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Dive Resort in Raja Ampat

The dive resort Raja4Divers is located on Pulau (island) Pef which lies in the middle of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat belongs to the province West Papua which is the most eastern province of Indonesia.

The Raja Ampat translates as 'four kings' and comprises four island groups around the Bird's Head Peninsula of West Papua, in Indonesia: 

Waigeo in the north, Batanta, Salawati and Misool in the south.

Pulau Pef is located 109km (68mi) north-east from Sorong and 48km (30mi) south of the equator, in the central Raja Ampat, almost touching Gam island to the east, north of the Dampier Strait and east of Fam islands, with Wayag to the north west.

Pulau Pef
Spectacular bays, hidden lakes, climbable rocky outcrops, limestone 'mushroom' islands with unexplored caves, lagoons and beaches are just a few things you will find on this remote, uninhabited island. Exotic birds and extreme nature, pristine blue mangroves and virgin jungle are waiting for you to be explored. You can even find ancient rock art on karst cliffs. The beauty above water is even toped by the unmatched underwater diversity. The diving resort Raja4Divers on Pulau Pef is surrounded by the world's best dive sites.

With its unique landscape and the enormous richness of nature we call Pulau Pef a Mini Raja Ampat.
The Resort
Raja4Divers dive resort in Raja Ampat is run by an experienced, qualified and motivated team, under Swiss management. Started to build in October 2010, the beautiful resort has been opened to the guests since June 2011. The dive resort nestles along a palm fringed, west facing beach, with spectacular sunsets right on front of the bungalows. With only eight bungalows and the unrivalled service levels its one of the most exclusive diving resort in Raja Ampat and Indonesia.

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Product category: Diving Centers

The Dive Center

The professional managed Dive Centre is located in the main building, the wet/dry storage areas are conveniently located at the pier at the end of the jetty, where dive boats are docked. Rental gear is available in the Dive Centre as well as a library of marine reference guides. Underwater photographers will find an air conditioned camera room supplied with a 27" iMac freely available.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Dive Sites in Raja Ampat

There is a great variety of dive sites in Raja Ampat and the immediate area surrounding Pulau Pef. Diving in this area of Indonesia, you will find all your heart desires, from sites dripping with lush soft corals, to spectacular hard coral gardens, slopes, critter sites and mantas . And of course there is really close by one of Raja Ampat's most celebrated dive sites 'The Passage' - a winding river-like gap between Gam and Waigeo.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Diving and snorkeling at Raja4Divers

Raja Ampat offers year round good conditions for diving and snorkelling in the area of Raja4Divers. Water temperature is a constant 28°- 30°C / 82°-86°F and underwater visibility varies between 15 and 30m / 50 and 100ft.
There are no fuel surcharges for dive trips at Raja4Divers. Depending on the plan, surface intervals are often spent on one of Raja Ampat's beautiful beaches, sand-bars, exploring mangroves or the landscape of remote islands.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Dive Sites around Pulau Pef

Diving is tailored to suit a fair mix of weather conditions, logistics and guests’ wishes. In the general area surrounding Pulau Pef, it is possible to experience a myriad of dive sites and snorkelling locations, with a fascinating variety of habitats and experiences. During a typical week, it is possible to see varieties of schooling fish, Pygmy Seahorses, nudibranchs and small critters, Wobbegong Sharks, endemic Raja Ampat Walking Sharks (Bamboo Shark), Bumphead Parrotfishes, turtles, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Manta Rays and just about every reef fish and critter in the book, set against a back-drop of the healthiest hard and soft corals that scientists have named ‘the Earth’s richest seascape’.

Pef House Reef
The house reef of Pulau Pef offers good diving and snorkelling opportunities, with a great variety of fish and critters. Night dives are convenient, colourful and productive, with the endemic Raja Ampat Walking Shark often sighted.  At times a school of Batfish reside under the pier making for good photographic opportunities, and often baby Blacktip Sharks can be seen playfully hunting small fish in the shallows under the restaurant. A snorkel along the house reef reveals colourful coral gardens and whatever your are lucky to encounter:  Clownfish in anemones, schools of Bumphead Parrotfishes, every shape and size of reef fish, octopus, cuttle fish, resting Wobbegong Sharks, nudibranchs , Mandarin Fishes - the possibilities are endless.

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About us

Company details

Pulau Pef is an exclusive private island under Swiss management and is open year round. It is located 48 km south of the equator and north of the Dampier Strait, 109km from Sorong, in remote central Raja Ampat West Papua Indonesia.

Raja4Divers on Pulau Pef redefines the Raja Ampat diving holidays by offering an authentic Papuan experience, one with nature, without compromising on quality, comfort and service.

Along a palm fringed beach, the water bungalows are private and extremely spacious at 128sqm with en-suite indoor/open air private garden bathroom, large deck with incredible open views and Wi-Fi broadband internet.

The landscape of Pulau Pef consists of mountainous terrain covered in lush jungle, surrounded by spectacular bays, white sand beaches, coconut palms, pristine blue water mangroves, hidden lakes, blue lagoons, limestone ‘mushroom islands, ancient rock art, incredible fauna and flora and some of the world’s richest reefs in every direction.

The un-paralleled world class diving and snorkelling in the central Raja Ampat, is all about amazing diversity of species and habitats. A myriad of dive sites and snorkelling locations can be found around Pulau Pef, with a large variety of habitats and experiences: lush colourful soft corals and gorgonians, hard coral gardens teeming with life, large schools of fish, superbly fishy reefs, caverns and overhangs, sea grass beds, pristine blue water mangroves, world war II wrecks, adrenalin filled drift dives, walls and slopes, giant Manta rays, wobbegong sharks, endemic walking sharks, macro critters, dolphins and whale sightings and pygmy seahorses as big as a grain of rice.

The Dive Centre offers Nitrox free of charge, there are no fuel surcharges for dive trips and the unlimited diving package offers the freedom to dive as much or as little as required. Diving is tailored to suit a fair mix of logistics, weather conditions, and guests’ wishes. Depending on the diving plan, surface intervals are often spent enjoying a picnic on a beautiful beach or exploring mangroves and islands.

For UW-imaging enthusiasts, the Raja Ampat is a known to be a hot-spot - a 'wide angle' feast for the eyes and a 'macro' delight. A airconditioned camera room for preparations and set ups is available.

Pulau Pef allows for a host of activities close to nature: Kayaking along it's many islets, bays, beaches, cliffs, lagoons and hidden lakes, for snorkelling, swimming, exploring, birding and photography;  climbing to the top of the 'house' mountain for spectacular 360° views; hiking through the jungle; bird-watching; walking the jungle trail to private beach and aquamarine lagoon for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming; diving and snorkelling along the house reef's fishy colourful coral gardens, bommies and overhangs. Not to mention the many photographic opportunities:  flora and fauna in the surrounding jungle, birds, views, beaches, islands and panoramic views on boat tours around the island.

In all aspects, Raja4Divers fosters co-operation with the surrounding villages, from the first traditional island blessing ceremony to the daily resort activities, supporting the local economy by buying fresh fish and produce and using local materials at the resort, as well as employing and training many friendly Papuans from the nearby villages.

Pulau Pef is simply put, a mini Raja Ampat all in one...

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