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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)


Follow the last Allures 39.9 update on the dedicated blog

The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators, this vessel brings together all the characteristics of a genuine blue-water yacht.

The Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design studio has perfected a modern hull, wide, powerful and with the maximum waterline length. A guarantee of speed in the water which opens all horizons: smooth sailing under the trade winds to heavenly islands or tacking in Scandinavian fjords. Its significant load capacity and its large diesel tank ensure complete autonomy to let you discover new horizons, without limits.

Aluminium hull, ease of manoeuvring, performance, twin helms, visibility from the saloon, lifting keel, faired superstructure, large storage spaces, technical room, separate shower, dual chart table, deck lockers, saloon with ocean view...
All the arguments are there.

A guarantee of safety, all manoeuvres are controlled from the cockpit. Spacious and deep, the cockpit offers optimum ergonomics both at rest and during manoeuvres. Thus, the placement of the winches allows ideal positioning regardless of the speed or the sea conditions.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

Allures 45.9

For the past 14 years the Allures Yachting shipyard has become a reference point for blue water cruising yachts thanks to the support and confidence of its owners. Their experience, based on tens of thousand of miles aboard our sailboats, our own sailing expertise and passionate attention to architectural developments have contributed to the creation of this new gem in the Allures range.

Allures 45.9 offers even more comfort, easy sailing with a small crew and better performance,all while ensuring the utmost safety.

This new model is avalable in centerboard version for low draught, which enables beaching in total autonomy.

Besides the centerboard version- a shipyard speciality- Allures 45.9 is also available in a lift keel version, ideal for those who prefer the performance of a lighter sailboat.

- Always so different
Although Allures 45.9 is a novelty, it is still first and foremost an Allures, with all its distinctives features. As our owners are demanding seafarers, we offer them the safest means to realise their dreams.

- Composite deck
The aluminium hull and composite deck construction has long represented the perfect combination in the luxury yacht industry. Developing this technology for yatching provides Allures Yachting customers with the best of both worlds. 

Attractive, ergonomic, pratical, lightweight, insulated... if we hadn't been building it since 2003, it would have to be invented!

- Aluminium Hull
Allures hulls have always been aluminium, a material of unparalleled resistance for safe sailing. The Berret- Racoupeau Yacht Design combines elegant lines and performance. Finally, the unique know-how of the Groupe Grand Large Yachting offers world-class workmanship and unmatched finishing quality. The minimalist draught and the possibility of beaching enable you to access the most inaccessible anchorages, often the safest. 

- Equipment
Spaciousness, ideal accessibility, high capacity tanks and host of details to make your daily life at sea a breeze. An Allures yacht takes you far, for a long time, in total autonomy... and back home! 

Two versions for the same passion
Allures Yachting doubles its offering and widens the range of possibilities for its best-selling yacht. Performance and low draught have always been in the DNA of each model created by Allures.

The new lifting keel version available today along with the legendary centreboard version offers an additional variation on the same theme. As safety is paramount for our customers, the stability of both versions is rigorously identical. With identical sail surface and mast height, the lifting keel version features a 2280 kg lighter ballast, when centreboard allows it to beach in total autonomy.

Constantly aiming for excellence...
With its centred winches on the cokpit, positioned at ideal height, the ergonomic cockpit allows easier and safer manoeuvring, perfect for sailing with a small crew. The entirely composite deck ensures better weight distribution, thereby optimising performance and seafaring experience.

Key elemens of blue water yachts, favoured by our seafaring customers are the standard spacious forward sail locker forming the crash box and technical room at the back. Accessible from the interior and from the deck through a watertight hatch, the technical room comes equipped with a standard number of storage cupboards.

Constantly aiming for perfection, the smallest details receive just a much attention:
- Large capacity water  and fuel tanks,
-  Aluminium sea-cocks below and above the waterline
- Technical locker between the two cabins suitable to accomodate a power generator + a washing machine,
- Ample storage space in the skirt - 13 kg gas bottle compartment and fender compartment,
- Aft compartment for outbord motor,
- Large access hatch to sail locker.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)


The Allures 52 is a prestige yacht for true long-distance cruising.

It is also an innovative project, the fruits of a collaboration between boat builders, designers and yachtsmen. Everyone, whether they are professionals, experts or just passionate sailors dream of a unique and accomplished yacht. They wanted a yacht which reflected the spirit of the times and fulfilled the aspirations of the modern yachtsman. Only a safe and comfortable yacht, quick and elegant, could get them dreaming.

The yachtsmen, whether famous or not as well-known, who contributed to the development of the Allures 52 prepared an uncompromising set of specifications:

The pleasure of sailing without limits in complete safety aboard a yacht which is simple, lively, fast and elegant,
The pleasure of a boat truly designed for living on board.
We took up this challenge by drawing on the convincing experience acquired over the last ten years. The innovative ideas developed by our shipyard enabled us to take it on successfully. It was through discoveries and technical developments that the objectives set for the 52 were finally exceeded.

The entire team at Allures Yachting is proud to reveal our flagship yacht, designed to sail the world's oceans with an exceptional level of safety, comfort and elegance.

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About us

Company details

the passion of ocean-going boat building

We were looking for an ocean-going yacht which would answer a sailor's legitimate requirements within the limits of a reasonable budget, which is:
- safe in the toughest of conditions,
- high-performance and enjoyable at the wheel,
- adaptable to all moorings,
- comfortable and user-friendly,
- elegant (interior as well as exterior).

Within our budget we soon realized there was hardly any choice available. Day after day we met sailors who had come to the same conclusions: our requirements and our dreams were the same, but there was no yacht yet to fulfill them. So we founded Allures Yachting.

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