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Our products

Product category: Cooker/Stoves/Grills

Multi-level cooking

The flush fitting grill gives you extra height in the oven and allows you to cook on more than one level at once. The cookware is held safely in place by the oven frame which also has a safety stop to avoid hot food accidentally sliding out of the oven when the door is opened.

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Product category: Cooker/Stoves/Grills, Boat and Yacht Interior Design

Gastronorm multifunction sinks

Our Gastronorm range of sinks have successfully adopted a proven formula from professional catering for the tight confines of a galley, to create a multifunction food preparation and washing-up area. The sinks perfectly complement our range of Gastronorm based marine cookers by creating galleys that are ergonomically more functional and a significantly safer place for preparing and cooking food whilst at sea.

Working on three levels with the Gastronorm containers, these sinks save space, add convenience and leave the galley clean and tidy. As well as being a highly practical workspace for washing, preparing and cutting food, these multifunction sinks are also ideal for holding hot Gastronorm ovenware safely in place after you have removed it from the oven, which is perfect for carving or serving. The perforated container is an ideal colander for draining boiling water, from pasta for example, helping to make the galley a safer space.

All of our multifunctional sinks are fully compatible with the wide range of Gastronorm containers – especially GN 2/3, GN 1/2, GN 1/3 and GN 2/8 sizes.

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Product category: Cooker/Stoves/Grills, Boat and Yacht Interior Design

Professional catering system

Gastronorm containers are an essential part of any professional kitchen and are the heart of the GN Espace galley system.

The Gastronorm (GN) system is based on standardised container dimensions starting with the largest size - GN 1/1. Smaller containers are sized as fractions of the largest size eg. GN 2/3, GN ½ or GN 1/6. Available in a wide range of sizes, depths and finishes, all of the Gastronorm containers are fully compatible with the cookers and sinks offered in the GN Espace range.

The Gastronorm system helps make cooking on-board easier by improving the work flow. Designed to survive in the toughest professional catering environment, GN dishes and containers are extremely robust, easy-to-clean and designed to be stackable when not being used to save space.

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Product category: Boat and Yacht Interior Design

Superyacht Galleys

GN Espace have joined forces with Promart, the UK’s leading provider of commercial land-based and offshore marine foodservice solutions, to create a specialist team purely focussed on the bespoke needs of Superyacht galleys.
This collaboration allows us to strengthen our capability and expertise in the design, specification, fabrication and fit out of Superyacht galleys. Whether you are designing a new yacht or refitting an existing one, we can help you to create a galley that will meet the most exacting needs of your client.

Close working relationships with leading appliance manufacturers allow us to tailor each project to your exact needs. GN Espace is the marine specialist for Rieber, the leading German manufacturer of professional catering systems.

GN Espace also supplies the full range of galley equipment, hospitality and laundry equipment from Metos Marine - a world leader in the supply of high quality marine catering equipment.
We are sole distributor to the superyacht and marine industry for Berbel Abluftechnik - a leading manufacturer of highly innovative galley ventilation systems.

 Miele Marine appliances offer unparalleled quality, impeccable craftsmanship and are regarded as a global benchmark. Their broad range includes a full range of domestic appliances, as well as specialist commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment.

Sub-Zero refrigerators and Wolf cooking appliances offer the pinnacle of luxury for the superyacht market. Their high quality finish and stunning design make them ideal for open plan or guest facing installations.

MKN cooking equipment is synonymous with the ultimate in professional galleys. Their bespoke construction and use of the latest cooking technology makes the MKN cook suite the centrepiece of any large galley.

Together with our partners, GN Espace can provide a complete, fully scaleable one-stop solution for any size of galley installation

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Product category: Cooker/Stoves/Grills

Performance Marine Stoves

The cooker is at the heart of any galley, and its performance is key to the quality of meals on board. All GN Espace marine gas cookers are designed for those who want to enjoy home-cooking whilst on-board. Featuring an LPG hob, oven and grill, our exclusive gas cookers open up new possibilities for catering whilst afloat.

Using the best and latest generation of components from domestic and commercial cookers, the GN Espace marine cooker truly sets new standards in the galley. Quick to heat, economical with gas and superior in cooking performance, you can now confidently prepare a wide range of meals with the minimum of fuss. Despite their compact appearance, clever design allows the GN Espace marine cooker to cope with the largest of meals for your hungry crew.

Depending on the model, you can choose to have a 2, 3 ,4 or even 5 burner hob. All have sturdy detachable sea rails that allow plenty of room for larger pans. The large capacity ovens, designed to fit a wide range of Gastronorm and standard oven containers, are thermostatically controlled, so you can cook anything from roast beef to meringues, or bake fresh bread with confidence. A full width flush mounted grill gives outstandingly even grilling results and is perfect for steak, fish or toast.

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About us

Company details

Marine Galley Equipment Supplier
GN Espace Galley Solutions is dedicated to changing the way you cook whilst afloat. Drawing on our professional experience in the domestic appliance and restaurant catering markets, plus many years spent indulging our personal passion for sailing, we have designed a revolutionary and coordinated system which transforms an outdated and awkward galley into a streamlined food preparation and cooking space. We work with the leading manufacturers to give you unrivalled choice to create the perfect galley solution whether you are considering a refurbishment or commissioning a brand new yacht.

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