotions, Safety and Italian taste.

The experience
The experience of decades is our asset ... At the beginning of the nineties they started the Italian tour operator Albatros Top Boat, the leading liveaboard cruises in the Maldives. After having a lot of success in Italy, they started to expand their services to non-Italian guests as well, under the company’s name Luxury Yacht Maldives.

The requests were increasing, so their next step was to introduce new top destinations and new products combinations (Sudan, Philippines, resorts, guesthouses, custom-made cruises, special charters, fishing weeks etc.). After many years as passionate scuba divers they started promoting the protection and the respect of the underwater sea life in the Maldives by working along with scientific institutions, such as Universities in the Marine Biology area (Genoa, Italy) as well as International organizations such as Manta Trust.

The experience is the pillar of their Company along with their enthusiasm of the last 25 years. Their story of success shows that effort, commitment, attention to details and curiosity are winning factors, acknowledged and appreciated by thousands of guests who travelled and keep travelling with them. Their ‘repeaters’’ (guests) percentage is around 60% every year.

Their focus is the Guest:
“We shape the trip based on the guest’s expectation and desires in order to create the best atmosphere in a dreamlike adventure.” Their experience and knowledge is offered to all their guests in every destination in a unique way: “As routine does not exist for us, every trip is a different experience, unique and unrepeatable.”

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