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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.08  Electronic Safety Equipment/Gas Detectors

Electronic Safety Equipment/Gas Detectors

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.09  Safety Tools/Equipment
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.11  Electronic and Other Signals

Electronic and Other Signals

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.01  Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.04  Diving Suits/Jackets

Our products

Product category: Electronic Safety Equipment/Gas Detectors, Signalling Gear/Lights, Electronic and Other Signals


Das elektronische Notruf- und Ortungssystem ENOS ist seit 2005 weltweit sehr erfolgreich im Einsatz: Es ortet zuverlässig Taucher an der Wasseroberfläche, die von der Strömung abgetrieben wurden:
Der ENOS-Sender sendet seine GPS-Position direkt an den ENOS-Empfänger auf dem Tauchschiff, wo die Crew die Position und Entfernung von den Tauchern in Not in einer leicht verständlichen Grafik auf dem Bildschirm des Empfängers sieht - der Schlüssel zu einer schnellen Rettung!
Der Empfänger kann in jedem Bootstyp eingesetzt werden, sogar auf Schlauchbooten.

Dank seiner eigenen Funkfrequenz greift ENOS nicht in den int. Seefunkverkehr ein und ist lizenz- und gebührenfrei.
ENOS ist eine 100 %-ige Eigenentwicklung der Firma Seareq und 100 % Made in Germany.

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Product category: Electronic Safety Equipment/Gas Detectors, Signalling Gear/Lights, Electronic and Other Signals


The Man-Over-Board-Operating-System MOBOS is a further development of ENOS-System, specifically focussed on he needs of sailors and boaters.

Thanks to its atuarkic principle of functioning it enables an autonomous rescue - reliable and promptly.
It neither need support from external rescue institutions (such as SAR) nor from external technologies like VHF, UHF, 406 MHz/Cospas-Sarsat, AIS!
NO fale alerts!
Due to its own radio frequency MOBOS does not interfere the int'l sea radio (GMDSS). The device is license free and free of charge.

Worldwide, MOBOS is a unique MOB-System because of its independence. Additionally MOBOS is world's one and onlx MOB-System which can be used on fresh water lakes / inland waters.

MOBOS will be presented at the stand of Seareq in hall 3 E 86 as well as in hall 14 on stage and at the booth of FSR ("Fachverband für Seenotrettungsmittel") in hall 11, stand D 36.

MOBOS is 100 % developed by Seareq and 100 % Made in Germany.

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Product category: Safety Tools/Equipment, Signalling Gear/Lights, Diving Accessories

SIBO.1 - the first SMB with added value

SIBO.1 - More than a buoy

Seareq's SIBO.1 is the 1st SMB providing a pouch at its top which is big enough to put an ENOS-Beacon in or a flashlight!
Therefore all signal devices are much more efficient because they are better visible thanks to the height of the SMB.
Additionally divers can give signals while they still take decompression stop!

The SMB is made from robust material and keeps upright even when a signal device is attached to the top of the SMB.

Deliberately it's made in 2 colours to enlarge safety: Yellow is better to see by cloudy sky, Orange is better to see at glistening sun light.
2 big SOLAS-Reflectors at the top improve safety.

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Product category: Safety Tools/Equipment, Signalling Gear/Lights, Diving Suits/Jackets, Diving Accessories

Little Red Diving Hood"

"Diving with a lot of Brain": Little Red Diving Hood!
Seareq provide a full product range of dive head gear for divers, snorkellers, wind- and kitesurfers. All products are made from soft stretch-neoprene in safety colour "Bright Orange", additionally the items are equipped with SOLAS-Reflectors.
Both topics maximize the visibleness of the water sports enthusiast without scaring off the animals under water. Due to the fact that many fishes are colour-blind they recognize the bright orange as grey (e.g. sharks).

