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Inflatable Boats

  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
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Sports Boats/Runabouts

  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
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  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
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Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

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Racing Boats/Off-Shore-Boats

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Repair Services/Refitting

  • 04  Services
  • 04.03  Technical Services
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Ship Depots/Winter Storage/Cranes/Slips/Winterisation/Commissioning

Our products

Product category: Daycruisers/Weekenders


The new 800 is precisely as its predecessor a unique top class performance, lightweight and fuel-efficient boat that fits a modern boating lifestyle. It is also the proof of Agapi’s core values to relentlessly continue to improve the boating experience. Agapi boats combine the RIB concept (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with a comfortable cabin, trailer-ability, intelligent Swedish design and high-tech materials, offering a unique range of user benefits that no other boat can match. And like every other previous and upcoming boat in the Agapi family, the 800 is also very kind to the wallet when it comes to maintenance costs.

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Product category: Sports Boats/Runabouts


Until now, choosing a RIB was always a compromise: Either you chose an extremely sporty hull which, however, offered no luxury, comfort or plenty of practical storage space, or you chose comfort with sun decks, toilets, refrigerators other gadgets on board and you lost the performance and sportiness. With Technohull all this has changed. They have not only a range of unbelievable looks in design and ergonomics, but are also the most efficient underwater ship on the market with unbeatable performance. All Technohulls are characterised by their quilted hull, sleek lines, exclusive designs, exceptional gel coat combinations and revolutionary tubes.

Their range includes the SeaDrug 688, the SeaCode 777, the AquaVITE 888 and the SeaDNA 999. All these Technohulls are characterised by their quilted hull, sleek lines, exclusive designs, exceptional gel coat combinations and revolutionary tubes. The extremely seaworthy Technohull SeaDNA 999 also achieves speeds of >70KN with outboards which is a first for its length.

Their extensive list of options and the ability to build in your choice of colours ensure that you can put together an exclusive Technohull which is completely decorated to your taste.

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Product category: Racing Boats/Off-Shore-Boats


Thanks to prolonged high quality, exceptional unbeatable sailing behaviour, both in coastal waters and high seas, Osprey RIB's enjoy an undisputed good reputation. The deep V-shaped hull, typical for an Osprey, is made from professional high quality raw materials (such as the Hypalon tubes, double-layered hand-laid fiberglass hull, etc.) to ensure the stability and quality under any circumstances whatsoever and thus fulfilling all the expectations of an efficient seaworthy RIB.

Each boat is made entirely to customer requirements. Thus the tubes, the deck, the console, the frame, engine and fuel tank - even the steering mechanism - and many other boat accessories and electronics are installed to measure. Osprey is delighted when they may assist the client with the creation, the design and finding the best solution depending on the intended use of the RIB. This ensures that an Osprey can be deployed both for professional, leisure and racing uses.

Their Osprey 5.15 is often used as a rescue boat for beach clubs or lifeboat in the fire brigade. For who wants to sail comfortably through the waves in all weathers there are the Osprey Sparrowhawk, Eagle and Seaharrier Max. These are extremely outstanding high performance models, even in heavy seas due to the presence of a fiberglass bow, deep V-shaped hull and last but not least, have a very sporty attractive design.

The Viper and Vipermax are known for their exceptional capacity and extremely fast and comfortable sailing behavior and are available between 5.5m and 7.5m. This is a desired model for divers, racing and recreational users. For those who are looking for a pure racing boat that has won multiple races in all weather conditions in its category, there is the Osprey Lynx.

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Brugge Marine Center NV
Pathoekeweg 126
8000 Brugge (België)

BTW BE 0474 913 186

Tel.   +32 (0)50/31.35.87
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Zondag Gesloten

On May 1st 1987 the Deraedt family, were able to take over the Brugge Marine Centre. The years that followed were not only dedicated to reorganisation but also to the development of a robust marketing plan and the search for new market segments. For several years now, Brugge Marine Centre is also one of the most flexible fastest growing companies of its kind.

Over the years Brugge Marine Centre was able to build an indisputable reputation for delivering reliable service and repairs. The current market offering of the company is undoubtedly a perfect base for further business expansion, it being: delivering the "tailor-made" exclusive products, higher quality standard products for recreational boating as well as for low-intensive professional use. Which for years their reliability and performance were able to prove.

Since November 1996 the company has been housed in the old Racing Department&Boathouse of OMC-Europe located next to the sea canal in Bruges. A total surface area of approximately 4000m² is available to you. The boat house has two floors and is fitted with a special crane in order to hoist boats directly out of the canal and to transport them in the workshop for further repairs, maintenance, servicing and/or winter storage.

For those who enter our company on the water, there are a number of covered pontoons available. This easily allows for minor repairs even in the pouring rain. Next to the pontoons and the main building there is also a boat ramp. This offers the customer the flexibility to participate in test sailings at the same time. Our buildings are located on a 6 mile canal waterway (and a sea lock) from the North Sea. For those who wish to sail further inland this is possible after sailing passage a of just one lock.

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