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Plotter/Nautical Chart Plotters

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.15  Electronic Chart Systems

Electronic Chart Systems

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
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Binoculars/Night-Vision Devices

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.32  Navigation Accessories
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
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Our products

Product category: Navigation Accessories


CrewWatcher is an app-based crew overboard alarm system that is the fastest way to rescue a person who is overboard. The system works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components: a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crew. The beacon does not require complex manual activation. The alarm will trigger automatically in a Man Overboard (MOB) event. Should someone go overboard, after sounding the alarm, the app will automatically provide lat/long coordinates of the MOB event, the time of the event, and will visually guide the rescuer using the virtual MOB compass.

Unique CrewWatcher Features Include:

  • FREE App operates on most smart phones or tablets & is easy to use
  • No mobile service required
  • Automatically updates with new features (both App & beacon)
  • One smart device watches up to 5 crew members
  • Perfect also for children, pets, a towed dinghy or bilge alarm
  • Activates with water immersion OR separation from vessel
  • Rescue: Shows crew overboard bearing, plus distance & lat/long coordinates at point of loss
  • Bearing adjusts as boat moves and “MOB Compass” points to location
  • 30x faster response than Personal AIS Beacon at 1/3 the price

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Product category: Plotter/Nautical Chart Plotters, Electronic Chart Systems


Overwhelming value
Max detailed charts for cruising, fishing and sailing! Get 1 ft/0.5 HD contours for marine areas and lakes all on one card. More than 18,000 lakes in US and Canada, with thousands more in countries around the world! View new lakes!

Detailed charts and more!
Nautical Chart is a robust chart resource trusted by boaters worldwide. SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Community Edits are localized chart data contributed by the Navionics Community.

1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry
Enjoy the exclusive SonarChart layer with up to 1 ft/0.5 m contours. Upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area. You can do it with your plotter or use your mobile device connected wirelessly to your sounder with SonarChart Live.

Worldwide regions
Navionics+ is a versatile and innovative product. Preloaded regions are ready to use, while the downloadable Global Regions version lets you choose your coverage area during activation. Both allow you to download and update the marine and lakes content and chart layers you want with great flexibility.

Daily updates Navionics charts are updated with around 2,000 edits per day. See how simple it is to download the very latest content and free daily updates for one year. You’ll get official chart information supplemented with contributions from fellow boaters in SonarChart and Community Edits.

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Product category: Plotter/Nautical Chart Plotters, Navigation Accessories

Imray Charts

About Imray charts
Imray chart coverage is divided into several series which are shown on the chart index. 
Northwest Europe, C charts provide general scale coverage with plan insets at larger scales: Y charts and the 2000 series small format chart folios offer larger scale coverage.
Mediterranean, G and M series provide general scale coverage with plan insets.
Atlantic and Eastern Caribbean, Imray-Iolaire charts A, B, D, and E series provide general scale coverage with plan insets.

Sheet sizes
C charts: 787 x 1118mm (31” x 44”)
All others: 640 x 900mm (25” x 351/2”)
2000 series: A2 590 x 420mm

Imray charts set the standard for the leisure sector with award-winning cartography which features our distinctive colour scheme, coloured light sectors and fine overprinted latitude and longitude grids to make plotting easier.

 Our charts are quality controlled at all stages of production. Based on up-to-date official hydrographic surveys, they receive continual attention and amendment by our staff, who monitor corrections to ensure that our charts are always as correct as possible when dispatched. 

All Imray charts are now based on WGS 84 datum. Apart from some of the Imray-Iolaire charts of the Caribbean Sea, all are metric.

Every chart includes details of the datum and projection on which it was based, to allow it to be used safely with GPS navigation systems.

Imray charts have been awarded official MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) recognition for use on Code vessels and fishing vessels under 24m in length. 

Charts are correct to the date of printing and are supported by corrections which may be downloaded from this web site until a new edition is compiled. Once a new edition has been published the old edition cannot be corrected, is regarded as being unsafe for navigation and should be replaced.

Correction notices for individual Imray charts may also be downloaded from these pages.

Digitally printed on waterproof paper
Imray charts are now printed digitally on published on Pretex, a partially synthetic paper, which folds well and is durable in damp conditions. It may be drawn on in both soft pencil and ballpoint pen.

Imray charts are normally published to an approximately A4 fold format in a wrap around cover and supplied in robust PVC wallets. Flat sheets are available on request.

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Product category: Plotter/Nautical Chart Plotters, Navigation Accessories

NV Charts

NV charts are characterized by their clean, professional appearance and easy-to-distinguish colour gradiations of depth lines. nv charts are presented in a handy, user-friendly size. Our philosophy is to deliver everything in one package. The Combi Pack includes identical charts in paper and digital format, as well as a GPS-ready PC navigation software for all non US - regions.

NV charts App · the ideal free software for seamless navigation on all platforms Windows 7/8 /10 · iPad · iPhone · Android · Mac OS X.

NV charts‘ intuitive navigation app provides a dynamic navigation experience using all tools and seamless chart display so that you can navigate safely and enjoy nv charts‘ superior up-to-date cartography and geocontent. Your charts will never be obsolete or questionable. Charts data are constantly updated and reliable, and available even offline. Plus, the nv charts App will be continuously developed and updated for you.

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Product category: Navigation Accessories, Books/Literature

Pilot Books & Cruising Guides

Pilot books and cruising guides contain photographs and information on navigational hazards, regulations, port facilities and more depending on the author and publisher of the pilot book or cruising guide.

