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Our products

Product category: Water-Ski Boats

25 LSV

The massive Wakesetter 25 LSV
Built to deliver the ultimate wakes and waves.

Bigger and Bolder
Seating for 19 means room for family and friends. Greater ballast capability means even bigger wakes and waves. When you’re ready for our full array of Malibu premium features and watersports innovations, you’re ready for the 25 LSV.

Room for the whole crew
The 25 LSV takes everything that’s great about the 23 LSV and makes it even bigger and bolder.

The heart of the Malibu line. It’s also the best-selling towboat ever.

23 LSV hits the sweet spot
With Malibu’s unequaled Integrated Surf Platform and a choice between our Diamond or Wake Plus hulls, It's no wonder why this is the best-selling wakeboard boat ever.

The fiercest competitor
Where size, versatility, performance, and luxury all join forces to create the total package.

Life without limits
Nobody knows watersports better than the people who live it. They know exactly what they want on the water, and Malibu delivers it all — unequalled innovation, quality and performance.

Integrated surf platform

The truth is on the water
Get your family or friends out on the water to see why the Malibu 23 and 25 LSV set the bar for on-water innovation, quality, and performance.

Length              23’  / 7.01 m
Beam                102” / 2.59 m
Draft                 27” / 0.69 m
Seating             15 persons
Weight cap       2,115 lbs / 959 kg
Dry weight        4,500 lbs / 2,041 kg
Fuel cap           67 gal / 254 L
Std torque        410
Max torque      575
Std ballast        930 lbs / 422 kg
Max ballast      3,800 lbs / 1,724 kg
Hull type           Wake Plus or Diamond

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Product category: Water-Ski Boats


Rule the water
Developed in utmost secrecy, Malibu’s M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, giving you the edge on the water anywhere, every time.

Without equal
Everything you see and touch in the M235 exemplifies Malibu’s highest quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Most advanced and luxurious helm in the industry
User-friendly 12” and 7” touch screens give you comprehensive data in an easy-to-navigate Command Center. Together with our Sport Dash rotary dial and steering wheel controls, the screens put full control at your fingertips.

Designed like no other
Compare the M235’s hull to other boats to see the size difference between these two watersports machines.

Power, innovation, & performance
We made the M235 the ultimate family boat for all ages and skill levels.

Malibu´s  integrated surf platform at its pinnacle
Using the M235’s cutting-edge ISP technology, you can create what are unquestionably the biggest wakes and surf waves on the water.

The truth is on the water
Get your family or friends out on the water to see why the Malibu M235 sets the bar for on–water innovation, quality, and performance.

Length               23.5’ / 7.14 m
Beam                 102” / 2.6 m
Draft                  32” / 0.81 m
Seating              17 persons
Weight cap        2,397 lbs / 1,087 k
Dry weight         6,200 lbs / 2,812 k
Fuel cap            78 gal / 295 L
Std torque         575
Max torque       575
Std ballast         2,360 lbs / 1,070 kg
Max ballast       5,000 lbs / 2,269 kg
Hull type            Wake +

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Product category: Water-Ski Boats

TXi Malibu Open - Open Bow

We changed everything but the name.

The mark of Malibu champions
“The wakes are non-existent, and because they are so flat, they do not impede the skier in trying to gain direction across the course. The lack of wake allowed me to gain angle and width to get cross course at 41 off without interruption or loss of leverage, and that was key to my ability to set a new pending world record.”

- Regina Jaquess, Malibu team athlete.

The Malibu open edition
Named for our premier ski tournament, the first-ever Response TXi Malibu Open Edition commemorates the best of the sport. An upgraded dash with Zero Off integrated touch screen, special interior touches and exclusive badging make this our ultimate expression of the sport and functionality.

Response TXi Closed Bow
Premium design and functionality for skiers that refuse to accept anything less.

Pro-Level precision for every skier
Whether you ski 15-off or 43-off, count on the new Response TXi to bring out your best abilities.

Improved storage
Details like new billet aluminum folding ski racks, glovebox and rear hatch lids exemplify Malibu’s renowned attention to detail.

All new tower
With custom locking articulating billet ski racks, Malibu puts a sharper edge on style.

Go inside Malibu with the new TXi
If you’ve been waiting for the next step in ski boat performance evolution, the all-new Malibu Response TXi gives you the reason to upgrade that you’ve been waiting for.

The truth is on the water
Get your family or friends out on the water to see why the Malibu Response TXi sets the bar for on-water innovation, quality, and performance.

Open Bow Specs
Length              20’ 6"  / 6.25 m
Beam                95” / 2.41 m
Draft                 22” / 0.56 m
Dry weight        3,100 lbs / 1,406 kg
Fuel cap           40 gal / 151 L
Power               409-450 ft-lbs torque
Hull type           T-Cut Diamond
Seating              7

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About us

Company details

Malibu Boats is the world’s largest manufacturer of watersports towboats, known for leading the industry with major innovations, including the first onboard computer system in 1993, the ingenious Power Wedge hydrofoil in 2006 (completely redesigned in 2014), the industry’s first wake-maximizing hull in 2000, and Surf Gate, the innovation that changed the face of wakesurfing forever, in 2012. Malibu markets the Wakesetter and Response models—as well as the Axis Wake Research brand—through a worldwide dealer network. With some 450 employees and three manufacturing facilities, in California, Tennessee, and Australia, Malibu builds boats to help you live a #lifewithoutlimits on the water.


Build The Best Boat Possible.
Enjoy The Workplace.
Give Your Owner The Best Value.

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