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Product category: Services (Diving)

Diving with Tiger Sharks

Best Time : March to June
Shark Diving does not get better than this
Shark fanatics, photographers and adrenalin junkies are made a highly unusual and unique offer: Cageless Baited Tiger & Bull Shark Diving with African Dive Adventures.

South Africa is one of only a few countries in the world offering this electrifying kind of thrill-seeking shark diving. Using a baiting technique that closely resembles the Tiger and Bull shark's natural feeding habits, African Dive Adventures organises trips to Protea Banks, offering recreational scuba divers an incredible, stunning and truely unforgettable experience.

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Product category: Services (Diving)

Diving with Bull Sharks

Best Time : November to July
Diving with Bull sharks is essentially the same as diving with Tiger sharks. The same rules and conditions apply.

What's different from a Tiger Dive is that on the latter one usually gets one, two or three Tigers which stay around the bait throughout the dive. On a Bull Shark Dive it is common to get from 5 to 15 animals. This makes for exciting diving for sure and is anytime as good as a Tiger Experience.
Zambezis ( = Bull sharks ) are very impressive animals. They do need a bit more time to drop their inherent caution but once Bull Sharks have completed their assessment process they allow divers right inside their sphere. This often leads to playful behaviour where such a shark can easily come within a few centimeters of a willing diver.

With the exception of a few dives during August and September divers almost always encounter Bull Sharks on Protea Banks. One can say that a Baited Shark Dive produces Zambezis almost all year round.
The good thing about a Baited Shark Dive on Protea Banks is that there are never too many Black Tip Sharks around. Two or Three Black Tips make an appearance initially but will be pushed out of the scene as soon as the Zambezi Sharks have taken over. This is another dream for any underwater Photographer.

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Product category: Services (Diving)

Rebreather Diving

We are rebreather friendly
To stay with the trend, Roland recently purchased a Poseidon Mk VI rebreather and successfully did the course with his friend Michael from Supp-Diving, Germany.
After a few teething problems, a lot of effort and expertise by Michael Supp, we finally managed to set up our gas logistics in such a way that we can professionally operate.

- We are capable of filling oxygen cylinders with M25 as well as M26 valves
- We have SOFNO Sorb in stock
- We have diluent gas cylinders for rent
- We have oxygen cylinders with both valves, G 5/8 and M16 for rent
- We have Bail Out cylinders with rigging kit for rent
- We have enough capacity and boats to allow rebreather divers to dive with fellow
rebreather divers and thus get the maximum use and enjoyment out of their
expensive equipment. No mixed diver boats !!!

Common spare parts can be couriered down from Johannesburg within 24 hours

We don't have rental rebreathers.

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About us

Company details

African Dive Adventures has been diving on Protea Banks, a world renowned shark-diving reef of the East Coast of South Africa (Kwazulu Natal) since 1994

If you are an experienced diver and would like to enjoy the thrill of spectacular diving with sharks, then you have arrived at the right address !!

We offer responsible fun diving for divers who like to be treated as adults.
With us you will be given a lot of underwater freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

We will guide you professionally and safely on our reef and let you interact with our sharks and other marine animals without coming to harm.

We believe in ECO-Tourism and ECO-Education and our mission is to fight for the conservation of Protea Banks, the inshore reefs and their inhabitants such as the sharks, the dolphins, the whales and all the other creatures down the line. It is also part of our mission to give each and every diver from near and far the best and safest possible diving experience on Protea Banks.

You will never be asked to look after a weaker buddy and you will never have to watch a beginner diver learning how to dive.

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