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Product categories

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.01  Anchors/Chain-Cables/Anchor Accessories

Anchors/Chain-Cables/Anchor Accessories

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.03  Bow Reels

Bow Reels

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.06  Mooring Accessories

Mooring Accessories

Our products

Product category: Anchors/Chain-Cables/Anchor Accessories

ULTRA Anchor

More than 12 000 satisfied customers.

Ultramarine´s outstanding design demonstrates, why a correct weight distribution is so important when setting and recovering anchor. In fact, invert any ULTRAnchor and it will instantly recover itself to the attack position. We focused on practical use, and behaviour during anchor´s operation, followed by performance which has been achieved with the innovative patented features, as every UM anchor displays.

Including a curved lead filled tip for instant penetration, a hollow shank for weight distribution optimum and surface concaved base for maximum holding power, and finally large side wing plates to avoid release during changing wind or tide conditions. Furthermore, each anchor is easily recoverable with the flat pivot surface on the underside base.The ULTRAnchor is suitable for all vessel types and locates securely onto the bow roller. Standard anchor sizes range from 5kg to 200kg with larger anchors available upon request.

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Product category: Anchors/Chain-Cables/Anchor Accessories

ULTRA Flip swivel & hook

The most advanced anchor swivel.

Well known swivel, a small part in complete anchoring system, but big factor in success of the whole anchor roll up process. Our unique design assures your boat´s no damage, safe anchor´s operation and easy recovering on the bow roller. No matter the brand or type of anchor you use, you may absolutely trust our Ultra Flip Swivel design, delivering you smooth operation instantly with expected results.

As every Ultra Marine´s Product – it was designed with passion, experience and utmost care to every detail, with highest demands on materials used. No matter our products, you will find now or later, the Ultra Flip Swivel is a great start and relatively small investment - with such effect on something you have had spent much more.

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Product category: Anchors/Chain-Cables/Anchor Accessories

ULTRA Anchor ring

Brings two unique functions in one.

Designed to replace a chain or rope weight (Kellet). In case of anchoring with limited scope (busy anchorage or limited anchorage area), the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring increases safety by adding weight to the anchoring system. By adding extra weight on the chain, the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring reduces the vessel swing area and works as a shock absorber, improving comfort at anchor by reducing boat movement.

The Ultra Marine Anchor Ring will is also an important recovery tool. This is especially relevant in conditions where entering the water is not possible or preferable (such as cold water, rough sea conditions, or with dangerous wildlife around). In circumstances where you are unlucky and get caught on the bottom, using the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring will assist in your recovery prospects.

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About us

Company details

We are on the same wave as you!

The sea and boats is our life and our passion. We love them it just like you do and that is why we understand you; we know what your dreams are and what you desire because we see the world through the same eyes. That is why we are able to give you the best – to experience adventures and to make your dreams come true aboard a boat with the utmost comfort, satisfaction and safety.

I was born as a landsman, but some of my ancestors had once sailed the world’s seas, some of them even standing on captains’ bridges. Maybe destiny was decided here, which led me to the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of the 90s and awakened a desire to sail freely, to explore the sea and to allow the passion that was hidden until then to erupt.

And that has lasted for over twenty years. Over that time, I have tried almost all the roles that are related to this passion – I was and still am a yacht owner, customer as well as a salesman, but most of all, I am a fan of all boats and boating. My passions has also brought great business successes: I have sold more than 700 boats and earned my name on the market. This period gave way to new activities, one of which is the production of 3D scale boat models, which are appreciated by boat-owners who cannot stand to be without their boat at home or at the office, as well as boat builders and distributors, who, thanks to these realistic models, can illustratively present their products.

When the marine industry went through a crisis a few years ago, I decided to expand my activities and established a branch in the Seychelles, which is a true and for many a still undiscovered yachting paradise for all fans of boats, as well as an area where the season never ends. During one of my trips to the Dubai International Boat Show, I encountered the unique products from the Boyut Makina company, a family business from Istanbul that develops and produces revolutionary anchors, flip swivels and other anchoring accessories. These products absolutely fascinated me. When I found out from my own experience how great they are, I decided that I wanted to introduce them to other boat-owners; therefore, I became the distributor for Europe.

Now, under the Ultra Marine brand, a new company called Ultra Marine Europe offers unique products manufactured on the basis of original patents that have brought a true revolution to anchoring as the retaining force has shifted the safety of anchoring to an entirely different level. They also help to protect the unique sea ecosystems, a factor that is appreciated by experts on the protection of the underwater world, for example, the famous diver, traveller and filmmaker Steve Lichtag.

If you also rank among the supporters of boat safety and you are looking for innovative ideas, you love the sea and boats and you are interested in the latest trends, then the following pages are meant for you.

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