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P.O. Box 7172, 6050 AD Maasbracht
Brouwersstraat 17, 6051 AA Maasbracht
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Our products

Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Motorboat Charter, Boat Hire

Linssen Grand Sturdy 470 Sedan Wheelhouse

The Grand Sturdy 470 Sedan Wheelhouse is an exclusive, very well equipped yacht and has its wheelhouse/saloon and cockpit on one level. The wheelhouse is provided with an attractive helmsman’s position with an electrically adjustable cockpit bench that enables you to sail “inside” or “outside” in comfort with two people, thanks to the electric sliding roof. Covering the spacious open cockpit, the “Longtop” protects you from sudden showers or the sun when it’s too hot.
Below decks there is a spacious pantry and dinette that lets in a lot of light. The forward part of the yacht accommodates a spacious owner’s cabin with separate toilet and shower. On the port side you have the guest cabin with two single beds. Just opposite, a spacious toilet/shower room is provided for guests on the starboard side.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Motorboat Charter, Boat Hire

Linssen Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC

The Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC is a very spacious boat that is perfect for long journeys throughout Europe but also for a long weekend. From the first “line on the drawing board”, the aim was to achieve maximum versatility. The wealth of details ensures that the 45.0 provides a fitting and universal concept for practically all bodies of water.

It is generously proportioned in terms of living space, in terms of storage space and in terms of sheer luxury. Simply generously proportioned as in “a penthouse on the water”… Because in fact all modern comforts are either already present as standard features in this 45.0 AC or provided as an optional item by our designers.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine), Motorboat Charter, Boat Hire

Linssen Grand Sturdy 590 AC Wheelhouse

Linssen Grand Sturdy 590 AC Wheelhouse

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About us

Company details

The journey is the reward
Warm rays of Spring sunshine welcome you to the marina. The sky above is cobalt blue, and there’s a light breeze at the waterfront that makes a familiar sound in the mast stays of the boats. It’s the perfect start to a perfect journey.
Suddenly life feels good again. You breathe more deeply. Your heart rate slows. You feel more alive. Because something tells you this is where you belong.

It feels like you’re coming home, yet the journey is only just beginning.
It’s a journey that can take you to beautiful river valleys, serene canals, spectacular coastlines, romantic harbours, delightful waterside restaurants and everywhere else in between. All at the quiet, unhurried pace that only motor cruising can provide.

Once you‘ve tasted the experience, there’s no going back. You’ve started a love affair with the waterways. And with your boat. A love affair that the average person will never understand.

This is a journey that won’t end at the next marina. It never ends. Not as long as you can still get on your boat and steer her away from the quayside. It’s a journey that will go on for the rest of your life.

We know. We’re on that journey, too.

Steel motoryachts of Linssen Yachts!
Linssen Yachts builds steel motor yachts in its 45.000 square metre shipyard in Maasbracht, Holland. From the first sketch, development, prototyping and complete production. Everything is done in-house.

A business that began life as a small boatyard in 1949 has become a market leader in the steel yacht building sector within three generations. Linssen Yachts is a byword for steel displacement yachts of superior quality and for continuous innovative product and process development. In each decade since the company was established, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovative ideas for modernising the yacht building process. And it remains so today!

Linssen Yachts is - and remains - 100% made in the Netherlands.

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