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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

Pilot Saloon 48

A perfect blue water cruiser, the Pilot Saloon 48 is the quintessence of Wauquiez’ expertise in terms of conception and high-end yacht building. The ‘‘Pilot Saloon’’ concept, launched by Henri Wauquiez over the last 20 years, continue to attract many sailors looking for a versatile sailing yacht, matching every sailing program and offering comfort, brightness and high performance.

The powerful, versatile hull has been designed to endure the harshest sailing conditions. Equipped with a 2,10-meter bulb keel and a mast higher than 19,60 meters, the Pilot Saloon 48 is stiff and efficient in all points of sailing.

The sleek lines of the roof emphasize the yacht’s thoroughbred style. The uncluttered deck offers great visibility forward thanks to the flush deck hatches and the control lines lead aft to the cockpit. The cockpit is practical, safe and comfortable : the helm station is equipped with all necessary assistance for single-handed sailing (oversized winches placed at the helm station, an optional self-tacking track can be integrated). The transom opens up as a bathing platform and enables easy access to the tender garage.

True to the genuine ‘‘deck saloon concept’’, the saloon is on one single level and offers great panoramic sea views. Located in the gangway to port, the galley enjoys a great number of storage cabinets and all the comfort necessary to long journeys. The waxed teak used on all Wauquiez remains the dominant interior feature, while other materials (leather, stainless steel) give the Pilot Saloon 48 her thoroughly refined and modern style.

The owner’s aft cabin is large, with great storage space, its ensuite bathroom features a separate shower. Two guest cabins forward have all the comfort worthy of the greatest yachts. A bathroom is located near the 2 guests cabins. Both bathrooms (the owner‘s and the guests’) are equipped with a white-coloured stone resin vanity top, which underlines the contemporary spirit of the yacht’s interior design.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

Centurion 57

A Benchmark.
The Centurion 57 marks the return of the mythical “Centurion” lineage onto the luxury yacht market.  
Powerful, thoroughbred, as manoeuvrable as a racing yacht  yet as comfortable, elegant and luxurious as a super yacht, the Centurion 57 is the quintessence of Wauquiez’ expertise in terms of conception and high end yacht  building.

An efficient, comfortable hull
The hull is powerful and versatile. Designed to endure the harshest sailing conditions, it will face bad weather without fail. In light airs, her downwind design ensures her to react to the slightest breeze.
With a strengthening wind, the Centurion 57 will be propelled to impressive speed for a yacht this size while maintaining excellent comfort.
Equipped with a 2m50 bulb keel, the Centurion is stiff and efficient in all points of sailing. The mast, higher than 23m, is equipped with a 9/10 type rigging without a backstay, with swept spreaders to make the best of the yacht’s potential «  performance ». 

An efficient deck layIout
The very large cockpit has been designed to be multiB purpose: a lot of free space for the crew’s efficient maneuvers and all necessary assistance for singleB handed sailing (standard electric winches, lines brought back to the helm under the side decks, self Btacking system on request…).
The helm position boasts two wheels with two ultra B modern consoles featuring all the electronics at the helmsman’s disposal.
An opening platform at the transom enables easy access to the tender garage.

No compromise made on deck fittings
A Sparcraft Performance racing mast, Harken winches and blocks, pre-stressed Dyneema sheets, standard retractable composite bowsprit… Plentiful deck hardware, selected for its very high quality and efficiency, perfectly blends in with the deck’s sleek, uncluttered lines.
For the engine: The Centurion 57 is powered by a Yanmar 110HP (direct shaft transmission).
Belonging to the very latest generation of marine engines, the Yanmar 110 HP is amazingly quiet and generates very few vibrations.( The engine Volvo D3- 150 HP @3000 RPM (common-rail 4-stroke, 5 cylinders is in option).
Lay-outs in the best Wauquiez tradition 
Inside: calm, luxury, comfort… The waxed teak-used on all Wauquiez since 1965- remains the dominant  interior  feature, while other materials (leather, glass, stainless steel) give the  Centurion  57 her strong, modern identity.     
With a lot of space and amazing light thanks to her many large deck hatches and two panoramic portholes onto the sea, the saloon is an elegant and convivial space, at a mooring as well as when sailing.   
The vast forward owner’s cabin boasts a desk, a lot of storage space and its ensuite bathroom  with separate shower.
The two double aft cabins have an independent bathroom and will accommodate guests with all the comfort expected on a large traditional yacht.
The galley stretches across both sides of the companionway. Fully equipped for a long haul, it features all on board domestic appliances and necessary equipment.   
The forward locker can contain all the sails and other technical equipment. It can be made into a skipper’s cabin with water and toilet (option).

