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Our products

Product category: Services (Diving)

DivePhone the new direction in dive computing

DivePhone is a patented, groundbreaking alternative to dive computers. It consists of a rugged housing for your mobile device (smartphone, palmtop computer, Personal Digital Assistant-PDA), an external module collecting the ambient dive-related data and our exclusive Depth Monitor application installed on your mobile device.

The external module wirelessly sends dive data to your smartphone, and Depth Monitor application uses the data to make your smartphone function as the world’s first programmable dive computer with an operating system and all the advantages.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


NarmorX is the next generation scuba gear, designed with high-quality aesthetics and equipped with high end underwater technologies for comfort, safety and ergo dynamics.

It is the futuristic scuba equipment that is streamlined, compact, accessible, habitual and safe.

NarmorX is equipped with double scuba tanks, double 2nd stage regulators and double manometers that provide safety and redundancy, as well as double BC inflators, one of which is a pneumatic inflator where you can inflate and deflate in any position.

NarmorX’s optimal configuration uses composite scuba cylinders rated to 300 bar / 4500 psi, giving the diver approximately 40% more gas to breathe and a lightweight yet protected casing.

NarmorX sets the standard for future sports diving equipment.

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Product category: Services (Diving)

nerites-FX1 (Next Level of Dive Safety)

The largest percentage of fatal accidents is caused by drowning.
nerites-FX1 is designed to provide high pitch alarms when the diver stops breathing.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


• The new easy and compact equipment with complete outfit ready for dive
• Pressure gauge
• Regulator with first and second stage
• Aluminum tanks with 3-5 lt/200 Bar (20-35 cuft) capacity for A series
• Light weight composite tank option with 4,7lt/300 bar (50 cuft) capacity for C series
• Integrated BCD
• Weight 5 kg (11 lb) without tank, 9 kg (20 lb) with 3 lt (20 cu ft) aluminum tank
• Dimensions 55x40x14 cm (21.6X15.75X5.51 inch)

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Product category: Services (Diving)


Innovasub dedication to innovation will pleasantly surprise technical divers this time. Innovasub embraces the mission to design 'with divers for divers' instead of just designing for divers.

Divephone, designed by Innovasub for recreational divers, has been introduced 4 years ago. Now, a brand new product is forthcoming . The know-how accumulated through the Divephone experience and feedback from divers are now channeled into this innovation.

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About us

Company details

Our mission in Innovasub is to develop, trade and distribute innovative underwater technologies that can serve the needs of commercial, recreational and sportive divers and dive organizations. Apart from distributing worldwide trusted products of partner brands; we produce a variety of products from software to hardware in order to match, guide and contribute to the formation of the needs of today’s divers.

By collaborating with the research centers, universities, governmental organizations and fellow actors in the industry, we try to create solutions to divers problems as creatively and innovatively as we can.

Enthusiasm is a keyword in Innovasub. Most of us, from engineers to accountants and even the shareholdes are divers. This gives us a better perspective of the divers’ problems. The years of research that have been led/conducted in Innovasub labs, its teamwork and its passion are dedicated to solve these problems and match the modern diver’s needs. Our solutions are produced by divers, for divers.

Our Partners Innovasub has a large range of partners from different fields of expertise. We believe in any kind of industry a company is much stronger with its allies, and could achieve much more with the right partners on the right business. Among our partners there are governmental organizations, research centers, universities, manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

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