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Sports Boats/Runabouts

  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.02  Motorboats & -Yachts
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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

Sargo 36 Flybridge

Functional, majestic and elegant. The art of widening your horizons.
She looks truly great and she rides in a majestic way. She is the queen of our range. In the case of Sargo 36 Fly there is no denying that size does matter: the displacement is a whopping nine tons which gives a bit of credibility in most maritime situations. The stylish flybridge is spacious enough for five persons to enjoy that breathtaking view while an ingenious CAD-designed wind tunnel minimizes the draught.

The vessel’s elegant utility character is most notable in the tasteful interior and multiple gathering areas. Sargo 36 Fly’s cabin and cockpit have the unmistakable Scandinavian flair of clean lines, well-tested ergonomics, a palette of cool colors and an array of brilliant practical details. It’s hard not to notice and appreciate the overall quality of this stately yacht. She is the very best we can offer. Period.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

Sargo 31 Explorer

Sargo 31 Explorer – beyond standard.
Quick, gracious and comfortable. She moves gently, like a lady.

Sargo 31 Explorer has been created in order to extend the experience of robust comfort and aesthetic enjoyment in a compact cruiser of tough sportiveness.

Sargo 31 Explorer contains various details - in terms of technical solutions as well as carefully selected materials and colors - providing increased opportunities to enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride. Special attention has been paid to ensure the best possible safety and efficiency on board, both when maneuvering and maintaining the vessel, as well as enjoyment of the passengers are considered. The elegant design of the interior; walnut and satin polished steel combined with matching anthracite grey make this boat something very special. Propelled by a single or optional twin engines, our Explorer meets even rough waters with dignity and authority.

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Product category: Motoryachts/Cabin Boats (Engine)

Sargo 25 The allseason boat

Agile, compact and very cool. An excellent all-rounder.
Sargo 25 is the smallest in our model range, yet it has very solid credentials to be a member of the family. She offers many of the same amenities as her larger siblings. For example, the wide walkaround layout on every Sargo features the same non-skid single-level deck. You will find that our 25-footer’s cockpit cabin is spacious enough to seat comfortably up to six adults with unobstructed 360-degree visibility.

Sargo 25 excels in fuel economy as well. Moreover, it is widely known for its quiet ride thanks to the smart hull and solid build with efficient soundproofing against engine noise. Loading of larger objects onboard the rear deck is made easy due to the double stern rail gates. The big sliding cabin hatch is easy to use when you want more sunshine. Sargo 25 is compact enough to be fully manageable solo.

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Sargo represents a whole new boat breed from Finland. Our brand is based on half a century of boatbuilding know-how. A true family secret.

Sargo boats are created, designed and built by people who have been in the business since 1967. In our DNA you can trace the pioneering tradition of the renowned Minor brand founded by the legendary boatbuilder, Mr. Edy Sarin, nearly 50 years ago. In June 2014 we decided to launch a new brand Sargo. Behind all this you find one boatbuilding family, the Sarins, who are continuing their international success story into a third generation.

The home of all Sargo boats is a region known as Ostrobothnia situated along Finland’s West Coast, in the vicinity of a town known as Kokkola (Karleby, in Swedish). The local people are known to be tough, practical, independent and inventive. The genes of the new Sargo brand are therefore deeply rooted in the region’s very strong boatbuilding tradition.

Sargo’s core strength stems from its common sense genes and its demanding, nearly Arctic home environment. For several decades both of these factors have contributed to the uniqueness of our boat brand and our no-nonsense boatbuilding philosophy. Even a short test drive at the helm of a genuine Sargo will reveal the secret of this unique state of mind, wherever your favorite waters may be. Sargo breed is one of a kind.


Style is something that never goes out of fashion. Sargo stands for stylish boat design that works.

Several solid decades of research & development have taught us this: form always follows function, not the other way round. In fact, we are convinced that meeting the technical requirements of a prime boat leads to very eye-pleasing forms. This is not only true in regard to the exterior, but also to the interior of every Sargo sport utility vessel.

Sargo’s cabin and cockpit have the unmistakable Scandinavian flair of clean lines, well-tested ergonomics, a palette of cool colors and an array of brilliant practical details. Some of them are so obvious that you may not even notice them. For instance, every Sargo’s even floor on the same main deck level without steps means one less reason to stumble.

The more you study the details inside a new Sargo, the more convinced you will be of the all-encompassing functionalism. This interior is designed to make you feel good not only by looking at it, but in using it for years to come. Everything is built to last and make your boating life trouble-free. There is an abundance of well-thought-out solutions, small and large, all around the practical interior.

We simply let form follow function. That’s what we call the Sargo Style.

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5-20 Mio €

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Boats and Yachts