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Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
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  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography, Diving Boats/Towing Gear, Diving Accessories


SEACRAFT FUTURE is the basic model of the Seacraft brand. Includes a 750W battery or an optional 1000W, which allows for extended use of the power of the scooter, on average 2-4 dives without charging the battery. This model is perfect for recreational and technical diving to a depth of 150m. It also works well in scooter rentals located in diving bases and clubs around the world. Intuitive and simple handling and ergonomics ensure easy handling, and state-of-the-art technical solutions ensure the safety and comfort even for less experienced divers. The economical design of the model also gives a short battery charging time, approximately 3 hours. Charging is possible without opening the scooter, since the charging socket is located directly in the housing case of the device. FUTURE was tested by many recognized divers in the world, including tested in the exploration of caves and wrecks in both salt water and fresh water. It's the lightest (only 16kg with battery) and the fastest and most compact scooter in its class currently available on the market. Its additional advantage is the long range of diving, which was achieved mainly by the high efficiency of the drive unit and the high power of the battery.

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography, Diving Boats/Towing Gear, Diving Accessories


SEACRAFT GHOST is a model whose target market is professionals, whose high requirements in technical equipment dictate work in special forces, rescue services, or so-called difficult explorations. Properly selected parameters of the GHOST model provide even greater efficiency and power, phenomenal maneuverability and unmatched ease of use. The extremely high level of efficiency of the device results from innovative technology, which ensures easy access to very high speeds and depths while ensuring safety and ergonomic use. This model is recommended to all divers, for whom exploration depth is an everyday challenge or task. The GHOST model was built to exceed the current limits set by other DPV scooters on the market. The SEACRAFT GHOST model includes the world's quietest fully-immersed engine, an innovative OLED graphic display on-board computer that allows for individual configuration of the device and an exceptionally large battery (standard 1500W, extra capacity 2300W). The unique features of the device make it possible to reach diving distances previously unavailable even for equipment dedicated to professionals. This model is characterized by the highest precision and speed that today is unique to the models used by the military and special forces.

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography, Diving Boats/Towing Gear, Diving Accessories


The SEACRAFT Electronic Navigation Console (ENC) is an underwater navigation device, especially recommended for use with the SEACRAFT underwater scooters (DPV).

The ENC is equipped with a standard bracket that attaches it, just like typical sport cams, to any surface. ENC can be used in two modes:

- basic
- advanced

In basic mode ENC informs the diver about basic current measured navigational parameters:

- Current diving depth; 
- Current direction of movement; 
- Current time period of the dive; 
- The current speed of descent / ascent.

The user can keep track of the above dive parameters and navigate according to their own plan, which is useful in difficult conditions, especially in case of poor visibility under water, lack of visual contact with the bottom or the shore, and the maintenance of the planned direction and depth of the dive.

In advanced mode ENC additionally informs the diver about more advanced navigational parameters:

- Calculated direction to destination;
- Calculated distance to destination;
- Calculated, predicted arrival time at destination;
- Calculated, distance travelled;
- Calculated direction and distance to the starting point.

ENC has the ability to record up to 20 routes and, thanks to the ability to transfer them via Bluetooth to an external PC, gives you the ability to browse the route using typical tools, for example: Google Earth. This device is a computer with high-end sensors.

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The innovative design of the SEACRAFT scooter ensures high levels of safety and comfort for all divers. The patented immersed motor is more durable than traditional solutions and effectively eliminates the risk of overheating and flooding of the scooter. The motor, combined with other elements of the drive unit, provide high efficiency, longer distances and dive times. The double-sided steering handle mounted on the scooter allows ergonomic two-handed control and a wide range of smooth speed control. The on-board graphic display computer with multiple parameter configurations and reverse gear available on select models, allows for comfortable and safe use by the most demanding divers, both recreational and technical. The scooter is also available in versions for military and rescue operations.

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