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Mexico's Cenotes

Planet Scuba Mexico is a professional scuba diving center specialized in cavern diving, cave diving and Cenotes diving in Mexico. As a hub for the international cavern and cave diving community, Planet Scuba Mexico is based in Puerto Aventuras, between Playa del Carmen in the north and Tulum in the south. 

What are Cenotes?

“Cenotes” are cool fresh water sanctuaries scattered throughout the green jungles and savannas of the Yucatan Peninsula. The entrance to magical caverns and cave passages below the earth, Cenotes in Mexico are created when the ceiling of a cave collapses leaving what is sometimes known elsewhere as a sinkhole. Many Cenotes have cavern systems which are great for exploring with snorkel gear. Venturing into a cavern or cave system, or any overhead environment, on scuba, alone is very technical and advanced, requiring specialized training and safety gear. The cavern and caves of the Yucatan are well known to and important for underwater cavern diving and cave diving explorers who come from all over the world to experience them.

Cavern vs. cave area, and the Planet Scuba Mexico expertise

The cavern portion of a Cenote is characterized by a number of points, mainly the availability of sunlight here and there, a maximum distance to the next exit of no more than 60 meters / 200ft and a yellow-colored cavern line laid out along the dive passage. For safety, it is obligatory to follow this line in and out of the cavern at all times.  At Planet Scuba Mexico you will have the chance to discover the cavern area of our Cenotes without special training – but only in small groups of maximum 4 cave divers and under the direct supervision of one of our experienced Cenote dive guides.

Before your first Cenote dive in overhead environment with Planet Scuba Mexico we make sure that your buoyancy, breathing and basic diving skills are up to date to ensure a safe and great time under water. The cave area of a Cenote in Mexico usually starts where the cavern area ends and is clearly marked with a warning sign. It is characterized by narrower passages, absence of daylight and a white-colored cave line. Going beyond the cavern area is strictly off limits for anyone but full cave certified divers with specialized equipment and training. With highly skilled cave instructors on staff, Planet Scuba Mexico is your stop to become a professional Full Cave Diver.

A typical day of Cenote Diving in Mexico @ Planet Scuba Mexico looks like this:

  • 8:15am meeting at the dive shop, last dive equipment check, loading the truck & small briefing before leaving for the cenote dive site
  • Arrival to the dive site, familiarization with the area, dive briefing & gearing up
  • 1st dive, dive time ca. 50min, always following the permanent cavern line in and out of the cavern
  • Surface interval, debriefing, drinks, food, changing to the 2nd dive site
  • Arrival to the cenote dive site, familiarization with the area, dive briefing & gearing up
  • 2nd dive, dive time ca. 50min, always following the permanent cavern line in and out of the cavern
  • Exiting the water, debriefing, loading the truck, drive back to Planet Scuba Mexico
  • Return between 3-4pm (depending on what Riviera Maya Cenotes are scheduled that day)
We always select our Cenotes dive sites carefully, making sure that each place suits our divers' experience level and expectations. Generally, we choose easier (but still beautiful!) Cenotes in the beginning of your dive vacation and the more challenging ones towards the end.

With Planet Scuba Mexico being in Puerto Aventuras, the Cenotes are just a stone throw away. The daily rides take just 10-40 minutes and will take you to the world’s most spectacular cavern and cave systems!

Please note: The owners of some Cenotes charge extra for bringing your cameras. Please contact us for more information

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Product category: Diving Centers

Cave & Tec Diving

Planet Scuba Mexico is a hub for the international cave and tech community located in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. If you hold a TDI cave or tech certification (or similar credentials from another recognized agency) we take you on daily excursions beyond recreational limits.

With highly professional and multilingual cave & tech instructors on staff, we know what the expectations of serious divers are and we are here to make it possible! Cave and tech certified divers hold tremendous experience and we specialize in exactly that – Great dives beyond the beaten paths of mass tourism and an all-inclusive service you have not received anywhere else.

Do you want to dive in Playa del Carmen and surroundings?  Deep dives, cave dives in complex cave system, sidemount dives: Planet Scuba Mexico is here for you. We are located in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. Visit us!

Be it a true deep dive, a cave dive in a complex cave system or just a relaxed side-mount cave or tech dive – it’s all here and it’s all possible! To add to the personalized service, all cave & tech dives are limited to two divers per instructor. While on a cave or tech tour, we follow the easy to difficult rule – with the most advanced and demanding portions towards the end of your package.

At Planet Scuba Mexico we welcome cave & tech divers with their own gear – however, as an authorized Hollis dealer and professional equipment rental facility, we also cater to those divers that prefer not to travel with their own heavy gear. Be it canister lights, backplates, harnesses, wings or regulators – all is available at Planet Scuba Mexico! cavern scuba cave diving cancun cenotes TDI puerto aventuras courses mexico riviera maya playa del carmen training PADI

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About us

Company details

Why Planet Scuba Mexico
Main activities

Planet Scuba Mexico is a professional owner-run scuba center and offers three main activities:

  • Recreational Cenotes tours & courses
  • Technical diving & courses
  • Professional Cavern & Cave Development Programs
Compared to many of our competitors, we concentrate on a few selected activities. This allows us to fully dedicate ourselves to the products and services we offer without having to cut corners in customer safety and service. All programs, be it recreational, technical or professional are conducted in house by us personally. You will not be sent off into the hands of partner organizations like many others do.

No matter if you are a single diver or travelling in a group, we ensure you have a great time with us!

Top-Notch Diving Equipment

We use brand new and frequently serviced state-of the art Cressi scuba equipment for our recreational divers and high-end Hollis and Apeks tech gear for all technical and cave divers. A combination nowhere else to be found in the world. All gear used for our tours is available for purchase and we are proud to hold the official dealership for both Cressi and Hollis.

All our staff are proven professionals with a long track record in customer safety and service and love what they do. Noone working at Planet Scuba is doing so as their part-time activity - all work full time and have chosen this profession for many years to come. Our aim is to offer you a great experience at Planet Scuba Mexico through customized dives and courses. From start to finish we strive to give you an exciting, safe and relaxed time. The way we do things sets us apart from many others in the area.

An international team of professionals

With its international team of professionals having spent many years in the dive industry around the world, Planet Scuba Mexico implements positive aspects from many dive destinations. At Planet Scuba Mexico you are here to DIVE – and we take care of the logistics. We understand that you are here to do what you love so much and we are here to make it possible.

Our team consists of passionate recreational scuba instructors, technical & cave instructors, professional underwater photographers and instructor trainers. We recognize the personal strengths of all our staff and support each one in striving to become even better in what they do and love. Our team comes from all walks of life and all share the same dedication in offering a great, safe and exciting time to our divers.

Philosophy: a personalized service

An integral part of our philosophy is the understanding of individual expectations. You as our client deserve the best and we will not sell you products that don’t suit your needs, be it scuba equipment, dive packages or courses. Instead, we listen to you and your wishes and then form the ideal product combination.

Welcome to Planet Scuba Mexico – the most exclusive Dive Center in Mexico

The Dive Center
Welcome to Planet Scuba Mexico! The most modern dive shop with brand new state-of-the art scuba gear and highly professional staff.

On 170m2 (1,900ft2) you’ll find everything you expect – and probably more – from a professional dive center. All areas of our shop have been carefully planned and give you a great welcome to the world of scuba diving.

Inform yourself on our daily diving excursions, courses and technical diving programs. All our staff are here to help you tailor the best package for you.

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