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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Sail)

New A20.5

Easy to rig, handle and transport between stretches of water, the Astus concept responds to a real demand from sailors for high-performance, nomadic boats.
In line with our desire to offer outstanding, user-friendly products we are pleased to present our new model for the 2018 season, the Astus 20.5, following on from the Astus 20.2, over 120 versions of which have been sold to date.
Since the successful launch of the Astus 16.5 2 years ago, in partnership with VPLP naval architects, we have continued to improve our range. While remaining true to the original ASTUSBOATS idea, the introduction of more modern, streamlined designs has enabled us to offer our customers simple and efficient boats.
Born of a second collaboration with the VPLP Design Agency, the Astus 20.5, is set to appear on wish lists throughout the sailing community.
It retains all the features which made the Astus 20.2 so attractive and has even more character :
- Easy to rig and handle
- Transportable on the specially adapted trailer
- Retractable floats offer limitless travel opportunities.
- Economical, maintenance is minimal and garage storage a real possibility
- Nomadic, movement between stretches of water has never been simpler
- Personalizable, with multiple options to suit every sailing style
- Stable, with 930 litre floats
- Streamlined hull which enables the boat to glide through water and increases speed
- Tulipped hull for effective spray deflection.
- High-performance with modern, sporty lines

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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Sail)

A16.5: New 2016

The Astus concept responds to a real demand thoughout the boating world. Since the launch of Astus 24, two years ago, we are continuing to expand our trimaran range, surfing the wave of popularity of sport multihulls.
We have therefore decided to present a recreational, accessible multihull for the 2016 season, in our first partnership with the naval architects at VPLP : A16.5

With the Astus 16.5, Astusboats enters a new area. Working with the architectural firm, VPLP (which specializes in multihulls) promises to produce a high-performance, efficient boat..

True to the Astus, concept, the 16.5 offers :

- Standardization of the product to ensure continuity throughout the life of the model and the boat. The concept is preserved in its entirety: easy handling, portability, performance.
- Telescopic floats which make transport possible without any dismantling. Once the floats are retracted, Astus 16.5 meets the all road gauge requirements.
- Applying the thoroughly tried and tested Astus concept, this new improved model has a more modern shape and a sportier line, with harmonious curves and narrow water entry.
- Simplified and standard maintenance of the polyester in either contact or infusion structures.
- A sabre board allowing ease of use.
- Limited weight for dinghy-style use.
- An outboard motor can be mounted for coastal trips.
- Large storage locker.
- Club or sports version

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About us

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The company Astusboats is located in the Morbihan department, in Brech, just near La Trinité-sur-Mer and the Golfe du Morbihan, a delightful place to sail.

Astusboats is a design, assembly and trade boats company.

The equipment (moulds) for the design of the parts are manufactured on the boatyard which enables a perfect control of the equipment and offers specific adaptations.

The boat assembly is realised in adapted workshop (isolated, warmed), it enables a production continuity all over the year under optimal conditions.

ASTUSBOATS, trimaran transportable expert has developped a range of trimarans from16 to 24 feet, from 0 to 4 sleeps telescopic floats, masting kit and solo implementation , several versions: leisure, Raid, Sport and Sport+

Today, new 2018 will be presented to Dusseldorff: A20.5 that promises to please visitors.

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