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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.22  Control Systems
  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.23  Helm/steering Gear

Helm/steering Gear

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.24  Steering Wheels
  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts/Control
  • 02.02.25  Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Systems

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.19  TV-/Audio Systems
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.26  Compasses/Sextants
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.06  Diving Accessories

Our products

Product category: Control Systems, Compasses/Sextants, Diving Accessories

Compasses Serie White Star 6''

- Apparent diameter: 6" (-150 mm)
- Internal gimbal
- Built-in compensation
- Standard 24 V lighting (12 V on request)
- Anti-glare screen
- Repairability
- R.I.NA. certification on request
- Black card 5°, 2° or 1° graduation

1. Under ministerial decree (Decree for safety equipment for boats out six miles) Riviera has been approved by Ministry of Transport and Navigation for compasses White Star 6" with DAP 586/2000 .

2. MED Certification. In according to the directive 96/98 CE and followingchanges, regarding lifeboats and rescue boats

3. RINA type approval certificate for merchant ships and fishing vessels of less than 150 GT

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Product category: Steering Wheels

Compasses Serie White Star 6''

Selection of the appropriate mechanical steering system is an important factor for the safety and functionality of your boat. The combination of engine power, hull type and boat speed influence the correct selection of the steering system.
The load on the steering system increases with the boat speed and engine power; the torque generated by the propeller rotation in high power outboard applications can make it hard to steer.
Big boats with displacement hulls and inboard or non power assisted stern drive engines, can generate high rudder loads: in these cases a mechanical steering system will be inadequate and we suggest the use of an Riviera Srl Genova mechanical steering system.
We always recommend consulting qualified personnel when selecting, installing and maintaining a steering system for your boat.

Riviera mechanical steering helms SG03 in Delrin material and SG04 in metal as well use a Planetary Gear Design. A Planetary Gear Design has three satellite gears that rotate on their axis and at the same time rotate around the central helm axis.
This allows for equal distribution of engine torque over three points of the central gear, dividing and balancing the system loads. The benefits of this special design are increased system longevity, increased efficiency and less engine feedback compared to single pinion gear helms.

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Product category: TV-/Audio Systems

Waterproof speakers series 165

The acoustic diffusor of the line -TIDE- combines quality, sound and high power, which are fundamental to a good listening on ships. The two-way-diffusor completes the listening to the sound band with excellent performances as for the answer to the frequency range 50-20000 Hz proves to be extremely linear.

TIDE (APS01) Waterproof speakers
Diameter: 165
Magneto: Standard

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About us

Company details

Riviera srl Genova has been designing and manufacturing quality magnetic compasses and nautical instruments in Italy since 1976 and exporting worldwide. Riviera srl Genova, with its constant developments, has achieved reliable and Technically up-to-date products, always following the maritime tradition of simplicity and practical use. These kinds of efforts have made Riviera products suitable for both leisure and commercial use whether you venture offshore or stay near the coast.
Riviera has obtained European Certifications and Approvals both of products and quality systems, so the results of the constant work of the Riviera team are always quality and reliable products.

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