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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.11  Power Take Off/Clutches
  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
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  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.13  Shaft Systems

Our products

Product category: Power Take Off/Clutches, Propellers, Shaft Systems

SPW Flexible Couplings

SPW Coupling – the optimum connection from the gear to the propeller shaft for a power transmission showing low vibrations within the power train. By using modern joint discs which are applied in manifold manners within the industry the SPW couplings fulfil a lot of requirements.

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Product category: Power Take Off/Clutches, Propellers, Shaft Systems

Boat shafts

The standard material for SPW boat shafts is Niro steel, grade 1.4571. This material provides good corrosion resistance together with high strength!

On request and for aluminium crafts, we use grade 1.4462 material. This duplex material has even higher corrosion resistance, tensile strength and surface hardness. We provide high-strength shaft material especially for high outputs on request. The high-quality duplex material greatly reduces shaft torsion and thanks to the stronger properties of the material, a smaller shaft diameter can frequently be used.
Other materials are also available, if required. In case of deviations from standard dimensions (e.g. special taper, thread or lengths etc.), we can be of assistance and would be delighted to advise you.

  • Every propeller shaft is perfectly aligned when it leaves our workshop!
  • We make our shafts for you in accordance with the international ISO standard 4566!

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Product category: Power Take Off/Clutches, Propellers, Shaft Systems

New, highly effective propeller anti-fouling VELOX PLUS

VELOX Plus is a special anti-fouling product for bronze propellers and other submerged parts such as the shaft, shaft strut and the end piece of the stern tube, as well as Z-drives and steering gear. Along with very effective action against fouling it also provides good protection against electrolysis. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply a barrier layer of the accompanying metal primer before painting on the anti-fouling product. Once this is done the propeller is excellently protected against fouling and electrolysis.

To obtain a particularly effective result, we recommend spraying on the paint.

VELOX PLUS from SPW comes in white or black. It is available in 0.25l or 0.50l cans. The metal primer is available in the same sizes.

We at SPW are impressed with the VELOX Plus anti-fouling product's outstanding performance in our own yachts in the North Sea. And we have heard the same from customers in the Mediterranean. We would welcome feedback on how it has fared in the Baltic Sea.

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About us

Company details

SPW was founded in 1988 by Mr Horst Hübner and currently employs a staff of 23. In January 2004 the reins were handed over to the next generation, Mr Jörg Adamczyk and Ms Claudia Adamczyk, who have both already enjoyed many years of success with the company.

The core business of our company is the development, design and construction of boat propellers. Besides our own developments, VARIPROP and VARIFOLD, we also manufacture propellers under licence. We also sell fixed-pitch propellers, both from our own production facilities and as trade goods.
In addition to propellers, our range includes shaft seals as trade goods, boat shafts within the marine equipment sector, and we also manufacture high-quality turned and milled parts for other industries. For this, as for propellers, we use our own design worksheets that are drawn up to customer specification.    
We have also been steadily cultivating our foreign relations in recent years; we now have dealers in South and Central America, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

And SPW has every intention of continuing to grow in the future...

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