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Product category: Diving Trips

Scuba diving

MSY WAOW has been designed with the diver in mind to provide the ultimate experience. Scuba Diving is the principle past time offered on board. She is therefore equipped to an extremely high level drawing on the teams more than 30 years experience in the industry. 

From the equipment used to the itineraries proposed, our philosophy is based on the following criterias and goals:

Modern and well maintained facilities for hassle free diving 
Operate multiple dive speed boats from the main ship to ensure small dive groups
Supply state of the art, yet non intrusive, safety systems required for remote diving operations.

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Product category: Diving Trips

Facilities and other Watersports

From the standard of the equipment to the 40m2 shaded dive area at the bow, WAOW will provide the following facilities:

  • 2 Compressors
  • 12 litre scuba tanks (200bar, single INT or DIN valves). A limited number of 15 litres tanks are available on request (with supplement - see our page "Rental Equipment")
  • several full sets of hire dive and snorkel equipment
  • NITROX fills (with supplement - see our page "Rental Equipment")
  • Oxygen therapy and full safety equipment
  • for your security we provide free of charge a Nautilus Lifeline (VHF GPS) to each diver
  • 3 dive tenders are available, each with the capability of taking between 6-8 passengers. For all excursions from the main ship such as diving, snorkeling and land visits
  • 2 kayak's & 2 SUP's (Stand Up Paddle boards)
In addition to the facilities for divers, it will also be possible for beginners to have an introduction to diving or to complete their diving certificate after their pool and theory training in areas which permit such activities.

The crew will take care of transport, cleaning and stocking of equipment and, if the guest requires, the rinsing and stocking of camera equipment.

Dive groups will be separated in the tenders by experience levels and types of dives requested.

On the return to WAOW deck showers and cleaning tanks will be available for rinsing off with fresh water.

It is recommended to have a wetsuit of between 3 and 7mm, the water temperature being between 20 and 29°C . For diving around the Komodo region the water temperature can drop even further. Hence, 7mm Neoprene would be recommended or 5mm with hood as a minimum in Komodo and Alor reagion. 3 to 5 mm for the northern reagions such as for example Raja Ampat.

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Product category: Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships


The construction of such a vessel necessitated many particularities difficult to find nowadays.

Tradesmen of a bygone era: Hadji Wahub and his master carpenters, with 400 years of ancestral construction history.
The material: Ironwood, unrivalled, rare and expensive.
The timing: built in Indonesia where the concept of time is different to that of the west. The build time was anachronistic but gave time for reflexion, replaced computers, and gave a lesson in patience that guaranteed the result.
And of course the joys of the ever winding administration.
Conditions for an amazing adventure in the 21st century, in fact an adventure from another age. Result, a boat out of the ordinary, a boat of legend. The circle is closed.

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About us

Company details

Most kids will play "when I grow up" and dream of the future in total innocence. And then there are always some adults that refuse to grow up and continue dreaming… and without consideration of the consequences, must realize their dreams. WAOW is the realisation of a dream, that of Michel Deville. At the outset the concept was based on aesthetics: it needed to be a sailing boat built of wood using traditional methods. Without knowing anything about boats or navigation, he designed it, made the plans, had it built and looked after the decoration. To fill in the knowledge gaps, he surrounded himself with the necessary specialists.

Based on advice, the inspiration came from the traditional Indonesian cargo boats, the Phinisi, which can be somewhat unstable when navigating empty, and mixed it with the more straight-deck stable Schooner style. For the rigging, he let go of the wooden mast idea in favour of steel masts to more effectively carry the sail area necessary for WAOWs 850 tonnes.

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