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Product category: Diving Schools


Relax, hold your breath, go!

"Breath-holding" diving was the first form of diving practiced by man. Today freediving is still the most natural and relaxing way to enter the underwater world.

As a freediver you will be able to dive into a world teeming with incredible forms of life where it is possible to forget the stress of modern life. You may reach great depths or cover long distances with the extraordinary resource of just one breath!

You just have to decide when and how to start: PSS is ready to guide you on this exciting adventure.

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Product category: Diving Schools


Courses in the PSS Technical division belong to the branch of diving which is generally described as "technical". This term is used to define diving activities carried out, for enjoyment, beyond the limits defined for "recreational" diving.

According to PSS, any type of dive (within no-deco stop time limits or not), if made beyond the limits established for recreational diving activities, must be considered "technical".

Obviously technical diving also has its limits that must be observed, especially during training activities.

The PSS technical diving courses are considered among the best in the world and PSS Technical Instructors are only qualified after careful selection based on their experience and the quality of their teaching.

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Product category: Diving Schools


The PSS "Emergency" division deals with, as its name suggests, emergency management.

Medical emergencies related to diving activities are obviously the focal point, but to give maximum validity to the Òchain of rescueÒ in every situation, other types of courses have been structured, such as those at the basic level of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation which are open to everyone.

The main reference for PSS are the regulations set by the I.R.C. (Italian Resuscitation Council) - of which PSS Worldwide is a ÒInstitutional AssociateÓ - which in turn collaborates with the E.R.C. (European Resuscitation Council) and A.H.A. (American Heart Association) in the continuous updating and teaching of resuscitation procedures and first aid.

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Product category: Diving Schools

Your dives always with you

Register and share your passion with the new PSS logbook
the PSS Logbook is available on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

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Product category: Diving Schools


The Scuba Experience program is not a course, but an introduction to diving. On completion, the participant is issued with a certificate of participation but this has no validity as a diving qualification. However, if you enjoy the experience, you can continue onto the Scuba Diver course directly.

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About us

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Always one dive ahead.

PSS was the first diver training agency in the world to have four complete professional lines.
and it was also the first, thanks to its research and development department, to create a system of Elearning along with numerous other technological innovations so it can offer its instructors the most advanced tools for teaching and training monitoring.

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