Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA)

P.O. Box 144, Hurghada - Red Sea
B2 - Marina Boulevard, Egypt
Telephone +20 65 3445035
Fax +20 65 3446674

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Our Mission

HEPCA’s mandate is the protection and conservation of the terrestrial and marine ecology of the Red Sea. This includes the underwater bio-network of coral reefs and the sensitive land ecosystems of the Red Sea coastline. 

At HEPCA’s core is a no compromise attitude for the future. Our primary objective has remained essentially unchanged from day one: working towards the protecting and preservation of Egypt’s natural resources.
In 1995 HEPCA was registered with the Red Sea Governorate and the Ministry of Social Affairs as a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Making Organization. Our initial objective of protection and conservation has evolved and includes many other projects and initiatives which include; resource monitoring & management, public awareness campaigns, solid waste management strategies, scientific research, and community development.

We have instigated everything from research and grass-roots mobilization, to such ambitious projects like waste management plants that are handling vast accumulation of human waste & debris plaguing the Red Sea. Furthermore HEPCA is involved in raising public awareness with activities targeting the local community, schools, and tourism sector and service providers. At HEPCA’s core has always been community development and a number projects to encourage sustainability amongst local Bedouins have been some of our most important achievements.

HEPCA is most active in lobbying for legislation to protect our environment. Over the last five years we have been at the forefront of campaigns, which have resulted in the amendment of over 32 laws, articles and decrees. We work very closely with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and Natural Protectorates Department. Our collaborative efforts have ensured that laws protecting off-shore islands and coral reefs are enforced, and we have also assisted them in developing management and monitoring strategies.

Supported by its members and affiliated to both governmental and non-governmental agencies, HEPCA achieves its purpose and objectives through pro-active engagement and involvement with all arising environmental concerns.

We are continually searching for new ways to improve both HEPCA’s efficiency and effectiveness and to maximize our contribution to society.

Visionary thinking and progressive action underlies HEPCA’s continued role as a vehicle for change. Every passing day we are witnessing the transformative capabilities of HEPCA’s philosophy, as members within our community and abroad take on a more active role in conservation.

Empowering HEPCA’s momentous calling will always be that sense of ownership we invoke out of the community and our members. It’s this individual empowerment that has allowed HEPCA to serve as a platform for mobilizing grass-roots community reform.

By supporting the work of HEPCA, you too can help ensure the preservation and sustainability of the Red Sea environment for future generations!

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About us

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Who we are ...
HEPCA is an internationally recognized NGO specializing in the field of marine and land conservation. We were founded in 1992 by 12 representatives of the diving community in response to serious environmental threats affecting the Red Sea’s delicate and pristine eco-system.
Since our inception, HEPCA has grown into an international team of scientists and industry experts. We are actively working towards the protecting and preserving of the natural resources of the Red Sea, as well as promoting conservation and sustainable tourism practices.

HEPCA works closely with a number of Egyptian governmental departments including; the Red Sea Governorate (RSG); the National Conservation Sector; and the National Parks of Egypt.

As a non-profit organization, HEPCA would not be able to implement its projects and campaigns without the cooperation of its partners, members, and supporters. Our NGO is supported by a huge network of members, who assist with funding via membership fees and voluntary donations. The members nominate 11 individuals to represent them on the Board of Directors, who in turn lend direction to HEPCA’s Executive Director and support staff.

HEPCA does not receive funding from any kind of fee system, whether it is for national park fees, marine park fees, environmental tax, reef protection tax or any other name given to a tax collection system used by the diving, snorkeling and tourist community.

Our achievements in the last 20 years would not have been possible without the support of the members, members of the community, the diving and tourism industry, and the dedicated staff working in these areas. We survive on the support of our membership with generous donations of time, equipment, and facilities by the community members and project sponsorship.

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