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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.01  Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.02  Regulator/Compressors
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.04  Diving Suits/Jackets

Our products

Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)


The Accessory Rai l S ystem can quickly and easily be attached to the Divat or Full Face Mask making
it possible to attach various accessories to the mask. The Accessory Rail System can, for example, hold a
welding visor frame, dive lights, a video camera, video lights or sonar heads and much more.
By attaching accessories directly onto the DIVATOR Full Face Mask the diver will be able to use both hands more freely.
No tools are necessary in order to attach the Accessory Rail Holder to a DIVATOR Full Face Mask. Simply tighten two nuts
by hand and the Accessory Rail Holder is secured to the side of the mask.
Different accessories can be fastened to a removable slider which simply “slides on” to the Accessory Rail Holder and
locks in position with a locking mechanism. This simple, yet robust design makes it possible to change accessories
without having to remove the diver's mask. With the Universal Mount any lamp or video camera head can be mounted. The
set comes with two sizes of hose clamp.
Accessories attached to the Rail Holder can easily be slid on or off under water, enabling the diver to utilize the accessories
in the most efficient way.
The Accessory Rail System makes it possible to attach the Interspiro WEL DING VISOR FRAME to the full face mask. With
the Welding Visor attached to the Rail Holders, there is still room for additional accessories.
The Accessory Rail Holder can either be used on only one side of the mask, or attached to both sides of the mask.
The Accessory Rail Holder does not interfere with the "DIVATOR Hatch" ambient air breathing valve.

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Product category: Regulator/Compressors


DIVATOR LITE is the first complete diving system designed
specifically for the professional diver.
The DIVATOR LITE Cylinder System combines an ultra lightweight non-metal composite cylinder with a balanced and
adjustable weight system. This cylinder system dramatically
increases the diver’s safety and comfort.
The DIVATOR LITE Cylinder System provides new benefits for
the professional diver above and below the surface.
ABOVE THE SURFACE - The diver is very comfortable and agile while wearing the cylinder system with the cylinder weight
removed. At any time the cylinder weight can be attached in 5
seconds and the diver is ready to enter the water. This increases the readiness of the stand-by diver and reduces back strain in the often extreme surface conditions, such as sand, mud or ice. In addition, the lower weight of the cylinders simplifies transportation of the cylinders, especially when working in small rescue boats.
BELOW THE SURFACE - The diver achieves nearly perfect balance when the cylinder weight is attached between the cylinders, at the center of the cylinder’s buoyancy. The low profile of the dual cylinder configuration allows the diver to work with less water resistance in fast-flowing currents. With the cylinder valve facing downward there are no valves or hoses behind the diver's head, greatly reducing snagging hazards. The valve down configuration allows the diver to reach the valve and all hoses even when wearing a restricting dry suit. The cylinder handle also protects the regulator.

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Product category: Regulator/Compressors, Diving Suits/Jackets


The Interspiro DIVATOR BCW is a Buoyancy Compensator
combining high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration,
and rear wing style buoyancy.
The DIVATOR BCW’s modular construction allows the transition
between rugged dry suit and thin wet suit diving. Constructed
of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon, it is
compatible with a variety of options and accessories, including
bladders, pockets and custom gear attachment components.

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About us

Company details

INTERSPIRO has 90 years of experience as a groundbreaking innovator of respiratory protection for non-breathable environments. We develop, manufacture and market respiratory and auxiliary equipment for firefighting, work in hazardous environments and professional diving. INTERSPIRO is an Ocenco group company. The Ocenco group ranks among the World’s largest respiratory protection companies.

INTERSPIRO’s strategic business areas are Firefighting, Diving and Maritime/Industrial. INTERSPIRO is a supplier of respiratory protection to fire and rescue services, defense/military organizations, industries, utilities, shipping, offshore and diving companies all around the World.

Our breathing apparatus has an outstanding reputation for reliability and performance. This is accomplished with innovative technical solutions and by applying the highest standards of quality to all parts of the value chain. Our innovation pedigree includes many technology milestones now considered to be standards in the industry.

INTERSPIRO is a company group with the main office located in Stockholm, Sweden. Located at the Stockholm facilities are Research and Development, Product Management, Marketing, Quality and Finance. INTERSPIRO has own sales companies located in the Austria, Germany, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA. The sales and service organization is organized with a global network of distributors and agents.

In addition to the breathing apparatus (SCBA/BA/SCUBA) product programs – of own design and manufacturing – the product portfolio is complemented with a selection of quality trading products.

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