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Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

BayRaider 20

This boat is ideal for families or individuals looking for something stable and safe (ballast tank full) or light and fast (tank empty). She really is two boats for the price of one! The BayRaider is extremely versatile. She is not just a tough, fast Raid boat, the water ballast makes her suitable for a wide range of conditions and levels of crew experience. Surprisingly, perhaps, she is an ideal boat for beginners as, with ballast tanks full, she is stable, forgiving and very hard to capsize (See this Video from Denman Marine our Licensed builder in Australia to see just how hard!) In fact, with the ballast tanks full she will self right from a 90 degree knockdown and thanks to her sealed hollow mast and asymmetric capsize buoyancy, she can easily be recovered from a full inversion.

As your crew gain experience, leave the ballast tank empty (or empty it on the move) and you transform her into something approaching a racing dinghy.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

BayRaider expedition

Performance rig
She retains the same successful water ballast system as our other designs, but features a carbon mast as standard, making her very easy to rig, and fast on the water.

Like the BayRaider 20, she is a sprightly performer on the water, self righting when her water ballast tank is full, with the ability to plane in the right conditions.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

BayCruiser 23

Introducing the BayCruiser 23

Like many of the boats in our range the BayCruiser 23 is water ballasted, though she also carries a significant portion of lead in her deep profiled centreboard. Her lightweight carbon rig makes her much easier to trailer sail than than many smaller boats. The mast is easy to raise, and she can be fully rigged from the trailer to launching in about 30 minutes – less if there are two of you.

She stores 500kg of water in two tanks, one under the vee berth, and the other under the cockpit floor. They are both under the waterline so fill under the weight of the boat alone. There is a large capacity bilge pump to pump them dry which can be diverted to pump the cabin bilge. Alternatively the boat can be left to drain as you winch her onto her trailer, or just left full on her mooring.

The water ballast means the boat can be extraordinarily easy to tow, launch and recover, and very quick in light winds too. In tougher conditions, or when you just want the security of knowing you have a self righting boat, simply fill the tanks, and the whole character of the boat changes.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

BayCruiser 26


All Swallow yachts have to sail superbly and this new addition to our range is no exception. Dont let the traditional lines deceive you – under water she is thoroughly modern with drop keel and twin rudders. She has a carbon mast as standard, with fractional rig and fat head mainsail to provide optimum efficiency and effortless performance. She features an innovative ballast system comprising a lead tip to a drop keel in addition to our well proven water ballast system. This keeps her stable and secure in heavier weather but fun and fast in light winds, when the ballast can be jettisoned.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts/Cabin Boats (Sail)

Storm 23

The Storm 23 is an elegant, semi-custom built daysailer that offers superb sailing performance and stunning looks, in a refined and easily managed package.

Like many of our range, she features our innovative water ballast system which keeps trailering weight to a minimum and gives great performance potential in light airs. Together with a carbon mast and modern fully battened mainsail she’s a joy to handle on and off the water.

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About us

Company details

Swallow Yachts – classic looks, modern performance, innovative design

Swallow Yachts produce a range of dayboats that combine classic looks with very modern performance. We offer unique, informed advice and a test sail facility that allows you to try a boat before committing. Based in the UK we have shipped boats all over the world and offer a comprehensive shipping service.

Our boats feature
  • Water ballast, for easy trailering and excellent performance on the water.
  • Modern hull and rig design for fast efficient sailing
  • Clever features like carbon masts, that make rigging quick and easy.
  • Large cockpits for family or sociable sailing
  • Lifting keels and reinforced bottoms for shoal waters and beaching.
  • Seaworthy hulls for safe and efficient passage making.
  • Charming looks guarantee admiring glances and the envy of your friends.

Bespoke craft
In addition to the production boats shown below, we also offer more bespoke craft, often highly tailored to an owners specific requirements and built using the well proven epoxy ply technique. Some of them are shown under the ‘Bespoke’ menu above, but if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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