At Bookharbour we stock a wide range of pilot books and cruising guides from various publishers including Imray, ADMIRALTY, Fernhurst and many more international publishers.

Many famous sailors provide the details for these pilot books and cruising guides, including Rod Heikell, Don Street and Tom Cunliffe.

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Product category: Flags & Accessories

Courtesy Flags, Code Flags, Ensigns & Union Jacks

Courtesy Flags
Our 12"x9" Courtesy Flags are available for countries all around the world and are printed and supplied by Adria Bandiere.
We also supply sewn flags in various sizes produced by JW Plant.

Code Flags
Our 12"x9" Code Flags (A-Z & 0-9) are printed and supplied by Adria Bandiere.

Ensigns & Union Jacks
Our Ensigns & Union Jacks are available printed or sewn and in various sizes.

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Product category: Navigation Accessories, Compasses/Sextants


Just as the Astra IIIB has become world famous as the premier low cost metal sextant, the Astra III Professional Model with its low cost, high accuracy, and excellent handling qualities is destined to be the standard for professional seamen.

Its construction is similar to the Tamaya sextants in that it has a bronze arc fused to an aluminum frame. The bronze arc can be manufactured to a higher tolerance than aluminum, which gives the sextant higher accuracy. At the same time the aluminum frame keeps the over-all weight low enough that fatigue is not a problem as with a solid bronze or brass sextant. Nevertheless, the additional weight of the bronze arc adds about 8 oz. and gives the instrument an excellent balance and 'heft'.

The handle is a new more comfortable design, and has an electrical outlet suitable for powering accessories. Except for the weight difference, accuracy, and handle improvement, it is exactly the same sextant as the basic Astra IIIB, and has all the attributes of it. These include thoroughly tested mirrors, maintainability, and the ability to quickly and economically change the horizon mirror type.

The sextant comes with a 3.5x40 telescope and wooden case as standard equipment. Optional items include a 7x35 telescope, zero magnification sight tube (see page 11), a practice bubble horizon (see page 13) which facilitates effective back-yard practice without the need for a sea horizon, and a more expensive Professional Artificial Bubble Horizon. This provides a 2X power artificial horizon for use on land, or at sea if extremely calm conditions exist and the natural horizon is not visible. It connects to batteries in the handle for night lighting, and incorporates a dimming rheostat for use with faint stars. Shipping weight includes all accessories which are ordered from this page. SW 20 lbs.

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Product category: Navigation Accessories

Chartwork Instruments

We supply Chartwork Intruments for chart correcting and navigation planning. Many of these instruments are produced by our American supplier Weems & Plath.

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Product category: Binoculars/Night-Vision Devices

Steiner Binoculars

For years, Steiner binoculars have set the standard for world-class marine binoculars. Steiner have worked closely with professional mariners and those who make their living on the water, as well as recreational boaters, fishing guides and day sailors. As a result, Steiner binoculars are unequalled in technology, precision, ruggedness, innovation and functionality. This guarantees the best quality and performance.

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Product category: Chronometers/Clocks, Barometers/Barographs/Baroscopes

Weems & Plath Clocks & Barometers

For over 80 years, Weems and Plath has taken great pride in building high-quality nautical and weather instruments. From development to production, every step of the process is handled with care and meticulous craftsmanship, whether it's iconic nautical instruments such as the Atlantis Brass Collection, or weather instruments like the Brass Stormglass Weather Forecasters.

Over the years, the product lines have expanded to include handsome marine and nautical instruments, navigation tools and weather instruments that enhance the decor of boats, offices, homes and gardens around the world.

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About us

Company details

At Bookharbour we sell an extensive range of nautical charts, nautical books, both paper charts and electronic charts, navigation chartwork instruments, clocks and barometers from Weems Plath, marine sextants, Steiner binoculars, marine DVDs, Courtesy flags and Ensigns and marine software. We also offer suitable products for marine based courses such as the Royal Yachting Association range of boating courses.

We cater for first time boat buyers and owners of Boats of all types and sizes and those who enjoy all types of other water sports. We have products to suit both coastal and ocean racing or cruising and inland waterways. We have a suitable range of products for all participating in RYA courses such as Yachtmaster, Day Skipper, Competent Crew, Motor Boating and Power Boating courses. As well as worldwide pilotage including Imray pilots, our worldwide coverage of nautical charts includes Imray, UK Hydrographic Office charts and Admiralty Leisure charts. Also available are digital charts and software from C-Map, Navionics, Imray and Seapro.

We stock marine publications from all the well known marine publishers such as Admiralty Leisure, Imray, Adlard Coles Nautical, Wiley Nautical, McGraw-Hill incorporating International Marine, Seafarer Books, RYA Publications, Amberley DVD and Reeds Nautical Almanac. This includes titles from well known marine authors such as Tom Cunliffe and Sam Llewellyn.

Our comprehensive list covers a wide range of subjects including Marine Fiction, Navigation Training Books, Almanacs, Boat Maintenance and repair, Marine Weather, Yacht Racing, Yacht Design, Pilots and Navigation Books, Cruising Companions, Cruising and Seamanship, Dinghy Sailing, Dinghy Racing, Racing Rules, Nautical Calendars, Navigation and Seamanship, Weather and Meteorology, Technical and Electrical Marine Books, Diesel Engines, Outboard Engines, Boat Building, Boat Repair and Renovation, Knots and Rope work, Astro Navigation, Log books, Books and Charts for Inland Waterways, Ocean Cruising, Power Boating and Motor Boating, Kayaking and Windsurfing.

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