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Product category: Services (Diving)


This is a very good dive option when there are poor ocean conditions to the southwest. This spot is notable for its purely volcanic rocky landscape, sprinkled with white sand. There is an excellent sample here of many of the Canary ecosystems within a very small space. On the high part, the rocky bottom is covered in a colorful carpet of seaweed, Below 10 m the Diadema urchin has created extensive urchin-grazed barrens, –rocks without algal covering named in Spanish as “blanquizal”- and the rocks, before they disappear into the fields of sand, tend to form cliffs and caves. Black coral forests only accessible 40-50 by trained divers grow below 40-50 m. 

It is accessed by land. You can get suited up comfortably from the relatively close parking, lot and later walk down, a path with the equipment and enter the water, by one of the two metal staircases. Seeing that the dive site is very wide, two trips are recommended, one to the right of the entrance point and the other to the left. Both routes allow you to adapt to different levels, varying the maximum depth of the dive. It is interesting to search for animals like moray eels, Octopus, giant Anemones, forkbeard and even shrimp in the caves and cavities. It is important to pay close attention when diving over sand, because there can be many angel sharks, spotted torpedos, and stingrays.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


The Playa del Jablillo (Jablillo Beach) is a sheltered manmade bay that offers safe and calm waters, ideal for learning both to use a mask and a snorkel, as well as diving with tanks. The marine life is diverse and abundant - many groups of salema, white bream, seadbream, ordinary damselfish, exotic and brightly colored ornate wrasse, spider crab, wide-eyed flounder, and even stingray take refuge in this shelter. 

Access is from the beach and a circular route can be done since the bay is the right shape for it. This area is perfect for enjoying the pleasure of discovering all of its little nooks and crannies while diving, without any worries. The calm waters allow you to find animals that are the most characteristic of the Canaries, which makes it an ideal place to learn how to recognize the great variety of underwater fauna in Lanzarote. More adventurous people can also try exploring the exterior of the jetty.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


The exotic name of this dive site captivates you instantly. When we go deeper into the water, amongst the dense rocks at just a few meters deep, the play of light from the sun and the reflection off the white sand gives this place a truly tropical flavor. The dive could be done in this area alone, but in reality this spot is reserved for the security stop or for snorkeling, because the site has much more to offer us if we go down to the cliff. 

The dive begins from the anchoring line along the line of buoys that mark off the swimming area. It descends leaving to one side the border of large rocks that extends out towards the coast and, on the other side, a sand slope that goes down to the drop off. We go down the sand to the cliff, following one of the two rock crests depending on the current, which can be strong in this area, and our own preference. At the end of the crest more to the east, to 18 m , under a ledge, grows one of the shallowest branches of orange coral in the Canaries. In the deepest part of the cliff (at about 28 m), to the east, we will find a small cave with a large size hanging encrusting anemone accompanied by fairy basslet.

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Welcome to Techno Diving Lanzarote
The island of Lanzarote has some extraordinary features, thanks to the huge range of dives, warm water temperaturas all year round and with visibility up to 40 meters, the island allows us to visit her beautiful and different underwater sides. SAFETY, FUN AND ENVIRONMENTALLY are the fundamental pillar of our dive center and we want you to discover, enjoy and learn this out the hand of our highly qualified instructors. We always serve the individual demands of our customers and their preferences for types of dives, always the safety in thoughts. All our dives are guided. We work with small groups, separating different levels of divers from a number of 4 and we have pools for our courses.

 Whether you want to get started in the world of diving, or if you are already a certified diver ...

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