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Jl. Gunung Tidar No. 1, Kampung Baru, 98413 Sorong-Papua

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Product category: Diving Trips, Diving Centers

Manta Point – Manta Sandy (Dive or Snorkeling)

If the many reefs are not enough this area also boasts with some of the best manta diving in the world! Manta Sandy is a cleaning station visited by reef mantas (Manta alfredi) that are vying for a position above the two rocks where wrasses clean these giants. We also get enormous 4 meter wide black reef mantas, looking like a negative photographic image, their gills are highlighted in white, along with the other more common white-bellied variety.

If the many reefs are not enough this area also boasts some of the best manta diving in the world! 

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Product category: Diving Trips, Diving Centers

Hidden Bay (Tour & Snorkeling)

Just 10 minutes away from The Passage lies a mangrove system of clear mirror-still blue water, where soft corals grow on the roots of mangrove trees. Rising above the foliage hornbills and parrots swoop between the trees. Hidden Bay is a complex network of interconnected water channels and lakes. Looking into the water one can spot huge chocolate chip sea stars laying between the seagrass that grows next to corals normally only seen on outer reefs.

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Product category: Diving Trips, Diving Centers

The Passage (Dive or Snorkeling)

This utterly unique dive site, located 1 hour away from Kri Island, lies between the island of Gam and Waigeo. It can be described as river flowing between the two islands. The nutrient rich waters that are drawn through by the tides feed a vast wealth of marine biodiversity. Above water the sheer limestone cliffs make this a place excessively beautiful. There really is no other dive site in the world like this.

This is a place where experienced divers and photographers enjoy the superbly different experience of diving in this truly one-of-a-kind location.

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About us

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1 island, 2 resorts
Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving, first came to the region over 21 year ago following his passion to search for submerged World War II aircraft. After spending so much time in Raja Ampat Max fell in love with the Papuan people and started a number of initiatives to support the local Papuan communities. Papua Diving was one of the projects. It’s mission: to bring much needed money to the local people by enabling divers who had never heard of the region to be amazed by the wonders of the unspoiled aquatic world here.

Unique knowledge and insights about the area
Papua Diving is unique when compared to other land based and liveaboard operators in Raja Ampat. Not only thanks to our outstanding location – Today we may pride ourselves of having an unique knowledge about the area thanks to working so closely together with the Papuan people for many years. Choosing to stay with Papua Diving is more than an amazing tropical island and aquatic world experience. You will also directly contribute to local marine & community conservation activities. Compared to other operators in the area, we still stand by our credentials as:

  • the being the pioneering hence the most experienced operator in Raja Ampat
  • providing employment to more papuan people than other operators (90% of our staff are papuan)
  • donating 10% of profit to conservation initiatives
  • in addition to direct donations we invest more money into the local economy and other practical assistance to local communities
  • we actively set up and support conservation initiatives and projects

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