Pantai Pinsilim Kampung Yenwaupnor, Kec Meos Mansar Kab. Raja Ampat, 98484 Papua Barat
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Product category: Beach Hotels


Our Water bungalows blend traditional Papuan style with the comfort of modern design features. They are built by using local, natural materials collected from the surrounding villages. All bungalows are equipped with en-suite toilet and shower, hot water, ceiling fan, mosquito net, working desk and a comfortable seating area. The spacious veranda with direct access to the sea, allows our guests to enjoy the sun and sea in their own privacy. Other features are: 220 V electricity with European type plugs, in room tea and coffee facilities, drinking water, environmentally friendly and natural soap.

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Trips, Diving Centers, Watersport Hotels, Beach Hotels, Waterfront Properties


Raja Ampat diving casts a spell on all who descend into its abundant waters – scientists, photographers, novice and lifetime divers alike.

Lying in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Raja Ampat holds the prestigious title as the most marine bio-diverse place on earth – quite a title; but also fact. At its most recent count in 2011 the region of Raja Ampat was recognized to contain 1427 reef fishes, over 600 coral species (75% of the world’s coral species can be found here), not to mention the pelagic life that is abundant in the area.

Raja Ampat diving is breathtakingly spectacular, and truly unforgettable. Hard and soft corals compete for space on reefs that are bursting with life and colour. Swarms of small fish such as damsels, fusiliers and anthias mill about on the reef flats, while not too far away the large schools of tuna, trevally and mackerel congregate. Batfish, surgeonfish and barracuda aggregate around jettys and reef points, while angel and butterflyfish decorate both the reef flats and jagged coral towers that are home to abundant marine life. Large fish species include napoleon wrasse, bumpheads and giant sweetlips, and being in shark sanctuary not a day goes by where divers don’t spot one of the many species of reef shark in the area. And of course, there are the manta rays: reef mantas at nearby cleaning stations, the majestic oceanic manta in open water, and during the right season any given dive site may yield magnificent mantas gliding by.There are really no words to describe diving in Raja Ampat, it must be experienced and is truly unforgettable, and diving over 50 sites in the area we ensure all our guest visit all of the abundant highlights this region has to offer.

Located within 30 minutes of most of our dive sites, Raja Ampat’s spectacular underwater world is easily accessible by boat.

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Papua Explorers ist ein Tauchresort im Herzen von Raja Ampat, welches sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, nachhaltige Mensch-Natur-Erlebnisse zu schaffen und gleichzeitig eine der letzten verbliebenen tropischen Riff-Hochburgen und das Epizentrum der marinen Artenvielfalt zu erhalten. Unsere Philosophie beruht auf außergewöhnlichem Kundenservice und Engagement für Meeresschutz- und Sozialprojekte, um die Lebensgrundlagen der örtlichen Gemeinschaften zu verbessern. Die Nähe von Papua Explorers zu den schönsten Tauchplätzen und Lebensräumen einheimischer Vogelarten ermöglicht es unseren Gästen, das Beste zu erleben, was Raja Ampats Riffe und Regenwälder zu bieten haben.

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