Avda. de la Marina Espanola, 4, 52001 Melilla
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Welcome! ...   to Puerto Deportivo de Melilla Puerto Noray. We are pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to our showroom.

Melilla, Spanish city for 500 years, located in North Africa. It is located in the eastern part of a small peninsula in the bay between the capes of Tres Forcas and water.

The climate is semiarid with scarce rainfall and an average temperature of 20 Mediterranean., Melillense coastline counting the three beaches. Melilla has an area of 12.5 km2 and a population of 65,000 inhabitants and in it live four cultures, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu, without giving up their identity, are enriched daily in daily contact.

Melilla is considered to Puerto Franco and Zone Low Tax -tax Heaven-, with the bonus of 50% on the profit of corporations in personal income from work, income earned by financial accounts and in most Taxes Local Government, as well as the absence of State Customs Duties.

Puerto Deportivo de Melilla was inaugurated in early 1997 with a magnificent reception by the private sectors of the city, being a reality for the development of it.

Is located south of the facilities of the Port of Melilla, with a total area of 36,700 m2, with capacity for 397 pleasure boats and recreation, lengths between 6 and 24 meters, offering the characteristics of its construction, complete safety .

Our port is modern and complete, where you will find all necessary services and attractions to develop its nautical concerns or spend a pleasant day, why, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment where the navigator stay is a core value.

There is a commercial area where you have installed all kinds of leisure businesses and services; casino gambling, nautical, restaurants, cafes, and trade in general, attracting the attention of the visitor.

With this facility and its future expansion, we aim to offer visitors endless possibilities for leisure service and the best prices for services in the Spanish market, as well as in fuel prices 30% cheaper than the rest of the country.

Finally, indicate that our facility is integrated perfectly into the city, it is 400 meters. The city center (Plaza of Spain), 2.5 km from the airport and 2.7 km. the border with Morocco.

"We understand that your priority is to enjoy and will always do what we can to make our facility satisfied"

 We invite you to set sail to our marina ...

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