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Our products

Product category: Rowing Boats


Volans2: For leisure and (elite) sports, for young and old
An innovative rowing boat that offers the opportunity to combine outdoor fun and exercise in a natural environment.
The sliding rigger in combination with the sophisticated hull shape enables speed, in spite of the relatively short length of the boat, giving the Volans2 the feeling of a slender competition skiff. The boat is fast, light and compact making it suitable for both the recreational rower as well as the elite athlete who enjoys training in the open air; for beginner and advanced, for young and old, for students and veterans.

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Product category: Rowing Boats


Skiff for kids
Based on the positive experiences with the Volans2, Volans Rowing has developed the VolansKIDS especially for children aged 8 to 12 years. This boat is fully adapted to the young audience in its dimensions and ease of use.
With this unique boat - worldwide the first and so far the only skiff for children - Volans won the Dutch National Sports Innovation Award 2014. In support of youth rowing Volans has also developed an instruction kit to help children to learn to row in a playful way.

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Product category: Rowing Boats


Designed for waves
Volans Rowing, known for it’s innovative single rowing boats like Volans² and VolansKIDS, has developed the VolansCOASTAL. The boat is is designed for active fun on the waves, for both beginners and advanced rowers who like a sporting challenge. The boat is stable, strong but light weight, self-bailing and safe. Like the other Volans boats the VolansCOASTAL has an elegant sleek design and features the sliding rigger, with a xed seat. This provides extra stability while pushing through the rough water.
This boat is suitable for coastal rowing, making adventurous tours on rivers, lakes, tidal ats, foreshores and wetlands or for just playing the surf and the rolling waves, between the surfers, kiters and paddlers.

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Product category: Rowing Boats


Rowing for all
The Volans4ALL is stable and safe, and especially designed for beginners to easily master the rowing sport. Volans4ALL is ideal for recreational rowing in parks, at water sports clubs and special locations or projects to make rowing boats available for beginners. The boat was created in collaboration with the international rowing federation FISA, with the aim to introduce more people to the rowing sport around the world.
Like all other Volans boats, the Volans4ALL has an elegant, slim design and is equipped with a sliding rigger. The rower’s seat doesn’t slide, as in racing boats, but the part in which the oars are mounted does. Characteristic of all Volans boats, the Volans4ALL is easy to manoeuvre and can be transported on the roof of a car. So you can go rowing whenever and wherever you like. Altogether, this makes Volans4ALL the ideal single rowing boat for beginners.

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About us

Company details

Volans, innovation in water sports
With innovative products Volans aims to make water sports more attractive and more accessible to a wider audience. Volans is a company owned by Cees van Bladel and Lenneke de Voogd. Cees van Bladel is aformer Olympic sailor and avid endurance athlete. Lenneke de Voogd is also an active all-round athlete. Both have vast experience in the field of innovation in sports.

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