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Regatta Yachts/One Designs

Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail), Multi-Hull Yachts (Sail), Regatta Yachts/One Designs



The Voyager Cruise range of yacht sails are built for offshore cruising.

The voyager cruise mainsail is cross cut from high quality, closely woven dacron. the sail is finished to a high specification to ensure a long useful life.

HEAD - radial patch and alloy headboard with pressure slide to absorb leech loads.

Luff Reef - radial patch, stainless steel pressed ring with webbing strainers, floppy stainless reef ring.

LEECH REEF - radial patch, stainless pressed ring with webbing strainers and alloy leech line cleat.

CLEW - radial patch, stainless pressed clew ring and flattener both with webbing strainers and leech line termination with alloy cleat.

TACK - radial patch, Cunningham eye and reinforcement for first luff slide.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail), Multi-Hull Yachts (Sail), Regatta Yachts/One Designs


These are serious racing sails designed to deliver outstanding performance downwind. The Code numbers define the shape of the sail, you then need to choose the weight of material - lighter is faster but more fragile.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail), Multi-Hull Yachts (Sail), Regatta Yachts/One Designs


Hyde Clipper Race Premium sails are the result of over 80,000 miles of product testing and development through the demanding relationship with the Clipper RTWR . Development is always on-going as Hyde Sails continue to power the Clipper RTWR fleet of yachts.

A Hyde Clipper Race Premium sail is designed to be the best sail that you can buy with a proven pedigree. It is built using the best quality cloth and Hardware to produce a sail that will get you across the world and back again!

Every Clipper Race Premium sail is treated as a Project from sales through to Manufacture, our Distributors will spend time with you talking through your requirements, looking at the boat and then discussing the Cloth and various hardware options that are available to make your sailing as pleasurable as possible. In the end these sails will be your Boats engine for many miles to come.

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About us

Company details

Like many of the successful sail lofts in the world, Hyde Sails grew from racing and in particular racing one-design dinghies. The need to eke out small differences in performance between identical boats imposes values of quality and discipline in the manufacture of sails that are not so important in other branches of sailmaking. But the challenge of making sails of exactly the right shape, with top class materials and faultless craftsmanship permeates through all the sails we make from racing yacht to old gaffer.

Established over 40 years ago as Musto and Hyde , our famous red Flying Dutchman logo reflected Keith Musto's Olympic success in that iconic dinghy. He went on to establish his very successful clothing range while the sailmaking business spread to encompass sailmaking for all types of boat of all types and sizes. Hyde Sails have one of the biggest product ranges of any sailmaker in the world from Optimist dinghies to round the globe cruisers.

We make around 40000 sails per year from our modern ( and crucially, wholly owned ) factory in the far east. Our 235 staff are highly trained , well paid and directed from the UK where our management ,sales and R&D functions are based in two offices, one at Hamble and one at Ipswich.
We have a worldwide and increasing network of agents and distributors , whose details are on this site, enabling you to obtain personal service over much of the Globe.

We make many sails for other sailmakers and for large boat builders such as Laser and RS but our core business is making bespoke sails for individual customers.

Our sails are made out of the best materials obtained at the most competitive prices so that we are able to offer quality sails with extraordinary craftsmanship at prices that are keen but not unrealistically cheap. With sailmaking you tend to get what you pay for but there is no need to pay over the odds to get quality sails - we do not promise the cheapest sails, but we promise the best quality at the best price with the best designs and the best materials.

If those sound like the sort of sails you are looking for, whatever your type of boat, then contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your needs and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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