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Known for "reliability and durability" of its products, Ireland based Anchor Dive Lights is now in its seventh year and the first time exhibiting at Boot. With our latest product additions, we now have a dive light for every diver’s needs and budget. The exceptional multilingual customer service will make sure, you are in the best hands and well taken care off.
Our new standalone video light, the VIDEO 5K outputs an impressive 5000 lumens and the newest addition to our modular SERIES Lights are the SERIES 5K video and photo lights that can auto shut off on detection of a strobe. The SERIES 5K is our “Multitalent”.
All our SERIES Lights can also be used with our umbilical canister systems, without the need to buy a complete new light system every time. We know that your diving light needs change with every dive, we are here to help you. All our dive lights have a 2 year warranty and also our durable batteries having a one year warranty.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.03  Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

Our products

Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

Our Unique High Quality Series 3K Handheld

Modular 20 degree light head outputting 3,000 lumens with an intensity of 4,315 lux.

One of our most recent products and is becoming very popular.

The 3 x LED optics on this light head are unique. They give just one hotspot with its special reflector producing an even 20º beam and producing an impressive 4,315 lux.

Originally designed as a primary umbilical system, this torch can be configured as a standalone handheld. This gives divers the option to upgrade to an umbilical and canister as their requirements change.

This light is for the diver who wants the same intensity as our popular 10 degree light head but with a greater beam angle of 20 degrees.

It has a Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery and it gives out a super bright 3000 lumens. We believe it to be the brightest dive light in its class.

The 75 minute duration at full power is more than adequate and it is waterproof to 100m.  We have inwater tested this particular model to over 100m.

Our 2 year warranty is another comforting reason that this torch won't let you down when you need it most. A second battery can be purchased if needed for €40.

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

Series Video 5K (PHOTO)

This wide angle Video-Red-UV 5,000 lumen light head has the ability to auto-turn off for 2 seconds on detection of a strobe. Other unique settings help to create stunning fish and coral photographs and video footage.

Rechargeable wide beam angle with a super bright LED of 2,400 (UV) lumen's. The dive industry classify this light as a 5,000 lumen light as each led emmits over 1,000 lumens.

It's an ideal light for photography, videography and as a primary torch for night diving due to its 120 degree light beam.

It's most popular use is with a camera system where the RED can Auto turn off when a strobe is fired making it an excellent spotting light as the fish are attracted to the red.

Please see the specification tab for full datails.

Compes with either a Ball or YS adapter. The ball adapter is our most common option as it offers full flexibility but the YS adapter can save you money as it avoids the need for an extra ball clamp.



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UPDATE - June 2016
The USB charger upgrade additional features are as follows:
The charger now shows battery state as 4 different progress bars so you get an idea when its near full.
The charger can be powered via the provided USB cable or with the 3 pin plug which is also included. For non UK countries the USB charger is recommended.

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About us

Company details

Anchor Dive Lights is a premium dive light brand dedicated to high quality underwater dive lights, high powered surface LED lights and scuba dive accessories.

The brand "Anchor" was conceived based on three principles:

  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

We offer an excellent 2 year warranty on all products with 1 year for batteries.

Product Testing

All products are extensively tested in the field for over 1 year before being released for sale. They have been tested in some of the worlds most extreme conditions from frozen lakes to 100m wreck dives.

Patented Design

Our umbilical battery pack's dual patented design comes with an impressive 5 hour burn time at full power and 20 hours at 1/4 power.

Modular Design

Our unique modular design allows you to purchase the 70 degree backup and photo light and then progress to the canister at a later stage and benefit from a double umbilical light (a 10 degree and 70 degree).

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