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

The new Pilot Saloon 42.

Since the introduction of the first Pilot Saloon sailing yacht in 1991 the Wauquiez shipyard has built over 300 yachts of this type. The Pilot Saloon is a blue ocean cruiser with a very unique approach towards world-wide cruising offering day-light, space, comfort, safety and the pleasure of sailing.

All our yachts are entirely built in house at our yard in Neuville-en-Ferrain located just 15 minutes above Lille, combining true craftmanship and the latest technologies.

The Wauquiez Team is enchanted to present our latest model of the Pilot Saloon range: The new Pilot Saloon 42.

The new Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 has a high-performance hull shape.
The straight bow stretches the waterline to the absolute maximum length resulting in better performances and higher speeds.
The powerful bow and soft hull chines provide a high shape stability, very important for offering a sailing yacht behaving well in all conditions.
The Pilot Saloon 42 has a powerful stern suited for a double rudder configuration making the boat easy to helm downwind and at the same time reducing the wetted surface which improves the sailing performances in light winds.
We also paid special attention to the appendages. The Pilot Saloon 42 is fitted with double rudders offering optimal control at all points and conditions of sail; We offer a deep draft keel of 2,15m lowing the center of gravity and offering ultimate sailing performance and a 1,75m short draft keel for those who like to navigate and anchor in small and shallow creeks.

Berret Racoupeau
Yacht Design

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About us

Company details

Our boats have a soul
A lifetime devoted to building extraordinary boats, that was the destiny of Henri Wauquiez, who gave his name to our workshop in 1965. For a boat to qualify as a Wauquiez there is no need to pile on the superlatives. A single word is enough to capture the essence built into each of our yachts: quality. We have not chosen the path towards industrialisation, we prefer to let our know-how flow freely by offering you original, authentic boats. Boats that are safe, performing and comfortable for all those whose lives are marked by a passion for the sea.

Making exceptional journeys
Aboard a Wauquiez, the spectacle of the sea is never-ending. Sitting or standing in the cabin, you can contemplate it as readily as if you were on deck. At the helm, the feeling of power grows increasingly intense over the miles. Manoeuvres are made easy with the self-tacking jib, high quality fittings and equipment strengthen your confidence. Each sail turns into a unique journey.

The art and the substance
The sense of quality in a boat depends upon the choice of materials used and the standard of their finish. Wauquiez is one of the few boat makers still to have its own carpentry shop. The teak – meticulously selected – is worked to measure and laid plank by plank by our carpenters to ensure the quality that you can expect. The upholstery fabrics and leathers meet the same standards, with every detail contributing to the success of the whole.

Designed for your comfort
If our boats are, above all, designed for navigation, their success depends as much on their performance in the realm of comfort. Comfortable, whether sailing calm seas or in rough weather, with ease in manoeuvring through the incorporation of the most advanced materials. And, the reassuring knowledge that you are aboard a Wauquiez also arises from an emphasis on interior comfort, with luminous cabins, comfortable seating and beds, and most cabins equipped with bathroom.

Innovation for perfection
Wauquiez workshops produce authentic boats, which have evolved in step with technological innovations. The hulls of our yachts are produced by infusion to ensure an optimal resin/fibre ratio and the ideal weight. The decks and hulls are made of sandwich balsa wood for excellent rigidity and perfect thermal and sound insulation. The fittings, rigging and equipment come from manufacturers known for their quality and the strength of their networks.

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