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Diving Sulawesi – Selayar Island, the best diving in South Sulawesi

If you are not looking to spend your holiday time on slow dive boats, suited up in the sun then Selayar Dive Resort is your ideal destination. In our dive resort you spend your non-diving time on shore with your friends or partner enjoying our beautiful white sand beach and tropical setting. Hours on dive boats are not necessary in Selayar Dive Resort as we are not just located close to the marine park, we are right in the middle of it! Our fast speedboats can reach even our furthest dive sites in 15 minutes which means less travel time and more time relaxing in the resort – or more time diving!

Diving Sulawesi Indonesia
The shape of the Sulawesi land mass itself, with its unusual arm like projections, reminds many people of an octopus – already conjuring up images of the underwater world!

The giant island of Sulawesi lies in the heart of the “Coral Triangle” which includes the Philippines, the small island chain of Sunda, the North of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. This area is world renowned for its incredible marine biodiversity both in terms of coral and fish species. Scientists theorize that the geographical position of this area – where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet holds the key to its wealth of marine life. Over 75% of all of the world’s hard coral species can be found here, over 3,000 species of fish occupy the reefs and 6 out of 7 sea turtle species come here to breed – and the list of such statistics goes on.

Diving Sulawesi is unlike diving anywhere else in the world; unique creatures and critters are found here, dive sites range from slopes to walls and even caves, the reefs are bursting with life and are waiting for you to explore them. On land Sulawesi is equally as fascinating with towering volcanoes, fertile rainforests and pristine tropical islands and beaches. The people of Sulawesi are friendly and welcoming to visitors and one area of particular cultural interest is the Toraja area in the mountains of South Sulawesi where local traditions have remained unchanged for thousands of years. This magical land promises you a stunning holiday both on land and underwater.

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Diving Indonesia – a land of thousands of islands
Welcome to Selayar Dive Resort Diving Indonesia – your home for a perfect diving holiday in Indonesia.

Diving Sulawesi Selayar Dive Resort
Diving in Sulawesi offers some of Indonesia’s best reefs and on the Selayar House Reef alone you can find giant clams, eagle rays, nudibranch, gorgonian fans, turtles and a huge array of reef fishes. Divers visiting Selayar Dive Resort will see turtles on almost every dive on the House Reef drop off and on good days snorkelers have even seen passing dugongs.

17,500 Islands in the tropical waters of Indonesia
The Indonesian archipelago comprises of approximately 17,500 islands which cover an area that is over 5,000 kilometres long and it is estimated that Indonesia’s coastline is around 80,000 kilometres which, even as a conservative estimation, exceeds that of any other nation by far.

For more information about diving in Indonesia click on our page ‘Diving Indonesia’ : Diving Indonesia or Diving Sulawesi

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