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c/o Toubia Hotel, El Kornaish Street, 84722 Port Safaga

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Our dive center is located directly on the Red Sea between the Toubia hotel and the Diver House (free wi-fi and decorative beer). In the main building, our office with training room, the workshop and utility room with possibility to charge your electrical equipment, the compressor room and the drying room to store your equipment. Another part of our base is located directly on the beach, where we have a drying room and the fresh water pool for your equipment. Thus we have the shortest way into the water or on the boat.

Our facilitie include: 20 complete rental equipment, 80 aluminum tanks (15-, 12-, 10-, 6- and 4 liter), divecomputer hire and lamps, everything maintained and regularly serviced. First aid kit, oxygen, defibrillator and emergency telephone belong to our Safety Equipment, which is on every dive on board. In Safaga, there is a decompression chamber which is 5 min. is from the jetty or the base. The first dive is always a check dive followed by fun diving.

Half-day tours and full-day tours by boat or diving on the housereef from our beach, where reef sharks, turtles and dolphins are not uncommon, can be planned by yourselves. Boat tours run from right outside the hotel on our beach. So no lugging equipment and no getting up early to reach the boats. Divers who like to make underwater pictures, come on every dive at their expense.

We offer you a perfect holiday without mass tourism! Enjoy the flair of our cozy divers hotels in a typical Egyptian town, Safaga. What does a diver want more !?

Do you want to know more about our service, so we look forward to your questions and suggestions!

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Product category: Services (Diving)


The Freedom Divers training takes place in small groups - this guarantees you individual and high-quality training with your instructor! Although you should be alone - the agreed courses take place in any case. We comply with the courses according to the level and skills of the student, not the other way around ... Whether beginner's course or the training courses - we place increased value on the quality of education!

Open Water Diver [OWD] - Basic course fascination diving
You want the exciting, adventurous, silent underwater world to know? Then start with us your first course for scuba divers. This course will give you the necessary knowledge and skills, so that you can visit the underwater world in a safe manner. With the right equipment, the right knowledge and skills, diving is both safe and easy. All this you will be able to learn and use with one of our experienced instructors at the course for Open Water Diver. This course represents only the beginning of what the hobby diving can offer a whole. You will always discover new ways to let yourself Fever!

SDI OWD-Course or PADI OWD-Course with equipment for 199 € ! (*without certification)

AOWD Training for scuba divers which wants to go further
You completed your basic license and quite a few more dives and now want to know what there is to discover for underwater activities. Then the AOWD is exactly right for you. You will trained in five different special diving activities and can try this underwater in connection with the instructor. Of course, your personal interests are taken into account. You will learn skills in navigation, night and deep diving and can still choose from a variety of offers, for example, Boat, flow and wreck diving, underwater photography or naturalist. The AOWD will leave you the underwater world with the Freedom Divers Team experience even more fascinating!

Rescue Diver
Advanced course - for preventing and handling of diving accidents. You will learn all the skills on the subject of self-rescue, diver stress, first aid in diving, emergency management, equipment problems and rescue and assistance procedures. After several theory lessons you will practice and perfect your practical skills in the actual diving environment. You'll learn to adapt yourself to the situation and respond accordingly. Thus, you become a dive partner you can rely on in any situation. The Rescue Diver is a big challenge and stress but also high-level training with a lot of potential.

Other courses also from the technical diving - please contact us at the dive center, because if we would represent anything - it would just bored one or the other visitors of this website ;-)

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Product category: Services (Diving)


The Freedom Divers training takes place in small groups - this you guarantee individual and high quality training with your instructor! Although you should be alone - the agreed courses take place in any case. We comply with the courses according to the level and skills of the student, not the other way around ... Whatever booked price - we place increased value on the quality of education!

TDI is the world's largest training organization for technical diving. As one of the first training organizations training offered for mixed gas diving and rebreather diving, TDI is regarded as an innovator of new diving techniques and diving programs, which was not available until then to the general public. TDI divers have explored underwater caves in Spain, Australia and Mexico and assisted as support divers in world record dive in apnea diving in the Red Sea.

TDI instructors are bound by the highest standards in order to guarantee the best quality of education worldwide. If a TDI course is booked by a diver, it can be sure that he instructor can demonstrate the knowledge and experience needed to enter this course. As instructor candidate in a TDI Instructor Course you can be sure that owns the TDI Instructor Trainer the necessary experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best possible education that offers TDI.

TDI is committed to offering the highest quality of education, supported by the latest training materials, the latest information and techniques. TDI materials are written by authors who are also diving, what they write. Likewise, the materials are regularly revised to reflect new equipment or new technologies concern.

The courses offered at the Freedom Divers:
  • TDI Nitrox Diver course
  • TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • TDI Decompression Procedures
  • TDI Extended Range Diver
  • TDI Trimix Diver
  • TDI Advanced Trimix Diver
  • TDI Advanced Wreck Diver
  • TDI Gas Blender
  • TDI Advanced Gas Blender
  • TDI TEC Sidemount Diver

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Your competent partner from the beginner to professional divers. It would be a pleasure to welcome you to Safaga on the Red Sea in the heart of Egypt. You can get the most information about your hobby here (diving). Since 02-01-07 the freedom diver centre is in German-Egypt hand.

We can promise you the most diving pleasure in Safaga. Salem-Express, Panorama-Riff or Abu Kafan are some of the favourite divesites around Safaga. Also you can make trips to Elphinstone or Abu-Dabab with us. Just ask us about the special trips and offers. All those facilities are close to the Safaga hotel "Toubia". 

Also within 100 km you can watch dugongs, turtles and sting rays. You can book half day and full day trips with a boat and tours starting at the hotel or you can dive right from our beautiful beach, no need to carry your equpiment too far. There are always reef sharks, turtles, and dolphins around. Divers who want to shoot pictures under water will always have a sensational view. We have something for everyone, from the professional diver to the first time diver. 

We can offer you an inexpensive and comfortable vacation (with us there is no mass diving, but is individual). At night you can join us in the Beach Bar for BBQ or go out for a drink to the "Diverhouse" close to the "Toubia hotel".

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