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Our products

Product category: Windows/Bull's Eyes/Hatches


High energy saving with self-regulating solar reflecting windows. For both plane and bent compound glazing.

Characteristics and advantages of thermotropic glasses
  • Up to 50 % of the solar radiation can be reflected depending on the level of doting
  • Solar controlled hazing of a laminated glass window
  • No external energy source is required
  • Haze intensity and switching temperature are freely selectable
  • High long term stability and green credentials
  • Option of connection to individually adjustable control unit

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Product category: Windows/Bull's Eyes/Hatches


SOLARDIM® compound glass

privacy with dimmer function
Plane and Bent Glass Panels

SOLARDIM® allows the transparency of a window to be adjusted to the most convenient state. Using the dimmer switch, fingertip control of the atmosphere within your compartment or cabin, is achieved without the need for curtains or blinds. In it’s opaque mode, the window could also be used as a hi-resolution display screen. Using a projector, you can enjoy the visuals of TV, Video, DVD, PC.

 SOLARDIM® uses a magic screen film technology, sandwiched between two layers of FORMGLAS SPEZIAL®.

Standard size of SOLARDIM® Magic Screen Films

Min. 210 x 297 mm, Max. 980 x 2510 mm

Glass Colours and Films
Film: standard Colours: Cream
Glass Panes: grey, green, bronze, blue - from light to dark

UV Protection: 98 % of harmful UV from sunlight
Light transmittance:: ON: 75% +/- 5%, OFF: 20% +/- 0,5 %

Display Screen: Both front and rear sides can be used as hiresolution projection screen. Depending on the installation location, the projection is reflected on both front or rear of the screen. Specifically, the best effect will be obtained in the rear mode.

SOLARDIM® PA-LC Film PA-LC film consists of several kinds of polymers and liquid crystal. PA-LC is applied between two ITO films in the liquid state and is cured to rigid state.

FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® Panels Composed of two or more panes of chemical toughened safety glass (bent or plane).

Principle Function of SOLARDIM® PA-LC films
Within the PA-LC film, is a liquid with a high molecular density. Without an electric current, the liquid molecules are orientated randomly and scatter light, so that the surface appears opaque. However when an electric current is applied, the liquid molecules are aligned and, the surface appears transparent.
With the dimmer function of our TIMON® 100 system the transition from opaque to transparent can be individually adjusted.

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Product category: Windows/Bull's Eyes/Hatches


FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® is a compound security glass made out of two or more chemically tempered panes bonded with our special resin. With this resin and our modern manufacturing process we achieve highest optical quality and an outstanding breaking strength, often leading to reduction in the glass thickness.

Thus FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® offers all advantages in one product: it keeps its shape even in case of damage of one or more panes due to its compound and at the same time offers the best optical clarity compared to thermally tempered glass.

FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® is made as both plane and bent glass to the customer's precise requirements. Due to the size of the chemical bath the maximum size of the panes is limited to 2m x 3m.

We can produce the panes either to your templates or 3D models or we take 3D measurements on board. The final glazing is installed by our own certified employees meeting the yacht standard requirements.

We use our own specially developed resin TFG for the adhesive bonding of each ply. Only this resin achieves the quality our customers require.

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About us

Company details

The TILSE group have been offering their products for over twenty years to international industry. TILSE has concentrated on marine applications with a special emphasis on the yachting industry and especially super and mega yachts.

The FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® and TIMON® products are our own developments and are designed and produced in Germany.

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