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20, Tatarstan Str, 420021 Kazan
Russian Federation

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Our products

Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts, Daycruisers/Weekenders

Sport cruiser Velvette V41 Evolution

"Sport cruiser Velvette V41 Evolution is the flagship of Velvette Marine Shipyard and a source of pride for its owner. Two cozy cabins will comfortably accommodate the owner and his guests, the spacious main cabin will get everyone around the table. Shower room combined with a WC will impress you with its size. Natural light coming through portholes and skylights creates a warm welcoming atmosphere. On the board of Velvette 41, everyone will find something to do, sunbathing on the bow deck, diving from a spacious swimming platform or just enjoying the view from the soft sofa in the cockpit, all accompanied by good-quality sound system and cool drinks from the refrigerators of your Velvette.
Despite its length of 12.5 meters (41 foot), the yacht is easy-to-control by efforts of one person; the easiness of control is achieved by using properly selected twin engines and a bow thrust, and even an amateur driver can handle the joystick control system of the Velvette 41 Evolution.
Velvette 41 Evolution is always able to give its owner something more, and leave the yacht’s guests with the most positive emotions and vivid impressions from the time spent on board.

The Velvette 41 Evolution is available in two versions:
• Open (radial arch, open cockpit)
• Bimini Hard (rigid fiberglass roof with panoramic windows).

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts, Daycruisers/Weekenders

Velvette 29 Envy sport cruiser

Velvette 29 Envy sport cruiser will amaze you with its ergonomics. It has a huge cockpit for its class with no dead end at the back, it smoothly merges into a large swimming platform. The boat is known for its useful space and number of seats. On its board, it is quite comfortable to spend time with a group up to 10 people. The Velvette 29 Envy perfectly combines the comfort of a cruising yacht with the running characteristics of a sport boat, this is achieved through the lines of deep V-hull paired with a single step. Add to this the ability to transport on a trailer with an off-roader, you achieve a perfect balance between money spent and advantages gained.

Velvette 29 Envy is available in two designs:
• Open (open cockpit)
• Bimini Hard (rigid fiberglass roof with panoramic windows).

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts, Daycruisers/Weekenders

Velvette 23 Active Sedan

Velvette 23 Active Sedan is a multipurpose cabin boat, a joint product of Yamaha and Velvette Marine. A perfectly designed hull, with deep V-type hull lines, easily leaves its «colleagues» in this class behind the stern, and allows its owner to go out onto the open water in more severe weather conditions. Where all the others "capitulate", owners of Velvette 23 add revs and come out victorious.
Having the qualities of a real sea «off-roader», Velvette 23 Active Sedan has an attractive appearance and a great livability and sea endurance. The boat has everything you need, galley with a stove, refrigerator, sink, a separate shower room, lots of different lockers, and a large fuel tank with capaciy of 260 liters (70 gallons). Depending on the options selected, 2-4 berths can be organised in the boat. Aft cockpit can be covered from the rain and wind by a full tent.

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About us

Company details

The history of Velvette Marine began in 2007, with the lease of premises and the start of production of a 6-meter boat in Kazan. Our very first serial production model – the Velvette 20 Image – had quickly proved itself and became firmly entrenched in yacht clubs and marine bases throughout Russia. Slowly but surely, Velvette Marine is starting to close the gap that has developed between small and affordable Russian boats and expensive imported motorboats.

Each subsequent new model differed from the previous one, and expanded the model range of the company, thereby gaining the recognition of a wide range of water-recreation fans.

Already in its infancy, Velvette Marine began its long-term cooperation with the Japanese company Yamaha, and adopted its decades-long of experience with composite materials. All of these developments provided the basis for the manufacturing of Velvette Marine boats. This allows increasing the duration of warranties on Velvette motorboats up to 3 years.

Today Velvette Marine has:

• A new factory with workshop area of 3,600 square meters located on the M7 Federal Highway in Kazan.

• Well-developed dealer network throughout the entire Russian Federation.

• Own design bureau and model-building shop.

• A range consisting of 11 models, with lengths from 4.75 to 12.5 meters, which includes a unique designer cruiser, the Intelligent, the sportive and unparalleled Velvette 27 NGT, and the flagship of the shipyard – the 12.5-meter Velvette 41 Evolution.

Priorities of Velvette Marine: to achieve recognition of federal highway and brand awareness on a global scale. To open new horizons for enthusiasts of water recreation, and make Velvette motorboats affordable to more social groups.

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