The Seareq product range "Little Red Diving Hood" consist of:

7 mm Hood (Cold Waters)
3 mm Hood (Moderate Temperature Waters)
2 mm Foreheadband (Kite-/Windsurfer, Tropical Waters, Protection agains Wind onboard the boat)
2 mm Mask Cover (Divers and Snorkellers)

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Product category: Diving Suits/Jackets

SEARCH TCB-25 - developed by US Rescue Divers

There are multiple features and outstanding features giving approval that this BCD was developed by Developed by American Rescue Divers

  • Safety-Colour Signal-Orange
  • Made of extreme robust material of 2.600 Denier string Cordura
  • High ascending volumes from 37 lbs / 17 kg  (size S) to 61 lbs / 28 kg (Gsizes XL and XXL)
  • Power-Inflator to inflate the bladder speedily
  • Crothch Strap (removable)
  • Very special lead concept to relieve spinal discs and back
  • 4 big pockets, on request 2 for lead-integrated use
  • more than 70 possibilities (!) to store and attach equipment secure and without any risk
  • Adjustable precisely to the individual movements and needs of every diver
  • and much, much more ...

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Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

LOOPEL, the Spiral Snorkel

Where to stow the snorkel during the dive?
How shall I attach the snorkel to my equipment without loosing it?

Seareq's answer is easy: "Just put it in the pocket of the BCD!"

For this reason Seareq developed the Spiral Sborkel.
This snorkel can be rolled up - like the housing of a snail - to a diameter of "maximum" 11 cm! It close by itself (!) and does not require a special clip/closer.
The snorkel is made from 100 % pure silicone - NO toxic plasticiser! - the reason why it's extreme robust and inherently stable.
No deformatione, even not when the LOOPEL was permanently stowed in the BCD pocket during the dive safari for 1 or 2 weeks.

Another outstanding feature:
The LOOPEL is not just a "back-up" snorkel for cases of need. Far from that: It's a snorkel with standard measurements for "normal" snorkel use among the reef or even for sportive training. 
Thanks to its special shape it does NOT shiver or move at the mask strap - regardless of its soft material.

Housings of snails are designed by Nature - LOOPEL is enginieered by Seareq!

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Product category: Diving Accessories

Knives made from BETA-Titanium: because BETA IS BETTER!

Seareq provide 2 Cutting Tools for divers and all other water sports enthusiasts which cut (almost) all materials above and under materials:

  • Jackknife
  •  Rope Cutter
Both items are made from high value BETA-Titanium which is as light as normal titanium but almost twice as hard and flexible as normal titanium. BETA-Titanium is an ultra-clean titanium improved by BETA-Alloy
Thanks to this procedure the Seareq cutting tools are corrosion free and resistant to salt watr and even acids.
They are anti-magnetic and have "Military Standard" with a hardness of HRC50 (Rockwell).

For perfect cuts  - in life, above and under water, on board, at the beach ...

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Product category: Diving Accessories



Small thing - big efffect:
DIVETY of Seareq is a SOLAS Reflector which is tailormade for corrugated host of dive vests and BCD. The back side is completely covered with velcro. Thus it can be easily attached to every tube or to other places of the diving equipment.

The SOLAS-Reflector does not get blind, green or yellow regardless of the number of use in salt or fresh water.
Minimum effort – maximum effect because it reflects sun or searching spots and draws the attention to the diver.

DIVETY lights up even the blackest BCD!

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Company news




Nov 29, 2017

Seareq celebrates 15th annual jubilee at "boat-show" in Dusseldorf

Seareq the specialist for Safety and Rescue Equipment invites to celebrate the 15th company jubilee!
High Value Prices!

Seareq was founded in 2003 in preparation to the product launch aof the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS at "boat-show" in 2004. In the past it was first of its kind - and still it is a worldwide unique rescue system!

ENOS locate and rescue divers who became swept away by currents. Meanwhile the system has rescued numerous divers' lifes! 

It all began with ENOS, in Dusseldorf at "boat-show".  No wonder that this jubilee will be celebrated at "boat-show" in Dusseldorf 15 years later.

Come to the stand 3 E 86 and learn how improve your dive vacation without efforts - and become familiar to the raffle / competition Seareq initiates due to its jubilee.

It's worth! Here you are the high value prices which Seareq proudly presents in deep gratitude to the following companies:

  • M/S AMIRA -
  • M/Y SEVEN 7 SEAS -
See you at "boat-show" 2018 - at the booth of Seareq, Halle 3, E 86
Seareq   -   3 E 86

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