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Product category: Sports Boats/Runabouts

Model Abalone 28

With its design, construction, excellent quality, use of high-quality materials and various innovative elements, the ALUQA gives Dutch design new wings. This certainly also applies to the lightweight construction and consistent use of aluminium, a preference that the ALUQA shares with a number of leading car brands. And for good reason, since aluminium offers numerous advantages, both on the road and on the water. Moreover, aluminium improves manoeuvrability and is extremely strong. This provides added safety and stability, also at high speeds. This translates into greater convenience for boat owners when transporting by trailer and the fact that aluminium is practically maintenance-free is definitely an added plus.

Total length: 8.5 meter
Length waterline: 7.97 meter
Total width: 2.65 meter
Width waterline: 2.55 meter
Depth: 0.87 meter
Vertical clearance 1,22 meter
Fueltank: 165 liter

Volvo Penta D3 220 PK
Maximum speed
38 knots (approximately 70km/hour)

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Product category: Sports Boats/Runabouts

Model Abalone 40

If you are looking for a high performance powerboat, that can handle your family, friends and ambition for speed, than look no further. The Abalone 40 holds up to fifteen people and offers overnight accommodation to four people. Dutch craftsmanship combined with speed,

luxury and comfort makes this boat unique. The smooth ride of this boat is also exceptional in very choppy conditions. The aluminum tender is extremely suited for cruising the Mediterranean or exploring gorgeous bays. It must be said, the ALUQA is a boat designed to arrive in style.

Total length: 12 meter
Length waterline: 11.31 meter
Total width: 3.54 meter
Width waterline: 3.45 meter
Depth: 0.90 meter
Clearance height: 2,34 meter
Fueltank: 500 liter
Weight: 7.000 kg

2x Volvo Penta D6 400 PK
Maximum speed
38 knots (approximately 70km/hour)

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About us

Company details

A passion for metal (working), a rock-solid reputation in the offshore industry, and a love of water sports inspired ESTEQ B.V. to introduce an exclusive motorboat to the market, made in Twello. It was decided from the beginning that it would be made entirely out of aluminium. For ESTEQ, this was a matter of noblesse oblige. The result is the ALUQA: an elegant, stylish and powerful motorboat of superior quality with beautiful lines, plenty of space, exceptional comfort, and spectacular performance when you need it.

Abalone, the shell of the ALUQA
Contrasts make life interesting. Sometimes things are obvious and at other times they are more subtle. The Abalone shell has such a contrast and is seen as the crown jewel of the ocean. Not only because of the delicacy hiding in this mollusc, but also due to the fascinating mother of pearl colours and the five subtle air holes which give this jewel a unique appearance. However, it is not just the beauty of this shell which is fascinating. The Abalone is also exceptionally strong consisting of several overlapping layers which makes it many times more robust than its appearance suggest. It is because of these diverse qualities that the abalone has become the symbol of the ALUQA. In some cultures, the Abalone shell is seen to be magical, bringing inner wealth, strength and the ability to let go of old habits and start afresh as well as increasing harmony between people and ensuring positive cooperation. It is a bringer of balance which is exactly what we aim to achieve with the ALUQA. Luxury and beauty? Definitely! But at the same time a powerful, almost indestructible marine animal at home in the water.

The design of the elegant ALUQA is the result of a collaboration with Triple Marine and Waterline Design. These renowned naval architects have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to building exclusive yachts. As we demand an unprecedented high level of quality for the ALUQA, many parts have been tailor made for this boat combining optimal functionality with an unique design. Superior and inventive technology, as well as functionality, result in a long lifespan of the parts even after intensive use. Furthermore, the ALUQA is crafted entirely by hand, has a luxurious finish, and can be designed entirely in keeping with your wishes in terms of colour(s), upholstery and furnishings. The result is a boat that is specifically tailored to your taste and preferences, a unique and personal possession! We only want the best for our customer. Guaranteed.

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