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On the way, always along the coastal road between El Quseir and Marsa Alam, about 15 minutes behind Port Ghalib, which also houses the Marsa Alam airport, you reach a large, very beautiful sandy bay. This bay, dotted with a few hotels and diving centers, is especially for divers with the opportunity to observe a manatee "dugong", become famous.

On the beach there are several shelters and a variety parasols, which are also available for daily arriving divers. Abu Dabab is a highlight for diving and snorkeling. A trip for the whole family. From the beach you walk into the gently sloping water until depth reaches. Then it goes through large sandy areas and seagrass beds, in search of the manatee. On the seagrass large green turtles can be guaranteed again grazing watching. Also guitar sharks, stingrays and large triggerfish are not rarely seen. At the end of the bay, the bottom descends to 20 meters. If you can not find the manatee, it is still impressive to watch the big turtles.

Dives and snorkeling trips are often led by our guides, but you can the bay also explore on your own. Between dives there is sufficient time to consume drinks and snacks.

This excursion is a highlight for every diver, but also for snorkelers and families.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


One of the most famous and at the same notorious reefs in the world is located in the Red Sea, near the town of Marsa Alam. The reputation of the reef is widely legendary. A fantastic place to dive, it should be, the reef, steep towering out of the sea and with 1 meter almost scratching at its shallowest at the water surface the. The reef extends in an elongated stretch from north to south and the numerous terraces and patios divide the reef stepwise.

Infamous Elphinstone is firstly because of the rapidly changing sometimes strong currents. Secondly, but also for its natural beauty - one finds an almost completely intact reef that is home to countless reef dwellers, but also pelagic and predatory fish species attracts over again.

From little damselfish on all sorts of predatory groupers, barracudas over, Napoleon and turtles to white tip reef sharks, there is a lot of marine life to explore - from the many other smaller animals such as snails, sea stars and the likes to mention. Occasionally also Hammerheads, Oceanic White Tip sharks and whale sharks can look - if the time is right, can speak here everything happen.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


1-day excursion
incl. Transfer Safaga - Luxor - Safaga, Sightseeing, guide and lunch in the restaurant Hatshepsut Westbank
sightseeing: Valley of Kings, Memnon Kolosse, Hatshepsut, Valley of the Queens, Karnak and Luxor Temple

Price: from 99 Euro per person*

2-days excursion
incl. Transfer Safaga - Luxor - Safaga, Sightseeing, guide, 2 x lunch and 1 night in 3* or 4* kotel with breakfast

1. day: Karnak- and Luxor temple, Lunch, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Memnon Kolosse
2. day: Madinat Habu, Ramesseum, Deir elMedina, Merenptah Temple, Lunch

Price: with night in 3* Hotel up from 199 Euro in 4* Hotel up from 225 Euro per person*

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About us

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Your competent partner from the beginner to professional divers. It would be a pleasure to welcome you to Safaga on the Red Sea in the heart of Egypt. You can get the most information about your hobby here (diving). Since 02-01-07 the freedom diver centre is in German-Egypt hand.

We can promise you the most diving pleasure in Safaga. Salem-Express, Panorama-Riff or Abu Kafan are some of the favourite divesites around Safaga. Also you can make trips to Elphinstone or Abu-Dabab with us. Just ask us about the special trips and offers. All those facilities are close to the Safaga hotel "Toubia". 

Also within 100 km you can watch dugongs, turtles and sting rays. You can book half day and full day trips with a boat and tours starting at the hotel or you can dive right from our beautiful beach, no need to carry your equpiment too far. There are always reef sharks, turtles, and dolphins around. Divers who want to shoot pictures under water will always have a sensational view. We have something for everyone, from the professional diver to the first time diver. 

We can offer you an inexpensive and comfortable vacation (with us there is no mass diving, but is individual). At night you can join us in the Beach Bar for BBQ or go out for a drink to the "Diverhouse" close to the "Toubia hotel".

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