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Product category: Other Training, Diving Schools, Diving Trips, Diving Centers


Cabilao is a chill out place off the typical tourist destinations of the Philippines, with amazing dive sites around Cabilao island. 

The perfect place to slow things down combined with world class diving. Pygmy seahorses, critters as well as hard and soft corals of various species have made that island a must-see, especially for scuba divers. At present, there are two marine protected areas (no-take zones) around the island.

The only motorized transport you can find are a few tricycles and a couple of motorcycles, who also serve as so-called ‘habal-habal’, they will bring you around for a small fee. However, most of the distances on Cabilao island are quite short, you can easily walk them. The lack of roads also means that everything on the island has to be brought in by banka (local outrigger boat): building materials, wood, food (except fish caught locally), and, during periods of drought, fresh water for drinking and bathing.

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Product category: Other Training, Diving Schools, Diving Trips, Diving Centers

Alona Beach

The famous Alona Beach, on the south-west tip of Panglao Island, is a one and a half kilometer long stretch of coral white sandy beach where resorts and dive centers, restaurants and souvenir shops alternate. It is the most developing beach in Bohol and now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

Panglao Island is directly connected with the main island Bohol with its famous majestic Chocolate Hills and the cute bug-eyed tarsiers. But to round up the picture of Bohol we have to add the jungle interior, an adventure sport paradise, rice terraces and the different beaches.

This combination of Panglao Island with its fantastic diving and Bohols land attractions makes the area to a great location for your vacation.

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Product category: Other Training, Diving Schools, Diving Trips, Diving Centers


Beside white palm-lined beaches, one of the main factors in the popularity of the island is its dive site Monad Shoal. The regular sightings of thresher sharks, a unique species of sharks known for its long dorsal tail and docility made this spot to a unique dive site in the whole world. For divers the thresher sharks encounters are a rare and once-in-a lifetime experience.

Malapascua Island
Malapascua Island by the locals called Logon is situated in the northern tip of Cebu Island. It forms part of the municipality of Daanbantayan about 128 kilometers from Cebu City.

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Scuba diving is our passion since 1989. Our team consists of experienced and ambitious divers, hosts and travel specialists. Be convinced of our professional services and dive with a smile!

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