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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.08  Tables/Chairs/Covers
  • 03.08.02  Tables/Accessories


  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment/Rig
  • 03.10.02  Davits


  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment/Rig
  • 03.10.21  Wheel Steering Systems

Wheel Steering Systems

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.05  Buoys/Fender/Fender Eyes/Accessories
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.06  Mooring Accessories

Mooring Accessories

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
  • 03.11.07  Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.14  Marine Clothing/Accessories
  • 03.14.06  Bags


  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.12  Berth Supplies/Mooring Equipment

Berth Supplies/Mooring Equipment

Our products

Product category: Wheel Steering Systems

Carbon Fibre Boat Steering wheels

100% Carbon Fibre
Monocoque Patented Construction
UV resistant epoxy resin with transparent anti UV coating
High gloss carbon fibre finish as standard
Suitable Steering Hub.

Custom Colour on request
Blue/Duna Sunbrella Cover to protect the wheel.

Overall diameters: 935 mm - 1050 mm - 1200 mm - 1640 mm -1720 mm - 1840 mm
Hub thickness: 60 mm
Rim thickness: 35mm / 40 mm
Weights from: 1.34 kg to 3.68 kg

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Product category: Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways


LIGHT, RESISTANT, EASY TO USE, MANAGEABLE Dalì uses the same, Giotto’s O, 60 mm wide profile of the steps to follow the curve of the foot to new levels of comfort. The ladder is installed to the side or stern wall with two highly refined Stainless Steel/Delrin fittings, working through our Hand Screwed, immensely strong Connectors, so that you can use it ALSO with Giotto’s Handles, or buy the handles in the future.

Dalì and Giotto are 2 ladders into one, following your needs around your boat.

Overall: 110-270 cm

40-50-60-65 and all the measures in between

Standard distance: 300 mm
Number of steps: 4-10
Total: 5.8/10 kg
Carbon fibre with anti-UV clearcoat

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Product category: Buoys/Fender/Fender Eyes/Accessories, Tables/Accessories

Carbon Fibre Flagpoles

Lengths from
50 cm to 150 cm  

25 mm to 32 mm

* For different diameters or lengths, please contact us

- Stainless steel socket
– Shine finish carbon flagpole
– Custom Colors

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Product category: Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways

Carbon Fibre Extension Gangway Sirena

Total length
Open: 130 cm

Total extension
110 cm

45 cm
6.3 kg

Carbon fibre / Anticorodal / Delrin®
Sirena is compatible with any 390 mm wide telescopic gangway. It can be used also with gangways width up to 420 mm.

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Product category: Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways

Carbon Fibre Gangways

Here below you can find the available range of Exit Carbon Gangways:


- Ambra, folding gangway 2,15 mt - width 33 cm. 
- Alba, solid gangway 2,20 mt - width 39 cm.
- Aurora, folding gangway 2,16 mt - width 39 cm.
- Libera, folding gangway 2,85 mt - width 45 cm.

Longer gangways are available in the Superyachts Range.

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Product category: Buoys/Fender/Fender Eyes/Accessories

Carbon Fibre Tender Fender Magnifico

Exit Carbon adds a new family, carbon fibre tender fenders, to its range: Magnifico is the new outstanding protection device for your superyacht

Length available
1200 mm
1300 mm
1400 mm
1500 mm

Key feautures

– Additional platform space
– Low weight starting from 9 kg
– High tensile strength
– High resistance
– High temperature tolerance
– Low thermal expansion.

A Delrin® pad on deck, an AISI316 Stainless Steel bracket fitting, and an AISI316 Stainless Steel manual grip threaded lock on deck socket are exactly what is needed for an easy installation of the new Magnifico tender fender.
It is easy to install and use.

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Product category: Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways

Superyachts Carbon Fibre Gangways

The available carbon fibre range is:

Allegra, folding gangway 3,50 mt - width 60 cm.
Diana, solid or folding gangway 4,50 mt - width 50 or 60 cm.
Anna, solid or folding gangway 5,00 mt  - width 50 or 60 cm.
Elisabetta, solid or folding gangway 5,50 mt  - width 50 or 60 cm.
Laura, solid or folding gangway 6,00 mt  - width 50 or 60 cm.

Carbon gangways for disabled people, with special accessibility for wheelchairs or scooters.

Please visit our website to read more information www.exitcarbon.com

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Product category: Boarding Ladder/Bathing Platforms/Gangways

Carbon Fibre Gangway for Disabled People Access to yacht

Carla is Exit Carbon’s Special Gangways System, conceived for people using wheeled vehicles to cross from dock to deck, or for cruising ships, with a higher flow of passengers than the usual yacht.
The system is modular, to be adaptable to different lengths, from 3 to over 6 meters.
The gangways are wide enough for even the largest scooter, with 76 cm of usable space.
The gangways are provided with restraining steps, and can be equipped with handrail kits on one or both sides. To allow an easy use with wheels, besides the usual sliders, we introduced a Rollers System, covering the whole width of the gangway.

Exit Carbon 30 mm Rollers are low enough to be no obstacle for your wheels. Of course the Rollers System is also used on the boat end, where we have a special Super Low Height swinging pivot for these gangways, here shown with our Key-Locked Deck Socket.

Open: 450 cm

Total Width: 60 cm
Ready to use Weight : 19,5 kg

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About us

Company details

Since 2004 Exit Carbon is a leading manufacturer of carbon fibre products.
Exit Carbon products are built with the same technology used in Formula1, MotoGP, and aerospace industry. For more than 10 years we have been chosen as preferred supplier by many leading boatyards, designers, and sailing teams worldwide. Thousands of our products can currently be found on board sailing and motor yachts, giant ocean racing multihulls, exclusive super-yachts, and small racers

Special focus has been given to aesthetic appeal with the added value of elegant Italian design, making Exit Engineering products unique and unmistakeable. To achieve our goals, not only have we used the best available technology but we have also created some of our own inventions, some of which, today, are safeguarded by an international patent.

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