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Product category: Dinghies

Hartley 10 Tender

The Hartley 10 is an excellent choice as a tender:
  • Very stable tender can be paddled, rowed, towed or mecanically propelled
  • Deep, roomy, comfortable cockpit
  • Robust rotor mould construction - historic "plastic boat" problems eliminated
  • Suitable for 1 or 2 adults or children
  • Lifted by specially designed gunwale shape
  • Lift slings available for storage onboard larger craft
  • Excellent hull shape easy to row or use with outboard engine
  • Managable weight - not too heavy - can be transported on trailer or car top
  • Shore wheels available for short shore side movement
  • Small & neat, yet still, with attractive boat look & appeal
  • Quickly & simple to adapt to fun sailing dinghy
The Hartley 10 tender is an attractive little punt, particularly suited to those who need a small practical run about to get from bigger boat to shore. It is made from 3 layer rotomould polyethylene which is very robust and hardwearing. The Hartley 10 tender moves steadily through the water propelled by paddle or oars with a rear seat and outboard mounting option for longer trips or for those who prefer to use an engine.

As a practical 10 foot tender the Hartley 10 is hard to beat, however the real beauty and versatility of this little punt is in it's ability to quickly transform into a fun sailing dinghy. A wonderful option that will bring hours of enjoyment to anyone young or older who just likes messing about in boats.

The Hartley 10 tender has a single sail option that transforms this practical tender into a nippy little sailing dinghy that's a real pleasure to sail.  The deep & wide hull shape incorporates a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate adults. The attractive shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly.

The soft sail can be easily reefed, by simply rotating the mast and wrapping the excess sail neatly around the mast, to reduce the sail area.  

The mast comes in two pieces so it, and all of the other sailing accesories, can be neatly stored onboard a larger boat or in a garden shed.

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Product category: Dinghies

Hartley 15 - Cruiser - Trainer

Launched in 2016 the H15 is the latest of the Hartley boats exciting new range of rotomould sailing dinghies. Just like its stable mates the H15 is a very easy to manage and delightfully responsive dinghy that is particularly suited to those in the early stages of sailing. The Hartley 15 is easily rigged and sailed with a 2 or 3 sail plan, it can be sailed single handed or with up to 5 people on board which makes it ideal for the family or for training.  

With a wide beam and deep hull shape this little gem is the ideal platform for experiencing the thrills of spinnaker sailing. The sleek hull lines and centreboard configuration result in a fast moving and exciting ride for experienced sailors while the wide beam and deep hull shape provide a more stable learning platform for beginners.

The Hartley 15 is a very versatile craft and can be sailed with one, two or three sails depending on experience, the wind or number of crew.

The deep hull shape enables you to sit-in this dinghy which is a far more comfortable sailing position for adult sailors! The high boom position an G-nav system make for much better all around visibility and results in less bumps on the head for beginners. The attractive hull shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly through 3 self drainers.

 The Hartley 15 has a centreboard rather than a dagger-board to enable easy launching. Having a centreboard and an easy up-and-down rudder gives this boat a distinct stability advantage over other dinghies of this size and this feature is particularly helpful in shallow water during launching and recovering. should you capsize the mast is foam file at he top to inhibit inversion and inbuilt righting lines are provided to help with the righting process. The main sheet is centre mounted on a hoop so there are no lines or bridles at the transom to get in the way should you wish to slide back into the boat that way.

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Product category: Dinghies


The Wayfarer is a high quality, hand-built, G.R.P. dinghy suitable for all the family. At just under 16 foot, this spacious dinghy can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults.

Its excellent handling characteristics ensure that beginners quickly gain confidence and can relax and have fun sooner. More experienced sailors can enjoy club racing or the challenges of the racing circuit.

The solid G.R.P. construction, of the Mark IV, provides good stiffness, long term durability and very stylish lines. G.R.P. is easy to take care of which enables the Wayfarer to be maintained at a very high standard for many years.

The Wayfarer is a very versatile craft with a vast range of options for training, cruising and racing. It can be rigged for one purpose eg. cruising and later re-rigged to a different configuration eg. racing to meet changing need or interest.

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About us

Company details

Our History
It started in 1988 when keen Kestrel sailors Richard & Mark Hartley became anxious about the future of their beloved boat, new-build had ceased and it looked like the Kestrel had no future. Having enjoyed sailing the Kestrel so much Richard & Mark didn't want to see it go, they refused to just sit back and let it happen.  To save the class they took the bold decision to invest in the boat, to redesign the interior to bring it up to present day standards with a more contemporary appeal. They felt it was important to give the Kestrel a new look, to produce it using more modern building materials & techniques that would give it a new lease of life & a better future.

They set about the task of re-designing the Kestrel with the help of the renowned yacht designers; Roswell & Morrison. The aim was to make a new boat that would be appealing to both existing Kestrel sailors & to a new generation of sailors. Modifications were discussed with the Kestrel Class Association & with the family of the original designer, Ian Proctor, before carefully implemented them into the new design & the result was a resounding success.

Since those humble beginnings with the Kestrel the Hartley Boats team has moved on from strength to strength. Building with pride, a wide range of beautiful dinghies including; Supernova, Wayfarer, Wanderer, Gull, Osprey, Rebel Skiff, Hartley 10, Hartley 12, Hartley 12.2, Hartley 15, Hartley Tender, Byte Trainer, Byte CI, Byte CII, Alpha Trainer, Blaze & of course the Kestrel. The craftsmen of Hartley boats produce a bespoke range of beautiful boats, each boat reflecting their skill & the skill of the designers. Together we have skillfully managed to update the classic dinghies; Kestrel, Wayfarer, Wanderer, Gull, Blaze & contender in such a way as to be much more appealing, modern in look & sprite in performance whilst also remaining true to the original class designs.

In the successful wake of the re-designs Hartley Boats have continued to work with Phil Morrison, Derek Clarke & Peter Hobson to design & produce a range of fine craft with the Rebel Skiff high performance sports boat at one end of the scale with a full range of entry level Polyethylene fun boats; Hartley 10, Hartley 12 & Hartley 12.2 , Hartley 15 & Alpha Trainer at the other. 

  "We have come along way but we still love to Sail our Kestrel, we actively participate in the racing circuit and enjoy supporting the clubs and class association of this and all of the other boats in the Hartley Boats range.  We look forward to seeing you on the water soon.....sailing one of our beautiful boats - of course!" 

Richard & Mark 
At the helm of the Hartley Boats winning team.

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