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Our range of products

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  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
  • 01.02.03  Daycruisers/Weekenders


  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
  • 01.02.04  Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

Our products

Product category: Daycruisers/Weekenders

GT series

GT series is our proposal for the ones who are looking for the very best of boating. Dedicated to whoever wants beauty, comfort and performance. The series offers different sizes and inboard propulsions to satisfy every customers’ need. The boats are customizable as far as fitting and options, all equipped with wide sunpads and sofas with precious and well stuffed cushions. An external fully equipped galley and a spacious cabin with private head. The unique look and the most advanced technology are the distinctive signs of the GT series. With its “half-reverse”bow, looking sharp and sturdy at the same time, with the skillful work of the side surfaces, handled as carved and sculpted blocks, the GT series takes the design to the next level: to create a strictly personal luxury jewel, for recreation and relax, to own and show it with pride. GT’ already are the reference for shipowners who are watching image, aesthetic, details and unavoidable reliability and performance. And for the ones looking for more, there is the opportunity of a more extreme customization, offered by INVICTUS through its Atelier.

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Product category: Daycruisers/Weekenders, Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

TT series

Invictus offers a concept of a new luxury tender through its TT models: the best possible match to any maxi yacht. These vessels are meant to be the perfect tender, inspired to shipowners looking for the best for their flagship. The peerless finishing level and the technological solutions make all TT’ the ideal completion to mega yacht as well as sea front villas and resorts. There are several choices to customize bow areas, to be selected as a free space or equipped with dinette and table, or chaise longue. Below deck spaces are different according to the model, always offering a wide dressing room with head. On the sides the very innovative integrated fenders stand out: shaped as the hull they guarantee great maneuverability and nice aesthetic appeal. The new TT series confirms INVICTUS philosophy, with the distinctive half-reverse bow and the unrivaled richness of materials, great detailing and technology, including the best available equipments. For the ones looking for something even more tailored, there is the opportunity to visit the Invictus Atelier, living a unique experience and creating a very unique product.

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Product category: Daycruisers/Weekenders, Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

SX series

SX series makes the perfect choice for an eclectic owner, someone who loves water sports as well as pure relaxing moments on the sea, wishing a boat sharing same versatility: performing, comfortable and gorgeous. This is the concept from where the SX was born, an hybrid of sport and elegance, marrying the luxury equipment of the GT series to the sporty soul of the FX one. Ideal vessels for the ones who share a new boating with family and friends, thanks to the careful design of the deck and the rich and innovative details , as the wide coaming board, offering an additional safety and comfort onboard. Inboard propulsion is in common for every model of the range, it guarantees comfort, quiet and great usage of the aft area. The standard equipment choice is wide, with additional customization through color selection, finishing and accessories, including a set of custom designed luggage pieces, making this series a new masterpiece of Italian style and quality.

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About us

Company details

Invictus Yacht becomes the new reference. We want to be more than a usual boatbuilder, we want to redefine the luxury of tomorrow making true our future owners’ dreams. Through the new Invictus we have outlined the future with unique and distinctive vessels, created and built with all qualities which made Italian boatbuilding the best in the world. 
Our cooperation with the prestigious Christian Grande DesignWorks studio assisted us in giving birth to outstanding recreational units, efficient and marked by a cutting edge design. They are infused with our soul and our passion for the sea, our deep interest for technology and design.
Through the shapes and lines of our boats, enriched by technical innovations and with a great attention to detail, we lend a luxury atmosphere onboard.
Our emblem is a crusader’s shield, bearer of values like beauty, protection and trust: it is representing our wish to challenge the sea without hesitation. These are the pillars of our choices and our willingness of creating a new yacht concept, picturing our idea of the next level boat.

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