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The abbreviation DIWA stands for the „Diving Instructor World Association“, founded in 1972.
DIWA - Diving Instructor World AssociationDIWA DIWA is a union of qualified diving instructors who are aware of their responsibilities and have committed themselves to developing internationally standardized and generally accepted training guidelines for professional diving that are up to date and meant to be passed on to diving instructors and their students.

A diving certificate accredited by a DIWA instructor is acknowledged on all five continents and is guarantor for safe and environment-friendly diving.

Along with the common certification levels (bronze, silver, gold, diving assistant), DIWA offers a number of special training courses for professional divers and diving instructors: Underwater photography, archaeology, cave diving, altitude diving, environment protection, and seminars for compressors and diving techniques.

Our information notices provide interested divers and diving instructors with interesting news about the sport.

Through this website we would like to reach out to you and convince you of joining DIWA, the world’s first association for diving instructors. The following reasons give you an idea of how beneficial a DIWA membership and/or a career as a DIWA diving instructor can be:

  • DIWA the “Diving Instructor World Association”, has existed for more than forty years.
  • DIWA was the first organization to offer professional sports training in mixed gas diving. The very first oxygen rebreather courses for diving instructors were held in close collaboration with trained combat swimmers and mine divers of the German navy.
  • DIWAis as critical as its members are. The association has its own way of reflecting about its members and their training. DIWA acts independently, but takes stand when it comes to the interests of its members.
  • DIWA has its very own understanding of ideal training and support, but approaches different and even controversial opinions with respect.
  • DIWAshows consideration for the training habits of diving instructors with methodical training background, but carefully assures the compliance with DIWA safety requirements.
  • DIWA does not only report about its training methods, but is also engaged in assuring their realization at any time and everywhere in the world. DIWA is well informed and regularly informs its members, it is an international association that does not compete with national organizations. It complements professional diving across borders.
  • DIWA is the first organization with ONLINE MEMBER SERVICE.
  • DIWA is politically neutral, but becomes politically active when it comes to protecting the interests of its members.
  • DIWA is innovative and creative in terms of constructive training methods.
  • DIWA Always At Your Side!
There is more! Find out for yourself as a community member or at the next diving instructor course.

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