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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers



Our Diving School offers the possibility of comprehensive, high quality dive training to complete beginners up to instructor level. We are certified according to the guidelines of the world major diving organizations CMAS and PADI Barakuda.

Diving is one of the most beautiful and safest activities one can do in his spare time, provided at the beginning there is an informed and security-related training. The extensive courses offered by Manta Diving allow everyone to get to know the fascinating underwater world and to explore or develop existing skills and abilities. We hold our courses in a relaxed and friendly atmoshere so that learning becomes a pleasure.

In order to offer our guests the best possible education, we keep our training groups small. Training for beginners is spread over a period of three to four days. The students are in the water mornings and afternoons and are acCompanied by certified and licensed diving instructors. The practical sessions include pool sessions and open water dives and two theory sessions per day are also conducted in our training room.

After successful completion of training the pupil receives an internationally recognized certificate and a logbook in which the dives will be confirmed.

Important for the beginner course is a current diving medical certificate. Information about this and where you can find doctors who issue such certificates can be found at: Society for diving and hyperbaric medicine.

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers



"Apnea diving is the oldest and most original form of diving"

To swim like a dolphin or to glide weightless through the endless blue ocean is how you feel when you free dive!
When practicing freediving you enjoy the beauties of the underwater world in a relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time you promote your health and fitness.  
Whether in 5 meters deep, 15 meters, or even further down, freediving is a suitable activity for all ages! Enjoy nature at its purest state and the lightest feeling you can imagine, undisturbed from breathing echos and heavy equipment.  Ideal for all levels of freediving is the house reef of Manta Diving, directly located within the Underwater Nature Reserve of Madeira. Here you can find 4 different diving spots, from 5 meters to 34 meters depth, with easy access directly from the diving center/beach. Caves, tunnels and a stunning steep wall are some of the amazing features you can find here to practice and improve you freediving. As a certified freediver you can also explore this amazing reef with a fast Bonex Scooter and have great fun!       

A first approach to freediving, where you learn the basic relaxing skills for dynamic, static and deep diving.

Duration: 1 - 1,5 Days
Requirements: Minimum age of 12 years; medical certificate; good swimming skills.
Maximum depth: Depending on the ability of each person; should mainly be a fun experience!

A next level into the freediving world, where you learn important breathing techniques, like the diaphragmatic breathing.
During this course you will inhale as deep as never before and in a relaxed state safely dive up to 20 meters depth!
After this, regular practicing of better breathing and increasing muscle flexibility will take you deeper and longer into the freediving world!

Duration: Freediving Basic Course + 1-2 days
Requirements: Minimum age of 16 years; medical certificate; good swimming skills.
Maximum depth: 20 Meters

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers



At our diving center we offer a large range of high quality diving courses, from beginners level to diving instructor! We certify according to the guidelines of the world's major diving organizations like CMAS/ VDST, IAC, SSI and PADI.

Diving is one of the most amazing and secure activities that you can practice, as long as you guarantee a solid and secure training, specially at the beginning. At Manta Diving you will find a range of courses that will allow you to simply enjoy the underwater world or even to improve existing diving knowledge and skills.

All courses are held in a pleasant atmosphere, so that learning becomes easy and enjoyable. To assure the best learning environment we also keep our classes small.    

For totally beginners we suggest a "Discover Scuba Diving" experience! This takes around 2 hours which includes a short briefing, a test dive in the pool and then a dive in the ocean! We offer these experiences regularly, on pre-booking basis, to the entire family. A medical certificate is not necessary, only a self-assessment on the spot.

On the other hand, the beginners diving course - Open Water Diver - takes around 3 to 4 full days, including theory and 2 dives a day held by our certified diving instructors. The practice includes pool lessons and open water dives, while the theory is also taken twice a day at our schooling room.  Once the course is successfully completed the student receives an internationally recognized certificate, as well as, a Logbook to keep record of all dives. To attend this course it is important to bring medical certificate from your physician. Further information under following link:

At Manta Diving Center we also offer all kinds of advanced diving courses and specializations from the different diving organizations. For more detailed information and offer please send us an email.

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About us

Company details

The Unique Diving Reef in Madeira's UW Nature Reserve
... take a deep breath and dive in


Diving is our true and only Passion...
Manta Diving exists since 1982 and was the first diving center to be established in Madeira.
It is located on the southcoast and directly in the Underwater Nature Reserve of Madeira, situated between the capital of Funchal and the airport. This unique and privilged spot, with a large and lively house reef, offers fantastic conditions for divers, free divers and snorklers to explore the beautiful underwater world of the Atlantic!

What makes us different:

•    We are the only ISO 24803 certified diving center in the Atlantic.
•    8 x Winner of the Award "Best Diving Center in the Atlantic".
•    All courses according to the international standards of CMAS (VDST, IAC), SSI and PADI – with worldwide
     recognized instructors.
•    House reef with 4 different diving spots, directly at the Underwater Nature Reserve of Madeira
     (from 5m to 35m depth). Only 20 steps from the diving center into the water!
•    Daily guided dives, also for less experienced divers. Always small groups!
•    Ideal for independent diving for experienced divers with partner.
•    New rental equipment every 2 years, as well as, Nitrox, Bonex Scooter Ecos+ and GoPro rental.
•    Active sponsor since 2010 of the "Shark Project".   
•    Great nearby hotel accommodation. Check out: for more info.     
•    Private apartments to rent. Please contact us.


Best wishes,
Stefan Maier

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