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Product category: Sailingboat Charter, Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore/In Shore, Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships


Our LAGOON catamaran yacht fleet sailing the Bahamas Islands serves as the perfect backdrop for families, youth groups, and organizations.

The natural beauty of the caribbean, a modern catamaran yacht, and a compassionate and charismatic captain all allow families to feel at home while bonding over new experiences.

Destinations and activities can be customized by clients, and a LAGOON catamaran yacht model shall facilitate and cater to all requests to the best of our abilities.

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Product category: Sailingboat Charter, Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore/In Shore, Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships


Our catamaran yachts carry two single person kayak on board. Kayak in the warm, clear waters of locations such as the Out Islands, Exumas National Land and Sea Park, Turtle Lagoon, Mystery Cave, and Jacques Cousteau's dive site, the Blue Hole.

Paddle out in the Bahamas, as Captain Craig Doring and his staff cater an evening cuisine such as grilled mahi-mahi, special spicy lobster marinara, or fresh crack conch chowder. Return aboard our catamarans and fill your appetite while reminiscing the sites of that day.

The Bahamas offers a vast underwater landscape for all types of scuba diving, whether it be shallow coral reef diving or underwater shipwreck explorations. Popular scuba sites in the Bahamas include: Rose Island Reefs, Gambier Deep Reef, Lost Ocean Hole, the Booby Rock Channel, and the Goulding Reef Cays.

Captain Craig Doring is an experienced master diver and scuba instructor. He has his PADI license as a scuba instructor, and can reveal his favorite diving destinations around the Exumas Islands and eleuthera. The Amazing Grace comes stocked with scuba equipment.

The clear waters and various species of fish and sea life make the Bahamas a favorite spot for Hawaiian spearfishing. Hawaiian slings are allowed as the sole spearfishing device in the Bahamas. Regulations allow only free dive spearfishing. Typical sea life to spearfish include mutton snappers, hogfish, grouper, and lobster.

A growing sports in the Bahamas is kiteboarding and kitesurfing. Consistent winds, warm waters, and sandy bottoms make kitesurfing a favorable sport in Exumas. A combination of trade winds and frontal winds favor the Exumas as a kiteboarding spot. Spring season (February to April) enjoys predominantly northeast to eastern winds around 1 to 25 kts. Popular sites for kitesurfing include Normand's Cay in the Exumas.

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Product category: Sailingboat Charter, Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore/In Shore, Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships


Often fashion photoshoots or lifestyle product companies wish to use the backdrop of the Bahamas for their concept or branding. The constantly changing weather and terrain can be challenging for production logistics.

Captain Craig Doring's knowledge of the Bahamas and it's islands give creative directors and fashion photographers the security they need complete a challenging production schedule. Bahamas Catamaran Charters consults with the creative directors, accommodates the production staff, and charters them to various locations.

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Captain Craig Doring is the owner, captain, and chef for Bahamas Catamaran Charters. We specialize in multi-day and single day charters. There are a variety of LAGOON catamaran models available for clients based on their preferences for luxury and party size. Up to 10 guests can choose to join them on a breathtaking vacation summer route to the Bahamas or during the winter season to the Virgin Islands. As your Bahamas catamaran vacation experience, clients are shown the best and most unique spots en route to each destination to enjoy freshly caught yellow fin tuna or bull dolphin and the most sought after diving spots in the Caribbean.


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