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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine), Megayachts (engine), Electric Boats/solar boats


"Cruiser" - this means noiseless cruising without any emissions - with unlimited range. The sound of the waves is like music in your ears and there is nothing disturbing this feeling. No struggle with the sails, no tacking, no diesel-engine if there is no wind.

The wind-force and the wind-direction loose any significance for you, because your Solarwave and Silent is independent. You are independent. It is not anymore the wind telling you how fast you can go. On a Solaryacht it is you, who is determining the speed! You do not have to wait for the wind to come - you decide when to leave the harbour. The power of the sun is stored in powerful batteries and you can use it whenever and however you like. Isn´t this better than sailing with the wind?

A Solarwave and Silent can sail 24h/7d - non stop. Noiseless!

Purely solar-powered from 10 up to 20 knots!

Contrary to conventional Hybrid-Yachts, the components of a Solarwave and Silent are configurated for long-range solar-cruising. Only powered by solar, without need to start the diesel-engine, as the battery-capacity is calculated for more than one night of permanent cruising.

In the rare case, that the sun is not shining for several days, the range-extender is a safe and reliable power-source, that guarantees fully charged batteries. Thus a Solarwave and Silent is always entirely independent from the weather. As soon as the sun is shining again, the batteries will be filled up noiselessly and for free.

This saves large amounts of fuel and money, it also grants more comfort - silent cruising and unprecedented energy-supply on anchor.

Compared to a conventionally powered Motor- or Sailing-Catamaran, a Solarwave- and Silent-Yacht has following advantages:

 - significantly lower purchasing-price and maintenance-costs
 - nearly no maintenance-work to do
 - operational costs for propulsion and household close to zero
 - highest level of security and reliability 
 - redundancy for every vital system

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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine), Megayachts (engine), Electric Boats/solar boats


You have the choice!

With a Solarwave- and Silent-Power you have all the advantages of the "Cruiser" - this is silent, completely emission-free sweep along over longer distances with the E-motors. Pure solar-electric from 10 up to 20 knots fast.

Either with the "e-Power version" (the same as the "Cruiser version"), but with stronger engines (2 x 135kW) and more powerful batteries (2 x 100kWh) and therefore pure solar-electric. This allows much higher speeds, as with the "cruiser version".

Or with the "hybrid-Power version" as a parallel hybrid via powerful diesel engines with a power of 2 x 150 to 2 x 300 hp, which together with the electric motors provide for the drive. This means that top speeds of more than 20 knots can be achieved.

Depending on your mood, you can drive the E-motors at an extremely low speed or with the diesel engines in rapid driving.

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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine), Megayachts (engine), Electric Boats/solar boats


Based on the drive concept of the "Cruiser" or the "Power" the "Sailor" is additionally equipped with a rig.

The "Sailor" has either the merits of the "Cruiser" or the "Power" according to your wishes.

Due to its low weight, a silent yacht is significantly faster than a conventional sailing yacht.

If the wind conditions are good, use the sails and at the same time charge the batteries (via recuperation of the electric motors). When the wind abates, or even comes from the front, you drive with the electric motors as silently as under sail - even against the wind!

A Silent-Yacht travels in every wind direction, during the day and at night - always silently and emission-free with the power of sun and wind. The energy required for driving and for the household is stored in the generously dimensioned battery bank. These yachts drive 24h/7d - non stop. Silent!

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About us

Company details

The propulsion and the energy-system on a conventionally powered Yacht
Conventional Motoryachts are powered by diesel- or gas-engines. Additionally they use to have a Generator on board to supply all household appliances.
Depending on the size of the yacht, in sum 3 or 4 diesel-engines are working for propulsion and household.

Also Sailing-Yachts need a diesel-engine. Depending on the operational area and the wind- and weather conditions, additionally to the sails a diesel-engine is needed for the propulsion of the boat. When anchored in a quiet bay, the diesel-engine ensures the energy-supply of the consumers.

Most yachts are using gas for cooking. Its open flame heats up the interior of the yacht and gas is dangerous. On many yachts the "consumables" like water and energy are configurated in a way, that enforces the skipper to visit a marina every two or three days to charge the batteries and to buy water for shower as well as for drinking. 

Larger Yachts offering more luxury have watermaker, air-conditioning and generators. They do not need to got to a marina - but...

The use of a combustion-engine is inevitably combined with noise, exhausts and vibrations and oily films in the water.  Is it that, what you are looking for in an otherwise quiet bay?

A conventionally powered boat has a range of 300 to 500 nautical miles under diesel-engine. With a sail the range can be extended - but only when the wind is coming from the right direction and in matching force.
Silent-System is the solution!
Solarwave offers you a completely new experience of nature and watersports, silent and without exhausts.The only footprints you are leaving are those in the sand...

Silent-Yachts has developed a system that reduces the operation-hours of diesel-engines and thus the consumption to close to zero. This system is modular and scalable. It is more simple, needs less maintenance and costs less than any conventional fuel-depending propulsion and energy-supply. It grants more luxury, comfort, independence relyability and safety.Do you want to have a "gas-free" kitchen and more comfort while on anchor? Or do you want  to go for solar-electric propulsion? Or are you the owner of a Megayacht who wants to sleep without the noise and the vibrations of permanently running generators?

Whatever you want - we have the solution for you.

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