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Tjerk Hutting


De Stienplaat 3
8754 HZ Makkum , Netherlands



Margriet Hutting

Marketing manager



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Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

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Ship Depots/Winter Storage/Cranes/Slips/Winterisation/Commissioning

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Marinas/Yacht Harbours

Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

Custom Built Aluminium Sailing Yachts

Hutting Yachts offers you the possibility of building your own custom built dream yacht, incorporating your own wishes, your own design, sailing style and ambitions. 

Our history of building luxury yachts, which exceeds 30 years, has made us very experienced with project management as well as with providing customized products. Our reputation demonstrates our skill: Hutting sailing yachts are world-renowned. Regardless of whether it concerns sailing yachts, motor yachts or tenders, we employ the same quality standards with which we acquired our reputation.
As a boatyard, we are part of a first-rate network which consists of aluminum and composite builders, electricians, riggers, sailmakers, delivery services, and all other specialists involved in the creation of a yacht. Starting with a preliminary design, our technical building expertise allows us to support you in the process. We gladly share our knowledge and experience, compose the building specifications, and calculate the building costs. Hutting yachts is skilled in every aspect. In realizing your ideal design, you can expect an efficient, all-inclusive service to a very high standard.

Hutting Yachts has build 51 Hutting yachts, designed by Dick Koopmans senior and Tjerk Hutting, which are known for their remarkable, timeless and classic lines. For years, the strong seaworthy character has realized sailor-dreams at all kinds of seas!

We can realize your dream yacht from drawings to reality. You can bring your own design or let us make a design for you, to get the dream yacht to desire. 


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Product category: Repair Services/Refitting

High quality Repair services and Refitting

Hutting Yachts offers refits of any size and can make your yacht look new again. If you want to prepare your yacht for a planned sailing trip, or if you desire a successful sale, Hutting Yachts is also the right place for you.

With our custom- built characteristics and all the required facilities in one location, every refit will increase the value of your yacht. Regardless of whether it is a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, and no matter its origin, we guarantee the renowned ‘Hutting quality’.
We assure that you are involved in both the design composition and the preparation of the estimate. We aim to combine the yachts value with your personal wishes.
Our passion for yacht building is reflected in the products Hutting Yacht delivers, which always carries our mark of excellence. For instance, before using the FSC qualified teakwood, we let it dry for several years. Besides we are exclusively working with a specialized team of professionals: Hutting Yachts represents quality.  

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Product category: Yacht Brokers

High quality yachts for sale

Take advantage of our extensive network and expertise for buying or selling your yacht. Due to our many years of experience, we can assess the technical state of the yacht and arrange the taxation. We have several yachts in our brokerage portfolio we can show you, or we search for the yacht you desire.

The year 2017 we sold more than four yachts. At our stand you can find al the information of our current brokerage, or we can discuss the possibilities to let us sell your yacht. 

At this moment we have the following yachts in brokerage:


Check out or website for more information and images.   

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Company news




Dec 28, 2017


“Hutting Yachts are considered the pearls on the water among connoisseurs” we are very grateful for this compliment of Journalist Peter Marienfeld in his article for Skipper magazine.  

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Dec 28, 2017


In the overall market a minority, but for ‘blue-water-Seglern’, the first choice: Aluminum Sailing Yachts. In this article, the differences, reasons and possibilities of an aluminum sailing yacht.

Tjerk Hutting: “Safety” is the first argument for choosing an aluminum sailing yacht, is what we constantly hear from our customers. The certainty that the boat does not sink immediately after a collision”.

Besides, aluminum is indestructible, it will last for more than 100 years. That’s why it’s very durable and maintenance-friendly.

In the common sailing areas you’re mostly surrounded by people who can help if you face any problems with your yacht. However, our customers deviate from this and sail a lot in unknown areas where there is no help nearby. You want to be confident in your material and equipment, and you need to be sure of a strong and safe yacht.”  

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About us

Company details

As a custom-built yacht builder, craftsmanship, quality and versatility are paramount to us. The yard offers all the necessary facilities. There is everything from a dedicated spray booth to marina facilities as well as carpenters and technicians. Hutting Yachts can provide a versatile and comprehensive service. New-build projects, refit projects and maintenance work can be executed to the exact specification of the client. Everything is under strict quality control: the famous ‘Hutting Quality’.
With a team of experienced shipwrights, carpenters, finishers, technicians and managers we are always ready to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Whether it is in Makkum, Iceland or the Spanish Riviera, we are ready to serve you anywhere. Quality workmanship is followed by quality service.

Please click here to find out more about our history, our facilities and our partners. For a look inside the yard, click here for a virtual tour.

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