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  • 01.04.01  Jet-Ski/Water Scooter
  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.04  Jet-ski/water scooter/jet boats
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Our products

Product category: Jet Boats, Jet-Ski/Water Scooter, Jetski Equipment

Jetlev-Flyer JF-120 SHARK

Our sensational watercraft will captivate you with its powerful performance due to small dimensions and little weight of the boat unit.
It is the perfect product even for smaller yachts as it can be stored in most rear garages or on lowerable swim platforms. Lifting up the JF-120 SHARK is also very easy, for example with your Davits.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get maximum fun for an unbeatable price.

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Product category: Jet-Ski/Water Scooter, Jet Boats, Jetski Equipment

Jetlev-Flyer JF-220

This innovative musclecraft, equipped with a supercharged engine, is your easiest access to flying thrills.
Enjoy fun on the water with total confidence and control.

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Product category: Jet-Ski/Water Scooter, Jet Boats, Jetski Equipment

Jetlev-Flyer JF-300

Our top of the line model will exceed all your expectations, if you are looking for the real racing spirit.
It represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance.
The JF-300 is definitely the fastest and most agile Jetlev-Flyer in the world.

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Product category: Jet-Ski/Water Scooter, Jet Boats, Jetski Equipment

Jetpack Add-On Kit

We are proud to present the brand-new Jetpack Add-On Kit!
The most affordable way to fly your own jetpack. This racing kit allows you to use your jetski / PWC as power unit. It is compatible to Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki models.
Say hello to our breathtaking Jetpack Add-On Kit, our latest breakthrough in the watercraft sector. Your family’s dream of great days on the water is possible right now. The Jetpack Add-On Kit is playful and very easy to fly. Mounting our kit to your existing jetski is also extremely simple.
Our Jetpack Add-On Kit is meticulously designed and built in Germany to offer every type of pilot a great experience on the water.

Instead of mounting the water supply tube under the bottom of the PWC / jetski we use the way above which allows the boat unit to get easy on plane.
The Jetpack Add-On Kit is equipped with more features than you would expect from its attractive pricing.

Our patented electronics (Pilot Throttle Control) will allow you to start / stop your jetski from the jetpack and control the throttle / power of your PWC´s engine. Our bidirectional communication is so far the best available electronics in the hydrosport industry. To make your flight as safe and easy as possible the system contains four different power levels  and a kill switch.
You will love our idea to provide you with a plug and play electronics – our connectors fit with your PWC connectors – NO cutting wires / NO soldering.
Another advantage of our Jetpack-Addon-Kit is that you could upgrade the unit with all optional equipment like twinseat, remote control, ball bearing hose flange, jetpack stand and wireless control with a later purchase.

All of its advantages make it easier to say “Yes” each time you get asked “Can we go again?”
Easy to own, easy to fly and an absolute highlight!
You don´t buy only a Jetpack Add-On Kit, you will buy a new way of happiness.
Please don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.
We are looking forward to welcome you in our Jetlev-Flyer family!

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Product category: Jet-Ski/Water Scooter, Jet Boats, Jetski Equipment


This special seat allows the pilot to take a passenger with him.
Perfect for family, rental and training issues.
Enjoy flight thrills together!

Just order the twin seat with your purchase compatible with all our jetpacks.

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About us

Company details

Carbon Sports GmbH in Germany is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces the astonishing, complete carbon fibre made JETLEV-FLYER JF-300 with a powerful 300 HP four stroke marine engine. This exclusive device is the flagship of our product line and represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance.

Our second model, the revolutionary JETLEV-FLYER JF-220, is powered by an efficient 220 HP four stroke marine engine and is made out of LFI, composite and fibre glass for an every day use in rough water. It provides smooth, comfortable flights as well as exciting flying thrills.

In 2014 the market is being attacked by our brilliant innovation, the JF-120 SHARK.
Equipped with more features than expected from its unbeatable pricing, it will take your breath away with its fantastic performance due to little weight and small dimensions.

Our incredible personal flying machines combine their powerful engines and unique designs with water nozzle repulsion force to achieve stable, controlled flights.
A digital fly-by-wire system is used to activate the throttle.
For safety and performance only high quality materials and finest German engineering are used in manufacturing.
The JETLEV-FLYER technology allows exciting flight maneuvers above and even below the water surface. Nevertheless the JETLEV-FLYER is amazingly easy to learn and operate.
All our customers will be trained by a professional flight instructor to learn the special procedures of take-off, flying, turning, hovering, landing and diving.

Jetlev-Flyer has received the CE report of conformity from the German Lloyd (DNV-GL). This document is the European certification that certifies the Jetlev-Flyer on a continental and international level.
Experience the amazing sensation of levitation and personal flight that only our high quality JETLEV-FLYER products can provide.

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