OmniSub - Scuola Sub Barbarossa di Schempp Markus

Loc. Barbarossa 23, 57036 Porto Azzurro
Telephone +39 0335 5735537

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers

Our diving center

The daily routine is usually two dives per day. 
Our diving grounds are reachable within 20-45 minutes. Once per week a night dive is organized and on request we are happy to organize a day trip, where diving grounds will be approached that are further out.

At our dives we always consider the level of training of our clients. Inexperienced divers, who have less then 25 dives, will be accompanied by a professionally trained dive instructor in smaller groups of maximum 4 people.

At presentation of a verified qualification and on presentation of the logbook, it is of course possible to do the dive together with an equally qualified buddy.

Whoever takes his first kick with the flippers with us will be trained by our instructors to be a competent and responsible recreational diver.

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers

Diving gear

With our two ships that are particularly designed for offshore diving and enough supply of full diving equipment, we are able to guarantee a smooth and fun diving experience even during peak season.

Our bigger ship, the MATTEO SANDRO, has been in use since 2003. The former fishing boat measures 13.5 meters in length over all and has an inviting sundeck to warm up after the dives to warm up.

With the MATTEO SANDRO we also approach some of the more distant diving spots. The ship is equipped with all the locating equipment such as GPS, radar and fathometer. The ship is also equipped with a toilet.

Our second boat, the 10 meter long SISTO offers space up to 12 divers. The former rescue boat can be exclusively chartered for groups together with a skipper.

Both ships have their own compressors, where you can fill up your diving tank immediately after your dive. 
The diving gear can also remain on board of the ships throughout your whole holiday, so that your dive doesn’t have to start and end with the carrying of the equipment.

On both ships there is of course a first aid kit, medical oxygen and a radio as well as mobile phones, so in case of an emergency we can act quickly.

We offer around 40 compressed scuba tanks with 10, 12 and 15 liters capacity respectively, so that there is a tank available for every air consumption need. Our scuba equipment is provided by Mares and is a maximum 2 years old.

At OmniSub, diving suits and buoyancy compensators in many different sizes are available and ready for rental. Of course, sufficient regulators, diving computers and lamps are also available.

All of our gear is of course frequently and professionally serviced.

At our diving base, that lies directly at the Barbarossa Beach and that is only a few meters away from our private jetty, we can provide the full gear for up to 30 divers.

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Product category: Diving Schools, Diving Centers


We train in accordance with the international guidelines of CMAS and PADI (Norm ISO 24801). In small groups of no more than four students the basics of scuba diving are taught. On “free” afternoons or evenings without dives the necessary theoretical knowledge from the relevant areas such as diving equipment and -medical is taught and explained by illustrative examples.

In five dives and “pool lessons” practical exercises and theoretical base knowledge are combined in the training sessions. Dive language, right tare and attentive behavior in emergencies are just a few examples that are included in our training steps. We are dedicated to make our students responsible recreational divers who demonstrate responsibility by observing all diving directives such as the 40 meter depth limit and the harpoon prohibition.

The training ends after the five practice dives with a theoretical examination. After passing their exam, the students will receive their diving logbook and the internationally recognized Brevet Open Water Diver certification.


Basically, the diving sport is open to everyone, but as with any sport, certain conditions must be met.

Good health is a necessity to start a dive training. 
For this reason we need a medical certificate from each interested diver, which should not be older than two years for under 40’s and not older than one year for over 40’s.

For those who want to join on short notice, we offer the possibility to certify the fitness to dive at a German doctor on site of the diving center.

Additionally, a certain familiarity with and connection to water is certainly helpful. Experience in snorkeling is the best basis – but this of course is not mandatory.

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About us

Company details

Mirjana, Markus and the OmniSub-Team welcome you to the homepage of OmniSub, the dive center Elba at Barbarossa bay/ Porto Azzuro.

With OmniSub you can experience the Mediterranean underwater world up close. The rocky coast of Elba, where you can find our diving grounds, is also continuing under water.

Reefs and sharp drops, which reach down to the biggest depths of the island, build up the scenery of a glorious underwater flora and -fauna.

Yellow and red forests of sea fans glow magically in the light of the underwater lamps. With mostly optimal water conditions and a visibility range from 30 to 40 meters, meetings with spiny lobsters, morays, myriads of damsel fish, squids as well as conger eels are part of the daily agenda.

A look into the blue water is often rewarded with a glance of a shoal of barracudas or the bizarre ocean sunfish.

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